The Verge: Sony PlayStation 4 review

The next generation of console is here, and it’s here to stay. But while Microsoft decided to use its next console generation to lay siege to your living room, Sony’s simply taken its formula to the next level — it’s attempted to build the game console of our dreams.

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Chuk51616d ago

Just wrapping up setting up my ps4. I can't believe I'm looking at it, I felt like the day would never come. Sure I can't play it for a while after I set it up but I can't wait.

3-4-51616d ago

Hardware & software should be two separate reviews.

Is it the DS's fault for having 2 Hannah Montana games?

You can't hold the games against Sony as they aren't the makers of a lot of them, just like the XB1 needs to be reviewed apart from it's games as well.

Critics will like the functions of XB1 better vat first, but within 1-2 years, PS4 will have more games and eventually more rpg's and possibly superior exclusives.

Too soon to tell but I would assume both consoles themselves are pretty awesome....It's the software that is lacking

Army_of_Darkness1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

After watching his video, it seems to me that this guy is basing his rating on the software rather than the actual hardware because I didn't really hear much negative comments towards the hardware itself??
The ps4 hardware should be a solid 9/10 at least and the software currently, I can agree with a 7.7/10

XB1_PS41616d ago

It's a Playstation 4 review, and not just hardware.

Bigpappy1616d ago

I don't think you can rate the PS4 just on spec's. PS4 is Hardware and Software. The Games them selves can be reviewed separately, but if the games are also not performing to the user's expectations, that user is going to transfer some of that negative first impression to the PS4.

Once they get a game that knocks there socks off, then may be that impression would change. At the end of the day it is the experiences that dictate how you feel about the console.

Kevin ButIer1616d ago

Give me a break… Why is Verge rating a console as it was a cellphone or a laptop? They even gave it a score for god sake… They can share their opinion regarding the system but rate it? Pointless.

sinjonezp1615d ago

"Its the software that is lacking." I hear this all over the net and it bothers me what gamers have become. The real statement should be "its the first party software that is lacking." Sony released two true first party, official, game titles knack and killzone. I can see that as being an issue but guys, let's be serious, the content on this system is not lacking. The third party support is very strong and the titles are looking very good. This is coming from a pc gamer and I think the ps4 performs very well. Not only do you have all the third party releases, you have a strong title like resogun that is ridiculously fun. Additionally the free to play titles like the next gen DC universe, warframe, and others. Their is plenty to enjoy but I do see where people can complain that sony did not step to the plate with any first party offerings that were significantly compelling. As for the hardware. I am a bit disappointed as of now. The heavy reliance on the internet makes the system rum slow and getting to fresh pages or tabs for content can become a chore. The system itself is speedy and the twitch and streaming services work as advertise. The camera functions IMO rival that of kinect. Its very intuitive and possess great depth and feature sets. Ps plus is also amother valuable source that offer free games every month and will pay for itself relatively quickly. Overall I would give the system an 8/10 the only negatives is the lag and stuttering in menues. Other than that, the ps4 is a great system. Now, we just need more first party support.

The Killer1615d ago

Is it true that ps4 requires its users to pay for online gaming?

i read all ps4 users have to pay for PS+ in order to play online.

slimeybrainboy1615d ago

Since when is:

BF4 multiplayer finally being the full 64 player large maps on console

NBA 2K14 taking people by storm, getting the interest of even nonsports fans because it looks that good

Resogun universally praised by the media

3 of the leading f2p titles running looking great

FIFA 14 improved for next gen, presentation looks incredible

AC4 the return of innovation to the franchise

Sound Shapes and Flower two of the biggest PSN hits, (Bear in mind many people are switching from the 360 and never had the chance to play these games, so it's new to them.

How is that a bad launch lineup 8-10 great games that not including whether you like knak or KZ you can add them in, also COD, NFS,

RedSky1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

So much fanboyism.

The games aren't there yet and the price is higher than it will be 1-2 years later to catch early adopters and die hard fans.

The UI looks like it could be better and some features like home media haven't yet arrived.

If 64 players on BF4 is a must-have for you, why are you reading a review? You already know you want it.

For the average consumer, rating it AS IS, 7.7/10 is more than fair.

Autodidactdystopia1615d ago

0:47 seconds there is literally a curled up hair stuck in between the bezels of the ps4s front side just underneath where it reads PS4.


clean it guy!

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Lykon1616d ago

Another troll review . who is it this time . The verge? never heard of that blog before. what is it a word press blog or something? The verge of my anus

FunkMacNasty1616d ago

Lykon, too bad you didn't read the article. Nothing about this is a 'troll' review.

Also, to remind you 7.7 is a pretty good score.

Docknoss1616d ago

Troll review huh, why bc it didn't go the way you wanted? Grow up twink, if you can't take the truth don't read the reviews.

UnHoly_One1616d ago

How have you never heard of the Verge?

evilunklebud1616d ago

Never heard of the verge? It is a really good site, better than most linked from n4g....... imo.

Lykon1616d ago

really? oh sorry . don't hate me . I've been a mess since i stopped smoking 6 weeks ago..

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Mosiac771616d ago

My own review is a 10 out 10. Haven't had a problem yet. COD looks and plays great. I don't like the UI but I'm sure over time sony will make changes. Happy new gen everybody! Can wait to get my XB1 next week also.

Hufandpuf1615d ago

If you don't like the UI, then how is it a 10/10?

lawgone1615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

@Chuk5 Hope you enjoy it man. I didn't preorder one so not sure when I'll get it. I will whenever places get them in stock again though. Of course, that could be awhile. But.... XB1 is on it's way to my house next Friday :)

showtimefolks1615d ago

really nice and detailed review

2nd screen experience will get better, its just the launch give it some time

NFS having frame issues is more on EA than sony or ms

I can't wait to see more people sign up for PLus and really dig how great and under rated the service really is

other than that people over expected with launch titles and now are disappointed. Not many launch games will ever be 9.5 out of 10. wait till 2014 for some awesome games

ChrisW1615d ago


This is what gets me about Playstation users... They are online surfing game sites like N4G, instead of playing their consoles.

Eyeco1615d ago

Really? Im currently playing GTA 5 been at it for an hour yet it took me just 1 minute to browse and comment on this article.

What a mute argument.

Mosiac771615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

The reason for my 10 out of 10 is because the system power. The UI can be changed with an update just like Microsoft did with the 360. So I don't rate on something that might be temporary

Hicken1615d ago

I routinely play DC Universe- a game you can't pause- my Vita, and surf the web all at once. Here, facebook, texting, gaming. All at once.

What gets me is trolls/fanboys like yourself whose best arguments could be torn apart by my seven year-old nephew.

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DOOMZ1615d ago

Unfortunately, so far the PS4 is super underwhelming... Bad reviews, bad consoles & a line up of just BAD! I have one & all I have been playing is the free game Rezogun... On the bright side, XBOX ONE this Friday, CANT WAIT!!!

SpinalRemains1381615d ago


You don't have one though.

xavierbigdaddy19721615d ago (Edited 1615d ago )

So what us your id name on the ps4. I doubt you have one. And resogun is spelled with an S not a Z. Calling you a liar is real fact right now

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JeffGUNZ1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Straight from the article:

"For right now, though, there's little incentive to spend $399 on a PlayStation 4. Not only are there few games worth the price of admission, the vast library of PS3 games is more compelling than anything the PS4 currently offers. If you're desperate for a new console, rest assured that eventually the PS4 will be one; it has plenty of power, a great controller, and a lot of good ideas about how we can play games better and how we can play them together. But for right now, they’re mostly still just ideas."

I agree 100%. Everyone here says MS rushed its system out but I feel like the PS4 is rushed in the sense of software to back it up. The lack of games at launch really makes me scratch my head. Same goes for Xbox, I really am looking forward to DR3 and Ryse looks "good", but non of the games from either console really are driving me to dish out this type of money when games like TLOU and GTAV are out for the 360 and PS3. I am sure both consoles will have amazing games, but I still want to hold off until the libraries for either console offer me something more then an "ok" experience.

scott1821616d ago

Yeah, I'm with you. I'm a homer for Naughty Dog, so whenever they do something I will be all over it.

Septic1616d ago

If this is a console review, shouldn't it focus on the console itself? That's how I would review it. The launch library something separate in my opinion.

I wouldn't score the PS4 less because of it's launch line-up.

LightofDarkness1616d ago

The most important thing about a console is the games it plays. Having a severe lack of those will impact its value greatly, IMO, and thus the reviewer should note that in their review. After all, it's there to inform potential buyers at the end of the day.

scott1821616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )


As a great piece of hardware I bet it gets a 10, I agree that this should purely be focused on hardware. It is great priced tech, and honestly if people are looking to play the cool multiplats at first it does the best job of that because of it's strong GPU...

devwan1616d ago

Septic is right. If you're going to review the new console it has to be based on what it does day one and what potential it offers for the future... it's not about games at all... reviewing a new console on the games available at launch is basically just reviewing all launch games in one big lump... and that's pointless (bu no more pointless than reviewing a console on launch day).

evilbart1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Can someone explain why people would wait to purchase their console of choice?
What are the benefits of waiting?
Serious question.

kewlkat0071616d ago

"I wouldn't score the PS4 less because of it's launch line-up."

When a console is release imho, the launch titles are just as important factors for gamers either waiting or buying now so yeah, Launch games are important..

As months\years past they become less important because the game library grows and the power of he hardware is harnessed.

Why would you review something that is supposed to give you satisfaction and entertain you "today" on the bases of 3 years down the road?

buynit1616d ago


So are you buying the console just to stare at it? I think it ahould be reviewd on everything it has to offer day one including games I mean that is why we are buyng the console for right?

We all know its going to be a awesome console down the road heir is no denying that but conaidering sony owns more deva than nin. And ms combined is their really an excuse for the lack of great games at launch?

Boody-Bandit1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I got mine last night and haven't slept yet. I never wait and I never regret not waiting. The PS3 / 360 generation has just gone on too long. That in itself is reason enough to make the switch for me.

The PS4 is hardware is so much faster than the PS3. Everything is just so much more accessible and works so much better with barely any hang ups. It multitask almost like a PC. I played 8 games thus far and the longest I had to wait to enter a game on initial install was a minute. Ghost took the longest. BTW Ghost SP looks great bt its MP, BLAND. BF4 looks great both SP n MP but seems to run even smoother online.

All the games, even GHOST, are a significant leap from the PS3 / 360. I was actually surprised because I was going in cynical. You can notice the differences instantaneously from last gen to this gen. It reminds me of how some of these games look on my PC. Not just that the graphics look better (lighten, textures, color separation, etc) but that the sound is significantly better.

Some have been calling this generation resolution gate. Let me tell you something that is exactly how I described it to a friend that is waiting for his PS4 from Amazon today. He said what best sums up your opinion of the games so far and I replied, "the best way I can describe it is RESOLUTION."

You can tell everything is 1080p, The enemies far off in the distance are so easy to pick up even when they're hiding. The little details stand out like threads and stitching on clothing, leather on gloves, rain and weather effects, dust and debris, sweat or rain rolling down characters while the light reflects off of them, basically all the little things you sometimes over look smack you in the face making you take notice.

The sound? It's so discrete / crystal clear. I'm using my sound system, haven't tried headphones yet, and every little nuisance and miniscule detail is picked up evenly. It's like being blind and having a heightened acute sense of sound to compensate. It's so much easier to pick up enemy chatter and footsteps off in the distance.

So why make the jump? Because most of the heavy hitters that drive this industry for the holiday season are available on the next generation consoles. They look better, sound better, and in most cases play better.

I already played GTA V, Batman, TLOU, on and on for the PS3 and 360 this year. Now I want the 2nd half of 2013's line up like BF4, GHOST, NBA 2K12 (which is a whole new game next gen. The guys look and move like they are real), AC: Black Flag to play with a higher quality experience . Even Injustice : Gods Among Us looks great.

My favorite game so far? Resogun
I have 9 retail games and Resogun is my favorite. How crazy is that?

I'm not trying to sell anyone but I'm sure as hell not sorry I didn't wait.

Now time for a power nap. I look like I was hanging at a frat house for the weekend.

Mosiac771616d ago

Septic is right. There is enough games in the line up that are must play games. We don't need 100 games on day one just quality ones

1615d ago
starchild1615d ago

That's me too. I'll most likely get my PS4 when Uncharted comes out. Still, it's a great system and I enjoyed playing some of the launch games on my cousin's PS4.

lawgone1615d ago

@evilbart I'm with you. If you're a fan of a console you're gonna want it as soon as possible. Sure, it doesn't have a ton of good games yet but you can still enjoy the ones it does have while you wait for more. Honestly, it would be stupid for any console to launch with, like 10 must have games or something. You can only play so many at a time.

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NeXXXuS1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

Don't forget that the PS3 also had a slow start when it came to it's gaming library during launch. Things will pick up and there will be more games over time. You can't just expect a whole library of hundreds of games just during launch. Games take time to make. I'll be saving up for a PS4 until then since I still game on PS3 with my buddies. A Realm Reborn really keeps me occupied lol.

CYCLEGAMER1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

I think the library for the xbox one is big enough. I picked up my ps4 yesterday and played a little bit of warframe and killzone, and I can still say that I am just not that excited.

Killer Instinct, Forza, Ryse, DR3 and technology/UI, literally have me excited to pick up my xbox one.


I totally agree.

The Meerkat1616d ago

I don't have a powerful PC so my must have game is War Thunder on the PS4. Which should be available just as the console is released in the UK.

The thing is that the PS4 will sell well for a very long time. There will be no need for a price cut. So what do I get for waiting? I might as well get one now.

JeffGUNZ1616d ago

For me it's just the holidays. With my chick, her family, my family, neices, nephews, mortgage, bills, etc, I could use the money somewhere else. Sure, I can afford both if I want to, but I just haven't had that "wow, I need one of these right now" moments I got when I saw Gears of WAr for the first time and when I saw Uncharted for the first time.

webeblazing1616d ago

you don't need a strong pc for war thunder. just because it was a pc exclusive game doesn't mean its a demanding game

izumo_lee1616d ago

It seems to me all the game sites seem to concentrate on the AAA games rather than all the downloadable smaller titles that are available on the console.

Every Playstation console at launch has had a subpar launch lineup (except the Vita) but as we all know too well the games are not an issue when talking about a Playstation console. They will come.

Spinal1616d ago

Exactly what u said JeffGunz.

I'll wait for the library to pick up. And the price of the games are ridiculous atm. Not worth an extra £7+

wsoutlaw871616d ago

launch games are slow every launch. It doesn't matter to me much because if I get it now I get to play kz and will still have it when infamous, the witcher, and all the other great games come out next year. Soon gaikai will release too. Its dumb to review it based off launch games because thats what game reviews are for. It should be reviewed on its hardware and capabilities, the ui, and controller. If you want to include games you should include the games coming like infamous, uncharted and all the other sony games that you know will come. I dont think it needs to be a review for day one because no one buys a console to use for one day or month or year.

tiremfej1616d ago

As long as both companies don't experience release droughts like they have in the past...360 went through a painful few months...I remember my PSP went through months and months without new games, my daughters DS...etc...etc..I never had a PS3 but I seem to recall reading some issues with game droughts...

From the looks of it...March/April/May should be good months...for both PS4 and X1...hopefully Feb. will start to see new well.

Mr Pumblechook1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

The consensus of some developers is the PS4 is somewhat more powerful than the Xbox One but many USA media outlets are marking the PS4 down because of the software.

However both PS4 and Xbox One have a boatload of launch games and they don't take account that some people prefer the PS4 games. Also I want to see the hardware reviewed.

frostypants1616d ago

This. Happens. Every. Generation. For obvious reasons...hardware precedes software.

awesomeperson1615d ago

I don't know why people find it hard to understand. It's all fine and dandy to say you wish there was a huge library of games at launch, but in reality, that's simply not practical.

Companies have to make games - and the aim of companies is to make money. There is no way a company would prefer to make a game for a console with a highly limited install base (1 or so million) versus an already established one (80 million).

It's unfortunate we have to suffer through launch shortages - but it's simply something which will likely never change as long as the current model of consoles continues.

showtimefolks1615d ago


expect Ryse to get the same below average scores as knack

DR3 will be mid 7s

forza is the only game that has a shot of being something really special.

neither company rushed anything, its just that launch games are good not great. Where i think both sony and ms missed out on was 2 games

last of us should have been a launch title for ps4, they could have easily ported it over

GTA5, you mean to tell me neither side could write a check big enough to make sure they will get GTA5 on next gen consoles

here is where we stand sony launch and not that many great exclusives as expected. Now MS's turn and they will be about the same with their exclusives yet people are over expecting again. Its like no one learned anything from PS4's launch

launch titles aren't meant to be the perfect games or even great games

PudgeySan1615d ago

I don't understand why anyone would think launch titles would be glorious. When in history has a launch lineup never shit the bed really?

Hicken1615d ago

Oh, no. Jeff, who's been pretty consistent with his anti-PS4 and anti-Sony stance, agrees with someone saying the PS4 isn't worth getting.

I NEVER saw that coming!

JeffGUNZ1613d ago

@ Hicken

Give me a break. I can't have negative opinions about something? I love my 360 and my PS3, but I still see flaws in all of them. 360 lacks a blu ray, graphical/hardware power I expected and doesn't offer as many exclusives as PS3. The PS3 has a subpar online experience, lack of games that suit me (of course that's just my personal opinion), and has an outdated UI that never changes.

You see Hicken, when one doesn't have brand loyalty, they can see the positives and NEGATIVES of something. I will be getting both consoles this generation and have always had a Sony console every generation they offered them. Just because I am underwhelmed by the Sony Launch does not make me bias. If you actually read my comments, you'd see I am equally unimpressed with the Xbone1 launch as well and am not in a diehard rush to get either system at this point.

Xbox: CDxJeffGUNZ

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The_KELRaTH1616d ago (Edited 1616d ago )

It's more like $561 in UK!!

SirBradders1616d ago

Please dont remind me 'rip of Britain' im lucky I have a loving gf that is getting me the killzone/bf4 bundle which equates to like $6oo+. She receives it on the 29th but I gotta wait till Xmas. Damn I got envy.

wsoutlaw871616d ago

shes going to make you wait? thats cold

DeadMansHand1616d ago

I'd be like" I will do dishes, vacuum, rub your feet, give you the remote forever, go to your parents whenever you ask if you would just PLEASE give it to me now!"

The system is so awesome. I just woke up from the midnight release. I set it all up last night and downloaded all updates and battlefield 4. Got my profile set up then went to bed. As soon as I'm done eating breakfast and finish typing this I am turning on ACBF and going to experience my very first next gen game. Good day folks! I'm off!

showtimefolks1615d ago

yeh let's not go there, each country's exchange rate and minimum pay is different

make more spend more

SpinalRemains1381616d ago

can’t have more than one game suspended, either.....

Really? Lol

Why would I EVER need to suspend more than 1 game?

grailly1616d ago

because it would be awesome? you would just jump into any game you want in a matter of seconds without having to restart the game everytime, of course it's not possible...

asking that question is like asking why you would ever want a web-browser to have more than two tabs...

wsoutlaw871616d ago

ya that would be pretty much impossible and a waste of resources.

grailly1616d ago

I guess it might be possible with two games if they don't take up too much RAM, but it's just easier for the user like this. having two suspended games *sometimes* is confusing