Killzone: Shadow Fall Director Thinks 1080p Identifies a Next-Gen Game: it "Stands Out Immediately”

While many developers have gone on record downplaying the importance of 1080p resolution compared to other elements, Killzone: Shadow Fall Game Director Steven Ter Heide seems to definitely disagree.

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sobotz1733d ago

1080p doesn't define a good games

Abriael1733d ago

I agree a lot more about Draw distance. I'll take vistas that span reeeeally far over 1080p native personally. Killzone has that, mind you, but IMHO that and large, seamless worlds identify next gen games better.

mattdillahunty1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

this is only one developer, so i'm not going to paint the whole industry as having this mindset, but i honestly think that's a really depressing mindset to have if you're a game designer.

is 1080p awesome? yes.
does 1080p make games look better? yes.
does 1080p make things look sharp, crisp, defined, etc? yes.

does 1080p change the way games are fundamentally designed? NO. an emphatic no.

i want developers (on any platform) to think of new ways i can play the game. new ways to interact with it, to get lost in the world, to have player-driven worlds, interactions, etc. i want developers to reshape the way i think about and interact with video games. and 1080p does not do that, it just makes things look prettier (and please don't say "but 1080p lets you see enemies clearer and get headshots easier" or something along those lines).

furthermore (and i fully realize this is going to sound PC elitist, but i'm going to say it anyways), PC games have been running in 1080p for what...roughly a decade now? so if this is the best that next gen consoles can do, color me unimpressed.

it's just a good thing that most developers probably don't have the same mindset as him.

inveni01733d ago

I would take a 720p game over a 1080p game if it meant the game took other elements of processing power to a new level (e.g. destructible or procedural environments, etc.). But for every game we've seen so far, there's no excuse for sub-1080p resolutions.

scott1821733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )


I agree with you completely and I think devs should take your advice, but I don't think he is saying art style or gameplay style are not important. I think he is just saying 1080p is very hard to get for graphically intensive games, thus having it in 1080p is showing the next gen power of it.

I am actually very excited to see what their new ip is.

decrypt1733d ago

Wonder what he thinks about 4k :P oh wait they havent gotten there yet.

aCasualGamer1732d ago

I completely agree that 1080p isn't necessary for a game to be good. BUT it's expected to be 1080p when you buy a new console after an 8 year break.

I don't want a game to be 1080p foremost. I want it to be NEXTGEN interms of true innovation, whether that's gameplay and design or graphics and artstyle is irrelevant to me... BUT i want a nextgen game more than a 1080p game.

I don't really think 1080p equals nextgen, because there are many current gen games that do have native 1080p output but they don't have the level of innovation expected when a new gen starts. Wipeout is a great looking game on PS3 and it's 1080p native. But it's not nextgen, it was for its time but not now.

What i like to consider a nextge game as of yet, is NBA2k14. The animations the new physics in the gameplay, the level of detail and the new crowd is what i consider a significant leap over its predecessor.

Bigpappy1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

If he keeps thinking resolution is the most important next gen feature gamers expect, he is going to fail hard. There are things like Gameplay, frame rate, coherent story, details in presentation, etc. that should all be considered over and before resolution.

If he puts resolution first and skimp on these other things, the game suck no matter which gen hardware he is using.

@mattdillahunty. I agree completely with your take.

Sono4211732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

Very off topic does anybody here know how to party up in Killzone Shadow fall? It's idiotic all I can do is attempt to join a friend AFTER he finds a game which is usually full then im stuck on the screen saying "Waiting for a slot to become available on so and so's faction"

It's seriously ridiculous! Please tell me how to party up.. if theres no party system good luck playing on line with 4 other friends... ffs... annoying..


Nvm figured it out.. the PSN party system is universal... that's pretty cool ;)

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abzdine1733d ago

he didn't say that.. he said it defines next gen cause we're gonna see bad games in 1080p for sure.

Now i just want one thing is to wake up tomorrow and it's already november 29th..

sobotz1733d ago

I think next-gen is more about more particles and effects. Resolution is the 2nd tier to identifies a next-gen. just my opinion

thrust1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Next gen to me am hoping is online gaming more with big open world much like mmos in a way!

more players online

Salooh1733d ago

Next gen to me is playing better games then the last of us. If they can't achieve that then i'm not impressed. So far the only 5 games i'm really excited for are MGSV / Uncharted / Mirror's edge 2 / FF15 / inFAMOUS second son. The rest are either ok or don't worth playing at all.

brometheos1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

And next gen doesn't define a good game. What he's saying is that when we think next gen, we think better graphics, richer worlds, etc. A game being ran in full HD natively helps achieve that. Its much more sharp.

SirBradders1732d ago

Im glad you read the article because alot of people here ^ just jumped the gun.

Studio-YaMi1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

And what does that have to do with what he said exactly?

1080p DOES make a game stand out & make it more appealing to the eyes,you guys have been playing in 720p(and less) for a long time that you wouldn't understand what it's like to game in native full HD.

Ask any PC gamer with a decent rig and they will till you that(if they could) they would play all their games in 1080p,it just gives you such an edge and depth that it's amazing to look at.

While most will sacrifice resolution for a steady/solid frame rate,having both is just a dream come true to a lot of people.

So you don't need to play with the guy's words and change it as you please to troll with.

He's right,having 1080p DOES identify the part of game being "next gen",that and other things too of course.

finbars751733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Between Killzone,BF4,AC4 and Rezogun man im really impressed with the resolution and smoothness of all 4 games.I have been playing them since 12:15am and man they are a delight and it will only get better.GG really nailed it on the head with the 1080p.Its just spectacular and smoother then butter to play.Im really looking forward to what other developers are going to be able to do with the ps4.I will leave you with one note that Dice really came through in the graphical department and fps.The game is very realistic and smooth as well but the MP is just insane to look at it.Its really hard to play a game when you just cant stop looking at lighting,resolution of a game.So far the PS4 has been worth the $400 in my eyes.

kingduqc1733d ago

So i have games on next gen 6 yeats ago? Since i game on 2560 by 1440 Am i gaming oon next next gen? I got to agree that resolution does not make a great game... but it sure does improve the experience. Kinda sad that back in 05 they went on stage promissing hd resolution and 8 years latter we wont even get 1080p and 60 fps.lies. all those lies. One of the reason i dont support consoles macker.

deafdani1733d ago

No, but it can make a good game, even better. ;)

ShwankyShpanky1733d ago

Perhaps not... but it makes good games better.

Guwapo771732d ago

I agree. 1080p is the way to go this gen. We spent 8 years with 720p and occasional 1080p. It's really time to move forward. I love quality games just like the next person but 1080p is your standard TV and consoles should be able to achieve this with ease.

This is not a PS4 vs Xbox issue at all. This is progression and what upgrading is all about. I sincerely hope Devs figure out how to work with XBox's hardware. We all should all be experiencing this is 2013.

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badkolo1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

1080p does not make a game better and thats total nonsence. this isnt an attack on them but its bull. fps is more immportant then 1080p as 1080p has no effect to the game in any way. a good game defines a good game, not the amount of pixels on screen and thats something i think we can all agree on

GarrusVakarian1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Did you even read the article?

Nowhere in that article did he say it makes a game "better". Just that it adds more fidelity/clarity to the VISUALS.

Ive had my large HDTV for years now and the only time its been put to good use is blu rays on my PS3, im glad its going to be getting good use from 1080p games. It makes the world of difference on a screen this size.

Drekken1733d ago

I just tried to explain the same thing to the rock I have sitting on my desk. It doesn't seem to understand either.

XboxFun1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Maybe he should be talking about gameplay and not resolution.

Better design and deeper gameplay should define a next gen game. What's the use of next gen when a game like GTA V does more than a next gen title?

You are on full defense mode.

GarrusVakarian1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )


So correcting someone is the same being in "defense mode"?

Ok, next time i won't bother....ill just let people be wrong. My bad.


"Better design and deeper gameplay should define a next gen game"

Again, did you even read the article? He isn't talking about gameplay....or deeper design, he's talking about the very first thing you see when you turn on the game...and that's the VISUAL clarity that 1080p gives.

XboxFun1732d ago

Correcting is one thing, multiple same responses throughout this whole article is another. People here are just stating that visuals shouldn't be what defines a next gen game.

A lot of us here understand what he's saying but a lot of us here thinks he's just wrong.

As more of us had said he SHOULD be talking about design and gameplay.

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Abriael1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Yeah, he's obviously talking about graphics, not about gameplay. Graphics and gameplay aren't exacyly in conflict with each other.

Mind you, I don't completely agree with the statement anyway, but still, putting graphics in comparison to gameplay is a logical fallacy. They're mostly separate issues that don't conflict with each other.

frelyler1733d ago

That's like saying a camera that takes pictures 50% less clear than another camera doesn't matter because it still captures the same image. I have a 42 inch lcd and sitting in a normal size room there is certainly a difference between 720 and 1080. This gen I had a ps3 and pc and going between the two I could tell every time. Does it make the game good, on it's own no. Does it make the experience better, definitely. A 200 hp car will get you where you need to go, but a 400 hp provides a different experience.

kenshiro1001732d ago

XboxFun: No you don't, otherwise you wouldn't have jumped the gun on what he said. Pretty obvious that the usual suspects never seem to read without jumping to conclusions.

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Godmars2901733d ago

It stands out by doing what was expected from it?

mhunterjr1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

Of course he would say that, his game has it.

Me personally, I'd take a leap in AI complexity over 1080p. Gameplay over resolution, every time.
While several games look really fun to me, The only 'next gen' game I've seen so far is Forza 5 with the drivatar system. Everything else, gameplay wise, has failed to improve or innovate over current gen. They just threw on a shinier coat of paint.

His mindset that 1080p is what makes a next gen game standout, makes it clear to me why Killzone continues to be widely regarded as nothing but a slightly better-than-average franchise.

GarrusVakarian1733d ago

"His mindset that 1080p is what makes a next gen game standout"

Visually stand out. Visually. Which is true.

1080p does very little/nothing to improve gameplay on the other hand. Framerate is more important then.

mhunterjr1733d ago

"When we first were dealing with the specs, we went “Ok, what are we gonna do with this, where are we heading, what would constitute a next gen game?” and the thing that we immediately drafted forwards is resolution."

Based on that, It appears to me that visuals is their #1 priority. That's what I take issue with. I understand he's not saying resolution effects gameplay. I just feel like the philosophy should be, "when we look at these specs, how can we push gameplay forward into the next generation" once they've conquered that, then maximize the visuals.

jacksons981733d ago

1080p does make a difference a big difference. Especially if you game on a large TV or a projector.
People saying they can't see the difference remind me of last gen when they would say they couldn't see the difference between DVD and Blu-ray.

TheBrownBandito1732d ago (Edited 1732d ago )

1080p makes all the difference, without exception. A game like Far Cry 3 didn't need to add anything to the gameplay and is plenty big and open enough for most people. It just needed to be better visually on console. On next gen I shouldn't have to choose between the two. I demand both, but would rather compromise on a locked 30fps @ 1080p than 720p @ 60fps.

A Ferrari with it's engine removed, still looks like the dogs bollocks.

FF1732d ago

Upscale 480p dvd to 1080p and upscale a HD image 720p to a 1080p Full HD image is not the same.