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As a party game, The Kinect-exclusive Fighter Within for Xbox One works quite well. There's a solo mode as well, but not enough depth for that to be really fun.

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Bigpappy1557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

That was a pretty neat demonstration of the Kinect grab, drag and push to select controls. I like this over swiping and holding your hand in place.

The girl can't seem to figure out how to fight though. should be simple as they show you cheats on the screen.

This is not going to get a high rating with core gamers. The game is too gesture based and casual focused, but I would like to give it a test run to see if I can have fun with it.

GusBricker1556d ago

It's hard to get past the thought of Fighters Uncaged, though. That was SO bad.

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