NBA Live 14 Gameplay - Timberwolves vs. Cavs

One lucky user on twitch by the name of SportsGamingUniverse was lucky enough to purchase NBA Live 14 early from Best Buy and decided to upload new footage of the game. He plays a 5-on-5 match and also tries out the new Rising Star mode.

M-M900d ago

The game is really bad, you should have seen the first live stream of it last night lol.

solid_snake3656900d ago

You guys think this is bad, try playing madden 25 on ps4.

305LoneWolf900d ago

Go to his YouTube page, he got the gameplay video there

Jagsrock900d ago

The dribbling looks pretty good but everything else looks like vomit.

ShowanW900d ago (Edited 900d ago )

Is this the official game really? or just some early code?... That looks really really bad. EA, not only did you not challenge NBA 2K14 for next gen, but this doesn't even compare to any 2K basketball game from the past 3yrs (and NBA 2K12 wasn't really that good either).

Enemy900d ago

Yawn. 2K is where it's at.

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