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Sony ‘asks for patience’ as PlayStation Network experiences difficulties

El33tonline writes:

"It’s a momentous occasion today as the PlayStation 4 is now officially available to the public as midnight events in and around North America celebrated the console’s launch."

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Community986d ago
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Langkasuka986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

It's a relief that the PS4 launching in 32 countries will be between fortnight or so intervals.

Time to review the essentials; chips n' dips, cold soda, call in sick from work...

kazuma999986d ago

Hopefully you are lucky, unlike me because my ps4 bricked upon first start-up. Started the ps4 it went to safe mode then restarted then WHITE LINE OF DEATH.

JetP0619986d ago

@kazuma wtf do u mean white line of death. its the default color of the ps4 while running. the blue line is the start up one. way to troll. ive never had any problems with my ps4.

christrules0041986d ago

Good luck with that one. Blue is the start up color and white is when it's actually on. Kotaku I believe had the same problem. They didn't push the USB cable in far enough.

Sitdown986d ago you never having any problems with your ps4. I don't think you have had any problems either, but your statement makes it sounds like you have had it for years... wait, are you a in house developer?

Dmagic986d ago

@kazuma999 lmfao fail troll i guess every ps4 user in the world has the "white line of death" lol thats its color when you play idiot.

strigoi814986d ago

@kazuma ohh really???? stop pretending you have one, even santa wont bother give you one nor your parents. go to the corner and start crying lolz

Rockstar986d ago

For those of you calling Kazuma999 a troll...

I love Sony just as much as the next guy but take a look at his/her comment history! This person is a Sony supporter!

Stop it with the trolling card, sometimes people genuinely have issues. Some of you guys are making the rest of us look bad.

@ kazuma...Sorry to hear your PS4 doesn't work. Hopefully you get a working one quickly. I am picking mine up shortly (no midnight launch @ my EB Games). Wish me luck!

Obscure_Observer986d ago


I´m a Xbox Guy, but i salute you sir. Inteligent and mature PS fans are rare around here.

These PS fanboys prefer to criticize and call troll his fellow PS4 mates instead of supporting

They are so insecure and nervous about the possibility of mistakes in Sony's PS4 hardware and being trolled by some fanatics Xbot fanboys, that they will jump at the throat of the first owner to report any PS4 issues/malfunction

Bubbles for you for being supportive.


pixelsword985d ago

Patience are for free networks; you wanna charge? Get it right.

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Septic986d ago

To be expected really with hundreds and thousands of people trying to log in at once. At least your console is there for you to caress...:( Lucky sods

HammerKong986d ago

man we early recievers were waiting for 4 days and now time is out and your comment makes no sense ,are we gona have this problem when all ps4 owners evantualy will excess it,one thing is clear not more than half the owners may not have go the ps+ subscription and its 1st day not every one have not buyied the ps4 ,only one who have pre-ordered and one who had buied it on first day ,so there is no reason that it is having problems because many people are getting access to it and why dont google and other servers ever have problems like it and we dont use to pay to goodgle and this subscription based service is not providing us what we need and ps4 is already launced it is their responsiblility to make clear tht evrything works right. we hope this problem get solved soon ,its making me angry.its too much waiting .

Mosiac77986d ago

Can I still play my games without the initial update?

christrules0041986d ago

When you first sign on the first thing it does is sets you up with your internet. Once it's connected it sets you up with the update. I had no problems doing the update but getting signed into my online account is where I got issues.

darren_poolies986d ago

Well considering christrules0041 just didn't answer your question at all, I guess I will. Yes you can still play games without the initial update.

Thehyph986d ago

Yes, you can.
Just not online multiplayer.

TheBrit986d ago

Offline you can, on-line - NOPE.

Mosiac77986d ago

Thank you! For those who answer my question.

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gta2800986d ago

No issues here. Logged in and everything is up and running. Im writing this from my ps3. The browser is awesome. Loads faster than my laptop !

kazuma999986d ago

Hate u too since my ps4 bricked.

Insomnia_84986d ago

It was giving me some trouble by 2:30am when I got home. It's 5:30am and the troubles are almost nonexistent.

Downloaded Warframe, Blacklight Retribution, Resogun, Contrast. Currently playing Killzone: Shadow Fall with Battlefield 4 resting at the table looking at me like it wants to join the party. Need For Speed Rivals anxious to join too as it's on its way here from Amazon. Should I invite ACIV:BF and Injustice:GAU? I've been considering it.

Jhonny Walker is definitely coming with a couple of friends in a few hours!

It's gonna be an awesome weekend! HAPPY NEW GEN!!!

The excitement! lol

joe90986d ago

Kazuma i hope you have proof or you will get torn to shreds for saying something like that against a Sony product, Even though people are showing video proof of this issue.

iiwii986d ago

Well, he already said it had a white line, which is the right color in normal operation mode. He has yet to describe what is his definition of "bricked". Normally that is a term used to describe a machine that cannot boot into a normal state, and is beyond repair condition. So I think people are misusing the term.


2cents986d ago

Greatness waits... And waits... And waits


Gekko36986d ago

This'll make you laugh!

I've been looking forward to getting my Xbox One for months, but now that it's nearly here I've found that I'm suddenly not remotely interested in either Sony or Microsoft right now.

I'm sending my brother to pick mine up where it will stay in it's box until Monday 25th.

The Reason?



Gekko36986d ago

Exactly! - LOL

It's reaching fever pitch.

I've watched it since I was little and to see a massive 3D feature in the pictures is just awesome.

All of a sudden buying a new gaming toy seems tiny in comparison to seeing the 10th and 11th Doctors as well as John Hurt as the Doctor too.

[email protected] @ff Sony, Do One! Microsoft. Shove your toys up your arse... well until Monday 25th... then I'll give a sh!t

Obscure_Observer986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

Xbox Fanboys should wait till X1´s release before trolling PS4´s owners.

trancefreak985d ago

This is bullsh1t and I am not giving sony any slack for this crap.

So whats the deal to many people online? Well Sony you count your pre orders you should be aware of the load.

Network issue all together. BS They have had plenty of time to get it up and running.

I am sick of having to renter my PSN info to either get a network error or to take my info halfway out the gate for to fail.

I love ya Sony but you fuked this up. Embarrassing waste of time and yeah I am pissed.

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IanVanCheese986d ago

Hopefully just teething problems.

tigertron986d ago

Hopefully Sony will have sorted the problem out for the European launch.

TimeSkipLuffy986d ago (Edited 986d ago )

give some free PSN credit as compensation for your incompetence to prepare for such an event ^^
I might be a PlayStation fan but I won't accept everything just because it is Sony :3
Especially because they should have expected high traffic on their PSN servers :P

NeoTribe986d ago

Free psn credit? Give me a break dude. Self entitled much? Hell, there's a 10 dollar voucher inside every ps4 for the fuck of it.

neoMAXMLC986d ago

All boxes come with $10 psn credit already. =|

KwietStorm986d ago

Google, of all companies, couldn't handle the server load when launching their phone, but you want free money for what you call "incompetence," and for what's been far less than a single day? Christ almighty.

Gekko36986d ago

Lets see if Microsoft can handle their traffic

Mrgolden79986d ago

They probably will be able to since it'll be half of what the ps traffic is.

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Avernus986d ago

I can understand the frustration of people, but this is to be expected. Yea it sucks, but unless you're new to gaming, you should have seen this coming. Hundreds of thousands of people trying to log into the servers at the same time will bog them down.

Just look at any decent MMO launch, same thing happens. It'll be sorted in a couple days.