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Dev Accuses Sony of High TRC Certification Costs for PS4 Indie Games

Is Sony overcharging on TRCs for indie games? (PS4, The Witness)

Is this rumor true? Rumor votes 204
psDrake  +   657d ago
Yeah, keep the bad news coming at the launch of ps4...

We have a f..ing e3 , TGS etc nothing happens with all indie developers seem happy now you have this...

If you gonna troll, do it in a smart way at least
Mike134nl  +   657d ago
Why bad news. So even if sony offerd some developpers a better deal in order to have their games on the consoles, it is not that uncommon for Sony or Microsoft to pay or in this case offer a better deal to get a game or additional dlc on their platform.
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gaffyh  +   657d ago
It's not even confirmed, they are just talking to each other. He says this, which I don't understand at all:

"I've seen the numbers. A three figure sum is enough to keep somewhat of a distance. Incomparable to PC."

Three figures = Maximum $999. How is that too much??? You will get this back on launch day if your game is half-decent.
rdgneoz3  +   657d ago
@gaffyh $999 may be a lot for him, as he probably has no faith in his game.
thehitman  +   657d ago
Building a game is a business investment. How many businesses can you start with less than a few grand cmon... Then if you have multiple people I am sure you can split that up. I did see some numbers though that shown they are more expensive than MS, but I see Sony advertising indies a lot more with their own dollars free of charge. I would take free Sony advertising then putting a game out there and nobody knows about it.
nukeitall  +   657d ago
You can publish a game for $100 on Xbox 360, with XNA and indie dev program.

Of course on PC, it is completely free.
MAiKU  +   657d ago
What the hell, learn to read rhetorically.

This whole thing is just two idiots who haven't actually seen anything. Its all "he said, she said, i'm not directly involved but blah blah blah."

The two speaking aren't directly involved, at the time of those statements, of what they were talking about. They're just making claims and statements that are barely supported.
hakeem0996  +   657d ago
Karma's a bitch!!
Vitalogy  +   657d ago
Indeed. After all these months they decided to "report" issues? Right...
ATiElite  +   657d ago
To be honest!

I have read this page 3 times and these guys are not saying much!

This is all B.S. as this argument seems STAGED and like I said they are NOT saying anything cohesive.
ABizzel1  +   657d ago
He's complaining about paying a 3 figure fee ($999 AT MOST) that dropped down from $10,000 last-gen.

Corpser  +   657d ago
Well they really can't say anything because they have to sign NDAs
steve30x  +   657d ago
We should not approve the bad news articles just for the unhappy sony fanboys that hate to see the truth. Rigt?

(That was sarcasim)

WOW Even when I state I am being sarcastic I get disagrees.
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WeAreLegion  +   657d ago
Yeah...they knew it was sarcasm. That's why they're disagreeing.
steve30x  +   657d ago
Nah they are just butt hurt because the truth is out. The Xbox fans would be the same if the articles were about the Xbox one.
2cents  +   657d ago
Why use twitter?
This is just stupid, airing out dirty laundry for everyone to see.

Twitter is such a stupid concept, the amount of people who have lost their jobs, livelihood, and credibility by tweeting off the cuff remarks is staggering.
Christopher  +   657d ago
The one tweet they leave out, for some reason.

"@paniq I think you are talking about stuff that you have no idea about. on the 360 for example cert fees were built in as an advance." - Jonathan Blow
nosferatuzodd  +   657d ago
nothing to see here move along
Douchebag696  +   657d ago
This does not worry me at all.
Belking  +   657d ago
Could be true. If this was MS, people would be laying it on.
ABizzel1  +   657d ago
No one would complain about charing developers $999 AT MOST, to prevent a flood of shovel-ware from filling the Marketplace.

I'm with Sony and M$ on this. They should be happy the fee dropped from $10,000 down to $999 (again at most).
Volkama  +   657d ago
People would sure heap on the praise if it was free or $99 a year like the 360 indie section though.

But yeah, I got curious and actually looked at the indie section the other day. It's bad. Definitely not somewhere I will go again.
ABizzel1  +   657d ago

I know, it's just a mess and I can't even bring myself to look through it and try to support anyone. Sometimes a fee is a good thing for quality purposes.
Corpser  +   657d ago
Not a lot of details here but I assume every time you patch a game you'll have to get this cert again? They add up
ABizzel1  +   657d ago

No, Sony and MS removed patching and updating game fees this year.


It's a 1 time fee of up to $99, unless you don't pass inspection the first time (which there are specific guidelines for in the TRC), in which case you have to pay another $999 for resubmission.
ABizzel1  +   657d ago
By all means I'm with it if it means keeping tons of shovel-ware, and copy apps (look no further than mobile) from flooding my PSN.

And the fee is and I quote "A three figure sum", so at most it's $999. I'm sorry indie developers, but I see little to complain about here. If you can't pay the fee then you need to make your game for PC, let it get some exposure then pitch your game to Sony for a PS+ buy deal if you can't pay $999 up front.

It may seem like a hoop to jump through, but I don't want a bunch of useless games filling up PSN, because it's free to submit. If you're serious about developing and want to make a career out of it you'll find a way to pay the fee. If it's a hobby stick to PC since it's free.
MasterCornholio  +   657d ago
Thats far from a confirmation.
pyramidshead  +   657d ago
I think we'll be seeing a lot more of these articles over the weekend, *rolls eyes*
LaidBakLazyHippo  +   657d ago
hahah troll articles niceeeeeee!
OrangePowerz  +   657d ago
High? He says 3 figure sum. That means maximum 999 bucks. Sorry but that's not high.

Obviously you also need to pay the salaries of the people that do the TRC checks.
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CynicalKelly  +   657d ago
Every other indie developer speaks very highly of working with Sony.

It sounds like as soon as bad news starts coming through, everyone wants to keep it going. WHy are people so Cynical?
FlunkinMonkey  +   657d ago
Xbone followers are trying far too hard, it's actually getting ridiculous. Far from there being little to any real legitimately bad news, you buffoons are piling on nothing.

So many 2nd accounts since/during the PS4 reveal its insane! You guys are so sad, it's hilarious but quite a damning sign of fanboyism at its worst.

This barrage of abuse from you guys towards the reviews/apparent hardware failures (which i might add, never seemed to be an issue when 360 failure rates were seen as over 50%!!!) is going to come flying right back at you when Ryse and Dead Rising 3 flop. You are not doing yourselves any favours.

Sorry state of affairs.
kewlkat007  +   657d ago
Lol...man now that the console is out now everyone is free to speak.
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araman  +   657d ago
If this were the case, why would so many Indies have already signed on? Flame baiting, that's all this is, don't pretend to know you know anything about how game development and publishing works while you're reading this, most of you don't, I don't.
Bathyj  +   657d ago
What's with the Oops pic?

Is that gonna get dragged out now every time someone thinks they have sniff of bad Ps4 news?
KillrateOmega  +   657d ago
Why would you wait until now to complain about a fee that is at max $999? You had months to complain...

It seems like everyone and their mothers are coming out of the woods to try and project some overblown, bad PS4 news.
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Felonycarclub8  +   657d ago
Yeah it just doesn't make sense
FunkMacNasty  +   657d ago

Before you talk about FANBOYISM at its worst, lets have a look at a few of your recent douchbaggy comments, shall we?:

"85/100 max.. sometimes i really do think it's just 360 owners sucking it off because they've had so little to play for literally years.

O.V.E.R R.A.T.E.D.

With all this repetition of posting 10/10 and 100/100's, I would say someone is desperate for this to get GOTY *cough* Ezio2048 *cough* #2

6d ago by FlunkinMonkey | View comment

Exactly, GTA5 number one?! Pffft. After all the hype, that game is forgettable at best, just like GTA4.. The Last of Us is a masterpiece in gaming. #2

7d ago by FlunkinMonkey | View comment


Exactly, the gameplay is about as fluid as my fecal matter after eating bricks for 2 months. #1.1.5

7d ago by FlunkinMonkey | View comment

Funny that your beloved Titanfall is an 'indy'. Did you know that? Made by an independent studio?

You are really clever.. and when i say clever, i mean IGNORANT and NAIVE. Such common traits with your kind.

Take your second account and shove it between your gooch you coward. #4.1

"removes indie games" opps no games found
seriously if i want a console for indie games ill buy ouya or even Ipad
ill just stick to X1 and PC those for real gamers"

Hey Einstein, Your beloved Titanfall is made by an independent studio... Captain Ignorant.

Quality and quantity is a white wash for PS4. #1.1.10

11d ago by FlunkinMonkey | View comment

I totally agree with joe, where are other games single player reviews then?? This game has only been given that chance to save face from its failures..

This game is SO over rated, and people who haven't had anything to play for quite some time (360 owners) are lapping it up.

I'm pretty sure he just said you will see every game in 1080p if that's your output. Neither him nor the person asking the question mentioned native or upscale."

And here we have the justification of 'spinning'.. utterly pathetic. Some of you would be praising MS's efforts if Aaron Greenberg sat on your mums face.

Kayant is exactly right.. get a grip. #1.1.3

13d ago by FlunkinMonkey | View comment

_____________________________ ____________________________

So, whos a fanboy now? Since most of your comments troll the 360, somethign to do with MS, or anybody that plays anything other than your precious little playstation exclusives. YOU my friend are an an example of "fanboyism at its worst"... and on top of all that, you act like a giant jerk to people who are just trying to talking about games, acting like youre some sort of superior being. YOU're the one who's hating on a console and their games and fanbase, yet you come HERE and spin around to do some damage control to defend your beloved Sony.

I wish the internet had teeth and an anus so that It could eat clowns like you and shit them out into a cesspool of your closed-minded single brain-celled fanboy drones, where you can all argue with each other in the name of corporate brand loyalty.

And with that, I'll gladly add you and your ignorant blow-hard comments to by "ignore" list. I will hope all of N4G will join me in doing so, as this site REALLY needs to clean itself up from users like yourself. You and your one-sided console war bullshit are ruining this site, and people like you are exaclty whats wrong with Internet discussion forums.
MrDead  +   657d ago
If you children don't stop arguing right now Santa won't be bringing you any consoles for Christmas!!

You're as bad as each other and I'll make sure all you'll get to play with this year is a lump of coal in a tattered sock.
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FlunkinMonkey  +   657d ago
i think if you look a little deeper, you will see that most if not all of those comments are directed at obvious trolls. But look at you, getting your G-string in a twist. Next time you call me out personally (which i didn't do), at least have the BALLS to reply to me directly.

I prefer Sony as company and don't feel like i'm getting shafted.. What of it? I can see from your comment history that you obviously prefer MS.. what of that? GREAT.

Fact is, I still have my 360 here, i have a mid range PC and yes, i have my PS3 here too.. Gears 1 was the first game to blow my mind last gen, and i enjoyed multiple 360 exclusives after that. But it's all gone down hill, and for me it's got progressively worse.

At least i'm not running around with multiple accounts.. I don't see you calling out ANY of these MS fans in your comment history, only Sony supporters. so it's very obvious which way you sway.

Don't be such a little girls vagina next time, don't bother calling me out unless you actually reply to me.
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FunkMacNasty  +   657d ago
Okay flukinmonkey, here i am replying to you. Not in a direct message, so what. First off, I don't have a "separate account".. HAHA that's rediculous. Do you think I spend my life on N4G and seriously are that desparate to one-up people?? No. But I love games and I love talking about games, and to be totally honest, trolls and fanboys get in the way of rational and interesting discussion.

End of discussion. We are now completely off topic and are probably both in line for a down-vote

Take a closer look at my comments history, you'll see that I have a pretty open mind when it comes to BOTH consoles. Skip back a few pages to see my comments on articles related to the original XB1 announcements and MS doom and gloom over the summer. You'll see that I was strongly disagreeing with anyone who was defending MS during the whole DRM and mandatory Kinect period. I was far from being blindly on-board with MS or the xbox one, and If you read my recent comments, you can see multiple times where I say "no plans to buy an XB1".. I don't think it's worth the extra $100 to have the weaker console. Someday maybe but Now, no. I am only interested in a PS4. I completely agree that MS has gone steadily downhill this generation, but I'm not proclaiming that MS is garbage in Xbox related articles and I don't really hear that many people whining about it OTHER than SONY FANBOYS.

This gen, I've supported both Sony and MS. I "prefferred" my 360 to my ps3 for most of this generation, but a "preferece" is WAY different than a blind loyalty to a corporation. I'm not dumb enough to seriously think EITHER company has MY INTEREST at heart. Both Sony and MicroSoft are only concerned with their annual profit margin and their shareholder's stakes. Sony does have, in my opinion, a better grasp on how to acheive that success with serious gamers like us, but you and I and our purchases are always a means-to-and-end for any company. We are a number, a profit margin, a part of their marketing plan. Yoshida, Tretton, Cerny, Spencer, Harrison, Major Nelson...they could all give two shits about any of us. All they want to do is separate us from a good portion of our money and they are all trying to do it with a broad smile and a wink.

Also, in case you haven't noticed, There aren't many MS fanboys to call out around here. It's mostly Sony fanboys. Again, look up my comment history back to when XB1 was announced. You will see that I called out plenty of the MS fanboys like GreenPowers, JokesOnYou, and EvilDead360 for blindly supporting MS and not thinking objectively. As a matter of fact I'd say those 3 users are probably the last of the MS die hards around here.. You gotta admit N4G is made of of 3/4ths of sony fanboys, the other 25% of the user base is split between MS fanboys and rational open minded people that aren't interested in a console war flaimbate discussion, and just want to shoot the breeze about videogames with other people who are passionate about gaming.

I'm sorry, but I'm just calling it like it see it. It's hard to be an objective gamer on N4G because the userbase is SO one-sided. If both MS and Sony do the same thing, Sony is praised for it and MS is slagged for it. It's rediculous because it prevents anyone from have REAL objective and HONEST discussion about things that we are all mututally passionate about. Instead of saying "nah that's not really my thing and here's why" you get all imerial on people and start criticizing them over a preference and for not sharing you're opinion.
#15.2.1 (Edited 657d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
FlunkinMonkey  +   657d ago
I don't think you have a second account, it was with reference to other peeps. Anyway i can't bothered to argue, you're right about most of it, i do probably come across as a fanboy, but i do only try and answer to definite trolls. I've loved exclusives across platforms.

Dumb to argue with someone I don't know.. Had a listen to your tracks, good shit, I'm an Audio Engineer (now that's off topic). Good luck.
FunkMacNasty  +   657d ago
Flunkin, I'm sorry man. I know I ripped into you like a big giant jerk.

Sometimes I do get my G-string in a twist because I come here to share my passion with Gaming with others (after all, I'm 33 years old, and I only know a small group of adults that share my passion to the extent that i do). I just get all crazy and fired up when I go into a comments section after reading an article and nobody is really discussing the articel, but rather crapping on others for their opinions.

Granted, I could've expressed myself without my internet rageface on!

You're right, It's silly to argue with people you don't know. I'm fresh out of olive branches, but you can have this bubble..
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DJ  +   657d ago
Nothing to see here...
ziggurcat  +   657d ago
Man, the doom n' gloom era must've had their fingers hovering over "send" for hours prior to the launch of the PS4... It's like it's back to pre-February N4G with the sony FUD articles.
Soldierone  +   657d ago
Compares it to PC. If I'm not mistaken, I was listening to a indie dev yesterday talk about how the deal lets them not only publish on PS4, but the network of devices along with attending events. At one point said it could even include a private room at E3, which is you know, hard to get on your own.

Yet this guy cries about it because "Pc is cheaper" which is common sense, but offers none of these perks. On PC, you are on your own in a world where anybody and everybody is publishing games, just like phones. Sounds like somebody either can't afford it, or got turned down by Sony.....
SpinalRemains138  +   657d ago

Get back to us when you ARE involved and have something factual to say.
ipach  +   657d ago
pretty sure i'm going to trust the views of people actually working on ps4 indie titles more than of someone just conjecturing... and all of them keep gushing about how easy (and cheap) it is, regardless of the legal lingo on certification etc that may exist in some contracts out there.

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