Need for Speed Rivals: The Kotaku Review

Kotaku - "Everyone in this year's Need For Speed—racers and cops both—is an asshole. Neither side is likable. Thank God. It's incredibly freeing to be a total, speed-obsessed jerk, especially when it's accompanied by amazing visuals and intense velocity. Way to welcome us to next-gen, Need For Speed Rivals."

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Godchild10201372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

I've been playing this for a while and my only issues is that I can pause the game. I press options on the controller and the game still plays, same with the share button and when I go back to the PDM.

Can anyone help with this? PS4 version.

darthv721372d ago

that does seem odd. if you pause the game it should remain paused. by selecting any of the options should not make the game unpause in the background.


SniperControl1372d ago

I won't get my PS4 till the 29th, so can't say for sure, trying clicking the touch pad maybe? If that fails try resyncing the DS4 with the PS4.

Godchild10201372d ago

The touch pad doesn't even work on my system. I'm going to drop off my nephews and see if the same thing happen.

mhunterjr1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Haven't played the game, but it is because your in an online mode?

Update: yeah according to this review, the always online nature of this game explains why there is no way to pause. The only way to suspend the action is to drive into a hideout or command post.

GT671372d ago

other than the Pause issues how is the game is it worth investing 59.99- with tax 64.00???

Godchild10201372d ago

This has to be the best N4S to come out since the original Most Wanted. Controls are tight and playing online with others makes the chase better.

I wouldn't say it's worth 60, but if you want a decent arcade racing game, it's your best bet. Best way to put it is, its the best of both criterion's Hot pursuit and Most Wanted titles.

GT671372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

REALLY??? just watch a gameplay on youtube graphic are crazy cool but. it remind me of criterions 2 attempts and fail!! best NFS in my opinion still reign supreme is Blackbox 2002 HOTPURSUIT 2 and Underground.
as a old school NFS fan from 3DO days up to ps2 Underground not feeling the soul and spirit of NFS in rival,mostwanted,hotpursuit criterions version.
i'll pass on this.

Godchild10201372d ago

In my opinion the best N4S is Underground and the Original Hot Pursuit. I was just comparing the Need for speeds the came out this past Generation (PS3, 360 & Wii) and the ones made by Criterion, who also helped with this one.

As I said, its the best of Criterion's Hot pursuit and Most Wanted remakes.

SaturdayNightBeaver1371d ago

Pausing the game is so ancient and last-gen bro. Welcome to next-gen where games play all by themselves :D

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Psychotica1371d ago

Like it a lot better once I understood how to turn single player only on.

RegorL1371d ago

Unplug network cable?

Psychotica1371d ago

No, just set it to single player in the All Drive settings