Men's Journal: 5 Reasons to Buy A PS4

Men's Journal - Sony's PlayStation 4 is the first Sony game console to launch without backwards-compatibility out of the gate. That means your huge collection of PS3 games is useless and you'll have to fork over $400 for the new hardware and another $60 per game. Sony's offsetting things slightly by offering a pair of free quality indie games with the space shooter 'Resogun' and the film noir puzzle adventure 'Contrast.' And next year, Sony's cloud gaming service promises to bring back a library of past PlayStation console titles for instant streaming. But for now, there are some quality experiences that showcase what next gen gaming can deliver on Sony's new console.

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gamerlive1343d ago

PS4 has some decent games.

GarrusVakarian1343d ago

And Killzone SF, soon to be released Driveclub + Infamous SS, tons of indie F2P ttiles such as warframe, warthunder, resogun, planetside 2. Superior multiplats.

But yeah, like you said....Knack.

Riderz13371343d ago

@Lukas can't believe you forgot Uncharted and The Order 1886!

MRMagoo1231343d ago


cant believe you left out santa monica studios which will prob be a new GOW as well :)

guitarded771343d ago

@ MRMagoo123

I can't believe you left out Media Molecule's next project, which will probably have the deepest tool set for user generated content.

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cgcg06131343d ago

Knack is a pretty decent game. Its not as bad as some people make it out to be. I appreciate it for some ofthe amazing graphics, because it can truly nearly pass as something from Pixar, but thats just my opinion. I do wish that I can play FPS, but unfortunately I get motion sickness. I tried playing for 5 minutes and I was done with it. Im sure though that we will see some quality titles and I cant wait.

Gamer6661343d ago

I buy a console for five reasons...

1) Games
2) Games
3) Games
4) Games
5) Games

ICANPLAYGAMES21343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

All good games, now start bringing on the RPGS, JRPGS, SRPGS, really just whatever keep them coming.

edit - Also, I wants my Diablo III, I already know it's coming.

kratoz12091343d ago

I think the Launch Lineup is amazing,
Especially with Warframe and Blacklight

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The story is too old to be commented.