AMD Clarifies Radeon R9 Series Game Bundle, Clears Confusion Over Battlefield 4 Eligibility

Maximum PC: There's been quite a bit of confusion over AMD's updated game bundle for the holiday season. The Sunnyvale chip designer laid out the details earlier this week, and the way it was worded, it sounded like all customers who purchased a Radeon R9 Series graphics card on or after November 13, 2013, would receive a complimentary copy of Battlefield 4. Unfortunately that's not the case -- retailers and add-in board partners ultimately decide which Radeon R9 SKUs will come with a copy of BF4, AMD says.

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ATiElite1586d ago

I bought a R9 290x for a customer who I was building a PC for and I got my copy of BF4 FREE!

Nafon1586d ago

Well maybe. But if you were to buy a prebuilt PC from any company like HP, Dell, alienware, or whatever, they don't give you the bonus games either.

MidnytRain1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )


Well the companies wouldn't be getting the free game codes in the first place.

ATiElite1586d ago

Nope because I already saved him $$$$ from buying an Alienware and this person doesn't like FPS anyway.

So BF4 for FREE for ME, YIPPIE!

hiredhelp1586d ago

It is abit cheeky but as a builder myself it can be a perk