Dead Rising 3: Analyzing 18-Minute Gameplay Footage

After three years, Capcom will release the next zombie-slaying game to their popular series as an Xbox One exclusive. And this time around, the key word is more. Dead Rising 3 aims to amplify gameplay by multiplying zombies, weapons, wheels, and more.

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Excalibur1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Now this is the way launch titles should be, this is a system seller.
I always enjoyed playing the Dead Rising series but one of the things I never care for was the timed missions, you have to be at this end of the mall at 11:59am to save Frank, Sally and George and the opposite end of the mall at 12:12pm to save Bill, Fred and Jackie so make a choice.
My understanding is DR3 does away with that.
My only fear worry with this game is they can have 100's and 100's of zombies on the screen at one time and I hope it doesn't get overwhelming or you never get a breather.

I'm also digging the fact that no two Zombies look the same, they have a Zombie generator that picks their cloths and various body parts, Way to take advantage of the advancement in tech and show us some of the things that Next Gen gaming will have, Good job Capcom.

If we demand excellence we just might get it.

FANTA11801651d ago

its a second game purchase , but a very good second game purchase.

once i saw the mega man footage , me and the wife got excited lol

HardcoreDaBoss1651d ago

you will notice the only people disagreeing here are sony fangirls.... they must be upset about the sony launch games... anyways sony fans.. U MAD BRO?

Doghead1651d ago

To be honest this was to be a 360 game, and it was pushed to the one.
imagine TLOU, GT6, Ratchet and other being pushed to launh on ps4, it would have being a blast.

Just goes to show the kind of company MSoft is. Once the sales are up, they will forget abt the games..just watch
And yes I own a PS3 and an Xbox 360..just for information

HardcoreDaBoss1651d ago

guys on here are taking things too serious. I was joking around. I have all current gen consoles and a wii u. And as far as I know launch games haver never been the best with the exception of a few..

dale_denton1651d ago

yeah a launch game that only runs 720p and 3fps is the right way to do it for next gen lol

Zefros1651d ago

Dead rising will not be a system seller, if anything, it's gonna be forza.

Excalibur1651d ago

I agree and disagree, if I were to buy an Xbox One it would be because of games like DR3 and not Forza as I don't particularly care for racing or sports games and I know a lot of people that don't either BUT in the same token there are a lot of people that do as the Forza and some of the sports games always do extremly well.

Zefros1651d ago

yeah i mean don't get me wrong, dead rising will do well, but i just don't see it as a system seller. why? Because it's not a AAA game, it will probably be a 8/10 game, but because it's not something special it won't become the game that pushes systems. The real system seller will be forza ( i think) at launch.

pivotplease1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

I can relate to you as I rarely buy racing games, but when I see the numbers GT pushes and the amount of consoles and bundles it moves, I can't help but think Forza could have a similar effect for the Xbox. But maybe I'm just being presumptuous about what the Xbox fanbase prefers.

I don't know many people that are into Dead Rising or go out and buy it (I personally enjoy it. It's no L4D, but it's a good time). For this reason, I think the title of system seller goes more for Forza, COD, and BF.

SlapHappyJesus1651d ago

It probably will be both, actually.
Both are very established names and, criticize performance all you want, there has been positive press for Dead Rising 3.

Excalibur1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Oh I'll agree, would it be a system seller if released a year from now? more than likely not but because it's a launch title, I believe so, as I said if I were to get an Xbox One it would be because of games like DR3.

Zefros1651d ago

yeah probably true, if i am going to purchase a xb1 it would be with dead rising, thats for sure. Just like killzone will be my choice when i buy ps4 in 2 weeks ( europe)

BlackTar1871651d ago

this game and ryse are so hyped only cuz of launch.

no one cared about DR2

Bzone241651d ago

I cared about Dead Rising 2.

Golden_Mud1651d ago

Actually many developers cared about it , cause it was one of the first games that implemented weapon combinations system

BlackTar1871651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

many developers? Oh really and its pretty obvious I'm talking about consumers not devs.

To think i was talking about devs is just stupid.

My point is DR2 sold 1 million each console. According to the xbox fanbase that means super flop.

Saying one of the first games meaning it wasn't the first or the last means jack nothing to its impact on devs and that is 100% speculation completely at least my DR2 comment is based in low sales fact compared to expectations of peoples flop or no flop system they work on PS exclusive games.

I also like DR2 prety sure i have the Platinumon ps3 and the 100GS on Dead rising1 on xbox. My point still stands no one gave a crap about OMG AMAZING DR2 when it released now its ZOMG best game ever.

jackdaddy1651d ago

If this is a system seller, the future is bleak for this system.

Dread1651d ago

I thought the plasytaiton 4 launched, are u bored already?

Dragonborn3121651d ago

No life troll has no life.

jackdaddy1650d ago

Sorry? Truth hurt or something?

Strikepackage Bravo1651d ago

Can be a system seller IF Microsoft markets it properly, instead of just making youtube videos.

pivotplease1651d ago

I've seen a few ads on AMC. I think it's out there.

mhunterjr1651d ago

I've seen more dr3 adds than any other Xbox 1 launch game.

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