PS4′s Red Line of Death True?

Users are beginning to report that their PS4's are having the RLD.

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mushroomwig1650d ago

Unless tens of thousands of people are having issues then it looks like just isolated problems, bad luck for those gamers though.

xPhearR3dx1650d ago

Mine will be delivered here shorty. Here's hoping for the best. So far there's the HDMI issues, this Red Light thing, and it sounding like a jet engine. I hope to experience none of those.

Eonjay1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

The problem is, the hundreds of thousands of people with no issue wont make the news. People only publish the small percentage of Mishaps. .4 isn't even 1/2 of 1 percent. That is phenomenal.

By the same token, next week when Xbox launches, we will have to suffer through every instance of every malfunction. There is 0% chance that every unit will be perfect.

mp12891650d ago

@neonridr. i know what you mean, i was one of the unlucky ylod people. my luck cant be this bad with the ps4 though...hopefully

Ezz20131650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

don't worry
those news of few people is just overblown don't mind it
i have the console and have no problem what so ever so far
hope you enjoy yours :)

but you know,it gonna be very interesting next week when xbox one launch and get it own problems like every console at launch

let's see how fanboys from both sides act then

i'm sorry if you didn't understand my point
what i'm saying is that
both consoles will have their own problems like every console at launch
but fanboys will overblown them and act like it's the end of microsoft or sony

fanboys from both sides will show how much hypocrite they are
got my point now ?

PoSTedUP1650d ago

sony said 0.4 and thats a pretty low %. it most definatly will be higher than that. im sure its not there yet, but it will be, and it will surpass that. i bet they are having issues with the ones they had the chinese (japanese?) students build.

Evil_Abed1650d ago

The way you phrased that Ezz, implies you are distancing yourself from fan boyish behavior and yet here in a ps4 RLoD article you feel it necessary to divert attention towards the Xbox and make that the focus.

The ole spin and redirect.

jebabcock1650d ago

The word for that is being polite and considerate while still voicing your opinion. try it. Outside of n4g alot of people having meaningful debates in such manner. Everyone has an opinion. What I don't understand is why an xbox fan would be commenting on here unless they wanted to flame....

Dehnus1650d ago

OY! sounding like a Jet Engine is just cool :). So don't even pretend that that isn't awesome!

Just turn up the volume on your TV, as it is only when you play a game. Or get an aviation scarf and goggles and sit in front of your PV for total win. :D

Now I still like the Wii U a lot more, but I must admit the sound thing was to be expected with that set up. And it isn't a big deal.

It has to do with chip yields. Since Sony needed so many units to supply everybody (I said so before but got a lot of disagrees regarding why there where so few demo units, they need them for preorders!). Some people just get a lesser quality chip, closer to the edge of the wafer then others.

The chip just functions normally, it just gets a bit hooter then the one's in the centre. That is why some PS4's just sound "COOL LIKE A JET ENGINE!".

It is one of the things an early adaptor just has to accept as a risk. The console is fine, just makes a bit more noise then some others.

shoddy1650d ago

At least it's not 33% failure rate

ZeroX98761650d ago

played today, worked fine. connecting online can get you some errors at first (server overload probably?).

Saw my PS4 light change various colors, but no failure as of now.

shoddy1650d ago

Why worry when it's still under warranty.

Go trade it in until you get a working one

darthv721650d ago

Greatness your command (cylon voice)

Freedomland1650d ago

Why only this site is getting news about overheating again.

FamilyGuy1650d ago


My ass, I left mine on all night (downloading the free stuff) and my room is pretty warm because of the heater, the PS4 on the other hand has been fine this whole time.

paul-p19881650d ago

If i remember rightly the red line is just an indicator of it being hot and will shut down. I'm sure i read it on here about a month ago, so it shouldn't be a console death...

ThanatosDMC1650d ago

If Vita had a restore option, then i doubt this will be a problem. Sony would be smart enough to add the same functionality.

Sono4211650d ago

I'm doing fine?... So are my 3 friends that got the system.. our experience has been flawless and that's all I really care about XD

mikeslemonade1650d ago

Those guys should stand up the system. My launch PS3 and 4 year old 360 still work because I have them standing up vertically ever since I got them.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1650d ago

My ps4 doesn't make a sound and runs great atm.everything works fine accept for them damn promotion ps+ codes I don't think they stack if your a ps+ member already.

Played from 12:40am to around 3:30am then woke around 10:00am and haven't turned it off since np.

Perjoss1650d ago

"So far there's the HDMI issues, this Red Light thing, and it sounding like a jet engine"

The next Ace Combat is going to be so realistic on the PS4!

redwin1650d ago

Well, I can't sign in to the network ... This sucks. First they tell me that we will have a # of launch titles and then when they get the preorder number they cancel a few before launch. And now this, I can't sigh in to the network. Ahhh

JasonKCK1650d ago

Well I hope they get the problem fixed fast for those gamers. Gamers without games kinda sucks. I had problems with my PC when I first got it. Had to have the power supply replaced 3 times.

BattleAxe1650d ago

Xbox and Nintendo fans can't stand the idea of another PS2 era of domination, so every time a console fails, they'll be all over it like white on rice.

Pogmathoin1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Well said Ezz.... Have had issues with most consoles... PS1, 2, the laser thing, 2 360's..... Had my original Xbox stolen in burglary, so far PS3 are fine.... And somehow these things happened around time of a great game.... Halo 3.... Orange box.... Gta3.... I tell you, it's horrible..... Hope this happens to no one..... Anyone hoping for this shit to happen to someone else, regardless of Sony, MS, deserves a good size 9 boot in the nuts.... So far PS4 is fine.... Only had issues with server earlier.....
Edit, jebbacock, most Xbox articles are swamped by PS fanboys.... Take it as tit for tat.... Nature of N4G....

PS3n3601650d ago

Breakness Awaits! joking joking. Good luck.

nukeitall1650d ago

I find it odd that so many people are having problems with their PS4 on launch day.

I expect some percentage of failure, but that is over longer period of time, not over 6-12 hours!

Crazy Larry1650d ago

I was gonna chalk this up to Xbox fanboys being idiots and making fake posts, but these are Amazon VERIFIED buyers. There's a LOT of unhappy PS4 buyers out there.

tiffac0081650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Guys, relax this is expected. Don't forget there are millions of PS4 that are in the wild now. Tens of thousands PS4 with issues will happen at this early stage. It would be impossible not to.

As I have explained before when the shipment constraints are met and the manufacturing matures, we will see less and less of this.

As long as its not RRoD failure rate numbers then everything should be fine.

rainslacker1650d ago

The only problem I've had so far is that the OS randomly goes back to the home screen from time to time when starting an application. Dunno if this is a bug, or I'm doing something that I'm not supposed to be doing, and admittedly I didn't spend a lot of time perusing the OS. Resogun ended up taking up most of my night.

Anyhow, the system fan is pretty quiet, and you have to listen hard when your sitting on the couch to hear it. The hard drive and laser can make some noise, but nothing bad when you have an actual game running with the sound on. It seemed to run pretty cool, and there wasn't even a lot of hot air being blown out the back.

Have 3 friends that got a PS4 last night, and not a single one of them had a problem. Seems like the broken systems are just normal percentages of failed units off the production line. It sucks, and while we should demand better, it is just the nature of electronics today.

You aren't surprised at all. You just want a reason to say that the PS4 has a high fail rate. The people with problems are more likely to say something, but I'm sure you'll ignore the much larger number of people that will say they have had no problems. Here's a thought. The people that have working consoles are spending time basking in the glory of a new generation and not hauling ass to the internet to say how their system works. The second someone has a problem, the first thing they do is Google it, then bitch about it, so DOA console numbers are skewed.

I'm sure you won't be surprised at all when the X1 is going to be getting just as many reports of DOA consoles.

Triella1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

All I've seen is people reporting a pulsing blue light. Yesterday I saw it happened live while watching the videogamesawsome live stream when Netflix crashed the PS4. Fraser (the host) tried to reboot the console by pushing and holding the power button for 7 seconds... on his third try after a good 30 seconds of pushing it worked, the console rebooted and everything was pretty fine after that.

DOMination-1650d ago

Its all very well saying its in warranty but when are you gonna get a new one? Theres not going to be much in the way of free stock in stores to swap out for your faulty one.

pixelsword1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )


UltimateMaster1649d ago

A lot of them could be jealous trolls.
So far, no one that I know of nor that got online had any troubles with theirs.

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Neonridr1650d ago

Agreed it looks to be isolated. But I bet you wouldn't care if it's isolated or not if you were one of the unlucky souls in these videos..

Shame, hopefully they get replacement ones ASAP.

tiremfej1650d ago

Shouldn't we expect a 0% failure rate? It's not like $399 is a toss in the bucket. I would expect the same from MS as well. Society as a whole has become complacent on being jacked around by's not right.

Neonridr1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

@tiremfej - I could hope for 0% but realistically there are so many parts inside a video game console that you have to figure sooner or later something will break in it. Same goes with a car, you just end up with a bad part somewhere. These things happen and it's unfortunate.

You never want to see things like this happen, but you pray to god that if it is going to happen, that it happens to the guy standing in front or behind you in the lineup.. ;)

tiremfej1650d ago

@Neon I get it. However, those working parts should not be failing the first day. Cars have many working don't see them breaking down 1st day out. Obviously over time, not first day.

I understand error is something that happens. Humans make errors, even robots that make the consoles...however we should not just accept it.

gaffyh1650d ago

@tiremfej - There is no such thing as a 0% failure rate for electronics. Even 3-4% is considered normal, which is why it is incomprehensible to expect a 0% failure rate.

oONinjavitiSOo1650d ago

My ps4 is working phenomenally! Sorry to hear some are having issues. I hope nobody has to deal with any issues on ps4 or xboxone. Well back to the games I didn't take the day off to be on lol. Have fun everybody!

static52451650d ago


Actually cars have a failure rate too. Haven't you ever watched Fight Club? Those jobs actually exist where someone from Car companies go around where cars fail and figure if it actually deserves a recall or not. Cars fail a lot, even on day one off the floor.

Everything has a failure rate. Items are built by humans, Humans are not perfect, hence nothing you buy has a 100% guarantee of working perfectly. Thats why there are guarantees if it breaks you get a new one

rainslacker1650d ago

I feel really bad for the people that have this happen to them. It happened to me way back when when I got the Turbo-CD attachment and it didn't work. It's a really crappy feeling.

I just hope that they are easily replaced at retailers, or that Sony expedites the process of replacing them by sending out a new console along with a return box for the old one...kinda like western digital does with hard drives.

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Angels37851650d ago

All I have to say is.....04%....had mine since tuesday.....and nothing wrong.

XB1_PS41650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

0.4%. Not .04%

Here, from Gameinformer:

Update: Sony has reached out to us to clarify the number of units that could be subject to failure. According to a representative, the .04 percent number we were provided is incorrect by a magnitude of ten. The correct anticipated percentage of units that will suffer from problems is .4 percent. Based on a projection of five million units sold by end of fiscal year (March 31, 2014), that accounts for approximately 20,000 units with hardware problems.

Palaven1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

I guess that's 20,000 people who are going to be "Awaiting Greatness" until they get a replacement console. I wonder what they are gonna think about the people who are saying 0.4% is acceptable.

Angels37851650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Literally a typo sorry guys but still...its less than one percent

VENOMACR12271650d ago

That .4% I read this morning. Who know's what the number is now that the system has been out for roughly 16 hours. It's only going to go up.

Why is red the universal sign for your F'd? Xbox with the red ring and now PS4 with the red line. Wonder if the X1 has red too for your F'd.

MysticStrummer1650d ago

@Palaven - "I wonder what they are gonna think about the people who are saying 0.4% is acceptable."

Historically speaking, 0.4% isn't just acceptable, it's outstanding.

Crazy Larry1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

LOADS of the reviews on Amazon are stating they are having problems. As I said in my post above, I thought it was idiot Xbox fanboys trolling the reviews, but these are VERIFIED Amazon buyers.

1650d ago
rainslacker1650d ago

"I wonder what they are gonna think about the people who are saying 0.4% is acceptable."

Depends on how Sony, or the retailer the person purchased from resolves the issue. A bad thing can be made good again if the company involved takes the time to provide good customer service.

If they do something amazing for those people, then it's just a disappointment and inconvenience. If they jerk them around, then they will rightly be pissed.

And of course there will always some people who will feel that it is the biggest injustice in the world, and rail against it for the rest of their life. Those are usually rare though, the internet just makes them look common.

BallsEye1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

0.04% is bulls!t. How they can know the number before people even picked up their ps4? Or they intentionally sold broken ones since they know exactly how many are broken?

You guys will believe in anything sony tells you.

just look at topic names on official sony forums

insomnium21650d ago


"Since people seem to believe what Sony says as 100% truth, does that same courtesy extend to whatever MS says as well? "

MS has a track record of out right lying to people. Things like "you know, things break" and "well within industry standards" come to mind when talking about X360.

You can't compare the two so yeah people are more prone to believing what Sony says to be true.....until they lie straight to our faces

HammerKong1649d ago

hey buudy go and check out again it to be reported 50% of buyers from amazon and still all of them have not recieved their console and it happened so soon it is more curios case than rod(ring of death) from xb360 because it was an software problem and this is having heavy hardware problems and also rod and new beast bod(blue line of death) and may noise and over heating problems and more buyiers from other sites are also same problems in mass and what about buiers who had byied from the shops they are also have not been reported this is the most weakest and hardest launch ever happened in lifetime ,what about me i was also having freezing and servers problem at least they can maintain their severs but that was too having problems,it is always like sony products always have saw'n poor internet services ,this also happened with ps3 and is again happening with ps4 ,xb1 is doing right for bring dedicated servers for us dedicated servers never saw these problems and people will see dedicated servers for every game coming on xb1 not like ps3 and ps4 getting dedicated serevers from only some selected 1 or 2 games in a year.

warczar1649d ago

every one needs to stop regurgitating the .4% number that Shu pulled from his ass. How could they possibly know what the percentage of failed units are at this early stage? the answer is they don't know yet. I feel bad for all those people who paid 500 bucks to stare at the outside of a little black box but that is what you get when you rush out to become an unpaid beta tester.

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araman1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Exactly. Name one console that had a 0% failure rate, you can't. Nitpicking on one because of a few reported incidents is confirmation bias. There's also a fun little thing that comes with all these boxes called a "warranty" that means these will get handled, yet some people are acting like everyone that has these issues is SOL.

iamnsuperman1650d ago

The problem is how we all use the Internet now. Think back to 06 and how many shared videos online. Nowadays everything can record a video which means these isolated incidents will get more attention

admiralvic1650d ago

The problem is that we live in a world where you typically only hear the bad.

I go 200+ days at my job without a single report being filed against me and I get one complaint because I made a "rude" comment and my boss gave me a 10 minute long speech about how he has to be able to trust me.

The PlayStation 4 and I assume Xbox One will be the same thing. Very few people are going to say "I got mine and it worked", since thats exactly what every single last buyer expects. We all expect it to come and we expect it to work. So we see a lot of people reporting these issues and it starts to seem like a big deal.

tiremfej1650d ago

@admiralvic Sounds like you're working for the wrong boss...or he/she is young?

Evil_Abed1650d ago

Shhh, let's not report negative news because it is unfair and biased. All of you afflicted with RLoD kindly suffer in silence and darkness because you are upsetting araman.

araman1650d ago

@GGJ, that's not what I meant and you know it. I'm talking about people hearing about a few isolated incidents like this and then blowing it up to say it's widespread. Look up confirmation bias.

T21650d ago

.4% is phenomenal, and people have reported walking into shops buying ps4s today... so there will be lots to replace. This is literally a non issue, wake me up if a failure rate of 10% or more occurs.

1650d ago
ChrisW1650d ago


You should try my line of work. My customers complain quite often about me and I don't get one word from my employer about it. I know my customers complain because I hear about it from my other customers.

The biggest reasons for the complaints are; I give too much homework, the curriculum is a bit too difficult, and I'm sometimes too strict. All of which, if ever I'm told of, is assumed that I'm doing a great job by my employer.

warczar1649d ago


Micro sold the xbox for 2 years before acknowledging the RROD and instituting a 3 year warranty program for systems that were bought after July 2007. At one time, there was just a 32% yield of one of the test production runs. 68 of every 100 test units were found to be defective. Microsoft knew they were selling us a highly breakable piece of shit, lets hope that Sony isn't doing the same thing right now.

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Tapewurm1650d ago

Played mine for 3 hours after launch...then started it up this morning at 8am for some madden and killzone...still playing now at 1:30pm.. sweet system! I hope this is just some false hype by a few of xbone fanboys.

sobotz1650d ago

Why are you accusing people who got their PS4's bricked are Xbone fanboys?

PR_FROM_OHIO1650d ago

Exactly!! Been playing mine since last night an no issues here! Hence so many disagrees lol!!

Tapewurm1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

@sobotz: I didn't accuse anyone... just said I and interpret...Jeebus!

VENOMACR12271650d ago

Not sure how it's false hype from X1 fanboys when there are YouTube videos of PS4 owners systems with the red light or sounding like a jet engine. That's not hype, that's proof.

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ExitToExisT1650d ago

If the same thing would happen to Xbox One next week, you and other won't be this calm and forgiving.