Microsoft/Xbox Congrats Sony on PS4 Launch

Congrats PlayStation.
From, #Xbox.

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ChipdiddyChip1348d ago

Not sure if this is serious or sarcasm but if this is serious, respect to Microsoft.

GarrusVakarian1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Pretty sure this is just a sincere congratulations. Happy next gen everyone, woooooooh!

................*has to wait until the 29th*

xHeavYx1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

I think it's not sarcastic, but more of an obligatory thing to do.

MS Rep 1: "Are you sure we have to post it?"
MS Rep 2: "Well, yes... I guess"
MS Rep 1: "But... It's Playstation, and we..."
MS Rep 2: "I know, just do it"

ABizzel11348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )


I shall send you PM's of me enjoying my PS4 everyday until the 29th to make the wait even more unbearable

Septic1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )


Give it up mate. I can't believe you're trying to downplay this too


Respect to MS. Classy

shivvy241348d ago

this happened to me a few months ago
I was hoping it would last this gen but few months short :/ YLOD just after
lucky I still have a slim

DiRtY1348d ago


Some people... MS could cure cancer and you would complain about all those doctors losing their jobs.

Nice and classy move by MS. Nothing less.

ABizzel11348d ago


I'm sorry I don't know what came over me.


abzdine1348d ago

must be Rubenstein who wrote this :D

KillrateOmega1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )


Yeah, man. Even I have to admit that you're laying it on a little thick now...or should I say 'heavy'?

LOL puns

Anarki1348d ago

Gaming the only thing which makes me hate being European... We get everything last, usually.

Shake_Zula1348d ago

It's all mutual! I mean, if you really think about it, the PS1 and PS2 laid the foundation for the Xbox and the 360, which in turn pushed Sony to create the PS3 and PS4.

Being somewhat of a Sony fanboy, I can admit that the 360 pretty much won the majority of this gen's gamers' money and hearts. However, the next generation looks poised to give the PS4 the crown if not for some time. To M$'s credit, they made some pretty awesome changes to their console from feedback from gamers, but in reality, it wouldn't have been possible if Sony's PS4 wasn't there to define a difference. So, as gamers let's just enjoy the ride for now, enjoy our games, and be ready to shout some more when the PS5 and X2 are set to be revealed.

kiz26941348d ago

Same Lukas, it sucks to be in the UK/Europe. :(

darthv721348d ago

@lukas & kiz. At least you guys can get yours when it launches in EU. i have to wait until after the 1st of the year.

Lack of $$ is holding me back. Although, I do have some credit in my paypal/bill me later account. Enough to get me one but....damn that is a tough call to make.

Do i want to run up my credit bill to get a PS4 or do i want to pay it off and improve my credit score????


egidem1348d ago

It would be very hilarious if Sony congratulated Microsoft for...launching late??

FriedGoat1348d ago

God, it's not "CLASSY" it's just standard PR and a way to get some free publicity. Welcome to the internet.

kreate1348d ago


I think it was a funny comment. Ppl are too serious.

Pogmathoin1348d ago

Typical Xheavy response... like I said, why he have so many bubbles I do not know... Please answer Mods... Can open my PS4 in couple of hours..!!!!

mightyhokie1348d ago

ABizzel...who could 'dislike' that comment? Damn. Its gotten so you can't even rib someone anymore! I can't wait until the 22 (I'm American) to get my hands on an X1 (hopefully). I didn't get to preorder it so who knows when I'll get one. My room is already set up for it though!

But back to my point...who could 'dislike' your comment. Obviously you are just giving us xbox 1 people a hard time. sheesh!

P0werVR1348d ago

Such congratulations ONLY means that Microsoft is going to start kicking MAJOR butt starting next week.

Post Marked

seanpitt231348d ago

Got to give credit where credit is due!!

ChrisW1347d ago

Any good sport gives congrats...

Despite cheap shot blows about how to trade games.

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lastofgen1348d ago

I don't see any hints of sarcasm, so I assume they're just congratulating them.

miklo841348d ago

Classy. Can't wait for XBone next week!!!!

Narutone661347d ago

Why would there be sarcasm? It's a sincere congratulatory message to Sony. Even Yosp replied back that it's MS's turn next week.

Pro_TactX1348d ago


I am sure it is serious. Its the fans who believe there is some kind of holy war between the console manufacturers, not the manufacturers themselves. Microsoft and Sony are competitors in some areas, and partners in others. Notice I said competitors, and not mortal enemies.

harrisk9541348d ago

Please... MS is just trying to get some media attention during the PS4 launch. It is a "don't forget about us" thing since Sony has been dominating the web for the past week.

hankmoody1348d ago

They always give the competition their props. I wouldn't be so quick as to write this off as marketing. Didn't Shuhei praise MS just earlier this week?

SlapHappyJesus1348d ago

That's totally what it was /s

Classy move by Microsoft.
Both companies push each other to improve and I do believe there is a mutual respect for each other as businesses and as competitors.

Tiechie1348d ago

Hats off to Microsoft, shame the people aren't like this.

ltachiUchiha1347d ago (Edited 1347d ago )

Ive always been more a playstation fan even though ive owned every system out of the big 3 since the snes days but got really tired of seeing the same bs from all sides and it will prolly never stop but I have alot of respect for All the head guys for all 3 companies especially when they congradulate each other. Just shows the RESPECT they have for each other.

I hope microsoft can bounce back strong aswell despite their mistakes. U know what they say, u can make mistakes in life & fall down but the only way to learn from that & to progress is to get back up & push to get better. I think microsoft will do that & it will only benefit the gaming industry as a whole aslong as there is good competition between these companies.

Hope everyone who bought a ps4 is happy & I hope those who buy an xbox one enjoy their console aswell. Lets all hope that its a great launch for both companies. Game on peepz.

joe901348d ago

I think this is an actually congrats.

MS and Sony are in the same business and both should have respect for what each other are doing.

AaronMK1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

MMA fighters, muay thai fighters, etc. can have insane amounts of respect for opponents while pummeling the crap out of each other in the ring. Why is it so hard to believe that the Sony and Microsoft higher ups could also have sincere respect for each other as well?

FunkMacNasty1348d ago

"MMA fighters, muay thai fighters, etc. can have insane amounts of respect for opponents while pummeling the crap out of each other in the ring. Why is it so hard to believe that the Sony and Microsoft higher ups could also have sincere respect for each other as well?"

The difference is that the actual competitors usually have the utmost of respect for each other... its mostly the fans that don't have any class

heliumhead20301348d ago

This is definitely sarcasm. Ps4 launch has been rather lathargic to me. I'm sure they feel the same

FunkMacNasty1348d ago

LETHARGIC!? Not sure what you mean by that, but the demand for the console here in the US where I live is at an all time high. Right now at launch it is impossible to get a ps4 if you didn;t pre-order one. There's definitley demand.

If by "lethargic" you are referring to some of the day one hiccups the console has been reported to have, I don't think it's that big of a deal. No high tech product launches without some bugs and things to iron out. As long as it doesn't become like the RROD fiasco that happened years back, all will be good.

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andrewsqual1348d ago

Okay we get it already. And they will be back to saying retarded things like "We don't think anybody will ever want to browse the internet on a console or a TV" in no time.

ZeroX98761347d ago

sony is using skype for the vita and Bluray has been implemented into the X1. Even if it's your competitor, sony and microsoft got some business relations somewhere.

a console being made from both Sony & MS.... Sony got very good experience in the hardware section and MS are amazing in software. done with all this fanboy crap right there. one can dream...

Consoldtobots1347d ago

the comma gives it away, almost an indication that they had to pause before they said the word "sony". If you don't get it then you haven't been around this planet long enough.


Both Sony and Microsoft know exactly what they are doing... This whole "fanboy warz" bullshit SELLS CONSOLES, and you idiots eat it up.

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Neonridr1348d ago

I hope every PS4 owner who is not at school or at work is currently enjoying their system to death. As painstaking as it is, I am trying to wait until early next year to purchase a PS4... we'll see how long my willpower holds out for.

Happy PS4 Day!

305LoneWolf1348d ago

I'm on the same boat as you are dude.. Greatness will come 2 us soon

mcstorm1348d ago

Well said I said the same thing this morning. Loving some of the responces on the fb page though. The Titan fall one vs ps4 was funny and liked the keep calm there is one 4 u was good too.

Cant wait to get the xbox one next Friday and jealous that some people around the world are now playing on there new PS as im not getting one until later on next year. On the plus side I still have a raft of WiiU games to get through this week and am still loving my WiiU.

T21348d ago

I'll never make it that long... by the time i go to trade 360 in I'll be committed, lol

deafdani1348d ago

I was thinking about picking up the PS4 around november of next year, when it has grown a more healthy catalog of games, and MAYBE dropped a bit in price (although that last part isn't really necessary, but would be a nice plus).

However, now that I know that Infamous: Second Son is coming out in february, I don't know if I will be able to hold out for that long. I love me some Infamous. XD

Neonridr1348d ago

I never played the first two, but I watched a gameplay demo of Second Son and it looks really impressive..

deafdani1348d ago

The Infamous games are basically Grand Theft Auto with superpowers.

And giant mutant enemies.

A lot of people dislike the Infamous games because they feel them as pretty repetitive, but I LOVED them, especially Infamous 2. If you have a PS3, I suggest you pick them up, or at least pick Infamous 2 up. They must be dirt cheap by now.

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Plagasx1348d ago (Edited 1348d ago )

Jesus christ, why can't people just look at this as a sincere congrats ffs.

2cents1348d ago

This coupled with the tweet from Major Nelson straight to Yoshida's twitter account shows a very refreshing approach to the new generation.

Lets hope it stays this way.

kewlkat0071348d ago

Well looking at xHeavYx's comment...everything Microsoft does is in bad faith..

andibandit1347d ago

Says more about xheavy tho

MidnytRain1347d ago

They're laughing at the red line of death.

Consoldtobots1347d ago

one comment does not magically create a history of fair competition between the two. Personally who gives a crap that MS congratulated their competitor?

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Outsider-G1348d ago

Gotta look beyond system wars and appreciate this. We're all gamers after all. Respect to Microsoft on congratulating Sony on their PS4 launch. Hope everyone enjoys there next gen console.