Dev Accuses Sony of High TRC Certification Costs for PS4 Indie Games

Is Sony overcharging on TRCs for indie games?

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psDrake1647d ago

Yeah, keep the bad news coming at the launch of ps4...

We have a e3 , TGS etc nothing happens with all indie developers seem happy now you have this...

If you gonna troll, do it in a smart way at least

Mike134nl1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

Why bad news. So even if sony offerd some developpers a better deal in order to have their games on the consoles, it is not that uncommon for Sony or Microsoft to pay or in this case offer a better deal to get a game or additional dlc on their platform.

gaffyh1647d ago

It's not even confirmed, they are just talking to each other. He says this, which I don't understand at all:

"I've seen the numbers. A three figure sum is enough to keep somewhat of a distance. Incomparable to PC."

Three figures = Maximum $999. How is that too much??? You will get this back on launch day if your game is half-decent.

rdgneoz31647d ago

@gaffyh $999 may be a lot for him, as he probably has no faith in his game.

thehitman1647d ago

Building a game is a business investment. How many businesses can you start with less than a few grand cmon... Then if you have multiple people I am sure you can split that up. I did see some numbers though that shown they are more expensive than MS, but I see Sony advertising indies a lot more with their own dollars free of charge. I would take free Sony advertising then putting a game out there and nobody knows about it.

nukeitall1647d ago

You can publish a game for $100 on Xbox 360, with XNA and indie dev program.

Of course on PC, it is completely free.

MAiKU1647d ago

What the hell, learn to read rhetorically.

This whole thing is just two idiots who haven't actually seen anything. Its all "he said, she said, i'm not directly involved but blah blah blah."

The two speaking aren't directly involved, at the time of those statements, of what they were talking about. They're just making claims and statements that are barely supported.

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Vitalogy1647d ago

Indeed. After all these months they decided to "report" issues? Right...

ATiElite1647d ago

To be honest!

I have read this page 3 times and these guys are not saying much!

This is all B.S. as this argument seems STAGED and like I said they are NOT saying anything cohesive.

ABizzel11647d ago

He's complaining about paying a 3 figure fee ($999 AT MOST) that dropped down from $10,000 last-gen.


Corpser1647d ago

Well they really can't say anything because they have to sign NDAs

steve30x1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

We should not approve the bad news articles just for the unhappy sony fanboys that hate to see the truth. Rigt?

(That was sarcasim)

WOW Even when I state I am being sarcastic I get disagrees.

WeAreLegion1646d ago

Yeah...they knew it was sarcasm. That's why they're disagreeing.

steve30x1646d ago

Nah they are just butt hurt because the truth is out. The Xbox fans would be the same if the articles were about the Xbox one.

2cents1647d ago

Why use twitter?
This is just stupid, airing out dirty laundry for everyone to see.

Twitter is such a stupid concept, the amount of people who have lost their jobs, livelihood, and credibility by tweeting off the cuff remarks is staggering.

Christopher1647d ago

The one tweet they leave out, for some reason.

"@paniq I think you are talking about stuff that you have no idea about. on the 360 for example cert fees were built in as an advance." - Jonathan Blow

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nosferatuzodd1647d ago

nothing to see here move along

1647d ago
Belking1647d ago

Could be true. If this was MS, people would be laying it on.

ABizzel11647d ago

No one would complain about charing developers $999 AT MOST, to prevent a flood of shovel-ware from filling the Marketplace.

I'm with Sony and M$ on this. They should be happy the fee dropped from $10,000 down to $999 (again at most).

Volkama1647d ago

People would sure heap on the praise if it was free or $99 a year like the 360 indie section though.

But yeah, I got curious and actually looked at the indie section the other day. It's bad. Definitely not somewhere I will go again.

ABizzel11647d ago


I know, it's just a mess and I can't even bring myself to look through it and try to support anyone. Sometimes a fee is a good thing for quality purposes.

Corpser1647d ago

Not a lot of details here but I assume every time you patch a game you'll have to get this cert again? They add up

ABizzel11647d ago


No, Sony and MS removed patching and updating game fees this year.

It's a 1 time fee of up to $99, unless you don't pass inspection the first time (which there are specific guidelines for in the TRC), in which case you have to pay another $999 for resubmission.

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ABizzel11647d ago

By all means I'm with it if it means keeping tons of shovel-ware, and copy apps (look no further than mobile) from flooding my PSN.

And the fee is and I quote "A three figure sum", so at most it's $999. I'm sorry indie developers, but I see little to complain about here. If you can't pay the fee then you need to make your game for PC, let it get some exposure then pitch your game to Sony for a PS+ buy deal if you can't pay $999 up front.

It may seem like a hoop to jump through, but I don't want a bunch of useless games filling up PSN, because it's free to submit. If you're serious about developing and want to make a career out of it you'll find a way to pay the fee. If it's a hobby stick to PC since it's free.

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