GTA V Online: 5 Annoying Things Everybody Hates

"With each passing addition of GTA, the world has yearned for a multiplayer experience that works in harmony with the single player – One that stands up to its stellar solo campaign. With GTA Online, we are almost there…But not quite. Feel free to disagree, but after just looking on a few forums it becomes quite apparent that most of the following points are issues everybody seems to have with GTA Online. All of these could be rectified with a patch and/or very little work."

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lawgone1621d ago

I hate that it's primarily a driving game yet it has the worst driving mechanics ever.

Audiggity1621d ago

There's a learning curve for sure, but, I've played plenty of games with far worse mechanics.

IV had a steep learning curve as well. I put in about 50 hours by now for GTA V and I am JUST now able to drive well.

kingPoS1621d ago

I hate when bounties hide away in their apartments.

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