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The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC Coming to PS4?

Junkie Monkeys: The recently released PlayStation 4 launch trailer showcases the greatness we can expect on the PlayStation 4. There was one game they shared in the montage that is quite peculiar. (PS3, PS4, The Last Of Us)

Hard to tell
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Godmars290  +   152d ago

No wait. Sucker Punch put out technical of a sorts for Infamous. Why not Naught Dog for TLOU.

Still. Bit of a dick move for only PS3 owners.
Omegasyde  +   152d ago
I don't think that's the case.

The All Access event was supposed to be all about the PS4 but showed some indies on ps4 including Gaucamelee! , which is a cross buy game for ps3 and vita and has been out for some time.

There has been no official announcement of the game being on the ps4 but is listed with commercials showing ps4 indie games.

I think the last of us is getting re-leased on the ps4. Perhaps VGA will shed more light on it.
showtimefolks  +   152d ago
I hope the last of us and GTA 5 gets released for next gen
Snookies12  +   152d ago
I'd guess TLoU is getting a PS4 port. The DLC is most assuredly not going to be a PS4 exclusive though.
Soldierone  +   152d ago
If we have to buy the game again for PS4, I'm out. Unless its a 10 dollar upgrade title.
CocoWolfie  +   152d ago
what? sure lets cancel out the millions of owners.. no, no, if anything itll be a cross platform
Riderz1337  +   152d ago
Who is forcing you to buy the game again for the PS4?
Soldierone  +   151d ago
Thats where the word IF comes into play.....
Mosiac77  +   152d ago
If it comes to the PS4 I'll sell my ps3 and use the money to buy the game again
stevehyphen  +   152d ago
It's Sony owned, so I doubt you'd have to pay for it again. At least not full price.
AdamJensen  +   152d ago
What is this guy smoking? They never mentioned the DLC was for PS4.
bjmartynhak  +   152d ago
What a crap article. Their evidence is that they announced the DLC in the PS4 launch. So what? Lots of people were watching, it is a good moment to say: "hey, remember the awesome games we had on PS3"
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Thevariance  +   152d ago
No, I think what they are on about is that in the PS4 launch video (the one with the countdown and only PS4 games) there is a flash of TLOU. It does seem a bit odd to add that in there. Look at 2:25, http://www.youtube.com/watc...
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Treezy504  +   152d ago
Thanks for the insult, but if you actually read the article, it doesn't say anything about the DLC being announced at the event and that was the reason why it may be on the PS4. The article is referencing a video just posted by PlayStation showcasing future PS4 titles. The screenshot shows the DLC for The Last of Us being shown in a video pertaining to PS4 content and that's where the question arised from.

bjmartynhak  +   152d ago
Sorry if insulted you. Yes, I had read the article before. They might just have compiled all videos used in the launch event. I find this kind of "mistake" easy to happen.

I hope you are right though, specially if is cross-buy.
And if they can have the DLC on PS4, porting all the mechanics of the game, why not the full game?
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14Feb-R  +   152d ago
It's weird that they put a ps3 game in ps4 launch show. The last of us worth that place because of it's vision but the trailer graphic doesn't indicate a ps4 version..
jackanderson1985  +   152d ago
could it be a stand alone DLC in some sort of episodic form? although personally think it's coming for the PS3 only but hey you never know, episodic games could be the next gens major thing
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TheCouchJockeyz  +   152d ago
Dope article definitely something to think about!!!
ShinnokDrako  +   152d ago
I saw the "conference" and it didn't seem to come out for PS4. There was ND presenting the new Uncharted and they announced the DLC too for TLOU (PS3). But who knows...
RedSoakedSponge  +   152d ago
i really hope so. i want to pack up my ps3 when i get into next gen and TLOU DLC is the only thing thats really preventing it from happening.
SoulSercher620  +   151d ago
Naughty Dog already said they have no plans for a PS4 version of this game so the DLC is even less likely.
jmac53  +   151d ago
I was hoping they announced a PS4 port last night. Going from 360 to PS4 I missed out on TLOU.
crazyclown  +   151d ago
It will be back...maybe
ginsunuva  +   151d ago
No. Anyone who thinks ND will waste their time porting tlou over is a certifiable idiot.

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