Could Killzone Mercenary DLC be in the Works?

The Vita Lounge's Brian Sharon writes : Killzone Mercenary has been one of the PlayStation Vita’s biggest titles of 2013 and it looks like the title may just get a little more robust in the near future.

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porkChop1650d ago

I'd hope so. It was well received and could use some good MP and SP DLC.

GuruStarr781650d ago

Yes, please... Next to Guacamelee, it's the portable GOTY, imho.

etownone1650d ago

Definitely my portable goty in my opinion too...

But Zelda will win that for sure.

bothebo1649d ago

You found an indie 2D fighting game worthy of GOTY? That's a joke right? It's Tearaway hands down.

TheLastGuardian1649d ago

Guacamelee is not a fighting game dumbass. It's a metroidvania style platformer. Why wouldn't a 2D indie game be worthy of GOTY? Not only is Guacamelee one of the best games of 2013, it's the best digital only game I've ever played.

nidhogg1650d ago

This makes me happy. :) Would love to see what happens to Danner and the Helghan kid after their escape. Oh, and a little story between KZ 3 and Shadow Fall featuring the mercenary would also be nice! haha.

1650d ago
eferreira1650d ago

Enjoyed this game very much so, put over 100 online matches.

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The story is too old to be commented.