PS4 launch stalls with PSN connection error 'NW-31453-6'

GameZone's Matt Liebl writes, "Today, the PlayStation 4 released to the general public today, meaning no more controlled testing environments for Sony. And what's the first problem?
Well, for me at least, it appears to be some sort of network connection error."

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yellowgerbil1651d ago

I'm running into that right now...
Been trying to log on for a half hour...

M-M1651d ago

The servers must be flooded like crazy lol.

brbobcat1651d ago

Yea, I'm gonna assume servers are just packed with ppl trying to login. To be expected, but still not happy about it.

Not good Sony, not good. Hopefully that PS+ money will fix this :P Throw money at the problem!!!

Kingthrash3601651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

only gunna get the system hasnt fully released yet...its only 10pm here in cali
but honestly this is to be expected this early.
its annoying but every launch will be this way...

Pixel_Enemy1651d ago

Mine is working perfectly. I am downloading Flower, Resogun, Sound Shapes, playing Killzone and Battlefield. Synced my facebook account and tested remote play. All working just as expected.

Tru_Blu1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

pixel what is the size of that BF4 download? NVM didn't see the playing. Must have the disc.

thereapersson1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )


Yeah, I half expected this. My PS4 won't be here until Tuesday next week so hopefully things will be ironed out over the weekend.

Afterall, this is is hundreds of thousands of simultaneous connections happening all at the same time as we speak on launch. It's almost like a huge DDoS...

mandf1651d ago

Network doesn't fully go up until 3 as with any other major update. It has to do with a full usa release. I could be wrong but it's the most likely scenario. I hope.

lsujester1651d ago

I figured they would be, which is why I DL'd the firmware update ahead of time. I imagine I'll just install that and have the Killzone campaign and ACIV to keep me busy for several days until things get calmed down.

mandf1651d ago

Works now 218 eastern time have fun everyone

guitarded771651d ago

AAARRRGGGHHHH!!!! I just want to play a freakin' game, but I'm stuck on "Please wait..." and can't back out!!! Just let me play Killzone PS4!!!

FACTUAL evidence1651d ago

Mines is stuck on please wait.....

DeadMansHand1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Psn for ps4 not live til midnight pacific time. I am west coast and got home at 1230 and logged right in. Got my psn ID set up, linked faceboom , redeemed 10 dollar gift card and currently downloading my battlefield 4 upgrade with it (woot).

UltimateMaster1650d ago

Nah, actually they didn't update the PS Store just yet, the update is coming today.
It's being released 3 hours later from NY eastern time and will be at midnight pacific time.
Nobody gets left behind nor gets it slightly earlier.

morganfell1650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

Just finished a 5 hour run on the PS4. Things seem to have stablized as I and all of my friends that grabbed a PS4 have all gotten through the earlier stuck area and things have now been smooth. Less than 1 minute from download until Warframe was playable. Pretty quick and the store flies.

Sono4211650d ago

I got in just fine? Even signed out and signed back in this morning.. OMG it's everything I was hoping for! <3 only problem iv'e come across is the snap feature kinda glitches out... other than that everything has been amazing! :D and I wasn't even looking forward to this game but.... resogun is actually so good and addicting! and kllzone's graphics.... omg...... OMG..... So glad I got a PS4 :D

hakeem09961650d ago

SUCKS to be an early adopter .Good thing i decided to seat this one out this year .I'll get my Xbox with Titanfall and my PS4 with Uncharted 4

SaturdayNightBeaver1650d ago

To me more like Sony sold you a "half" finished product. Guess why Japan have to wait 3 or 4 months later for console? They would't tolerate that BS.

darthv721650d ago

seems the PSN was slow this morning (6am pacific time). I was trying to dl a couple of things on my PS3 from the store.

DoA Ultimate was sitting at 0% on my PS3 for half an hour and that is only 4gb in size (the F2P version). Sin Mora was in the pending mode.

I decided to just set it and forget it as i had to get to work.

timl2411650d ago (Edited 1650d ago )

You all laughed at "the power of the cloud." The reason it was talked about so much was because of the 300,000 servers the Xbox One is going to have. This won't be an issue at launch for Microsoft. Maybe Sony would've benefitted from having the power of the cloud ;)

But, Sony does no wrong. I get that servers are packed but come on. You're telling me they didn't see this coming? They knew, and they probably knew servers would be down. Just another Sony game console that has connectivity problems.

It looks like paying for Xbox live all these years is going to pay off, because with 300,000 servers I can't see this problem for the Xbox. Maybe next gen Sony, maybe.

Go on, disagree with me. I could be wrong. If I am, oh well. But I doubt I am.

MazzingerZ1650d ago

Hope they learned from this and PAL launch goes smoother...

ThanatosDMC1650d ago

Lucky bastards... I need one too.

AndrewLB1650d ago

Much like the government health care roll-out of Obamacare... Don't you think Sony should have anticipated this? It's not difficult to load-test a web server to make sure it could handle the traffic.

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majiebeast1651d ago

Its like a mmo launch servers are getting hammered like crazy.

MRMagoo1231651d ago

yeh, agree 100%, its like launch day of a new wow xpac lol its takes for ever to get connected and when you finally do its laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag city for a couple of days till it dies down lol

MizTv1651d ago

It worked for me the second try

GribbleGrunger1651d ago

Yeah, there are literally thousands of people trying to log in and download ALL the free stuff. I would wait until tomorrow when things settle down a little.

spatt1651d ago

incorrect, hundreds of

PSnation41651d ago

its going to get worst tomorrow @[email protected] gonna wait till 4am est to log in lol

GribbleGrunger1651d ago

In the mean time, enjoy watching all these channels:

Abriael1651d ago

It happens with every single MMO launch. Nothing to worry about. No network can hold hundreds of thousands of people trying to log in again and again exactly at the same time.

GarrusVakarian1651d ago

You are stating facts, but will probably be labelled as a damage controller. Sad.

Abriael1651d ago

@Lukas_Japonicus: it's ok. I get called damage controller and fanboy in turn for Sony, Microsoft Nintendo and even PC gaming, so I guess I'm just balanced :D

Omegasyde1651d ago

This won't happen to Xbox One launch because of the "power of the cloud"

(Someone had to troll.)

timl2411650d ago


This probably won't happen at launch for MS because of the 300,000 servers. Seems like Sony could've added a few more thousand

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badkolo1651d ago Show
Jaqen_Hghar1651d ago

same with a man but he did play Shadowfall's first chapter before needing to eat and fall asleep now.

BoriboyShoGUN1651d ago

I'm in boys skipped the main screen and signed in through the menu!!!

princejb1341651d ago

Thank god is not only happening to me
I was panicking thinking my system was defective

llMurcielagoll1650d ago

Yup I wouldn't worry about that, so far I have never seen a perfect launch when it comes to connecting online.

This is nothing compared to the early access PS4 faults we saw in the news. At least your PS4 is working and not bricked and that is a bright side lol.

Depending on how good Sony with resolving overflowing server traffic it could take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.

Be patient.

Crazay1650d ago

Can't say I'm at all surprised by this. Hopefully it's worked out by the time I get home tonight

AbortMission1650d ago

Really? I honestly have had no probs whatsoever in getting into the PS Store or an MP match in KZ:SF

qu1ckset1650d ago

when using wifi mine kept failing but when i did a wired connection it worked for me, good luck guys!

yellowgerbil1650d ago

I got it working at about 4.30 in the morning, after a short nap. It was just too many people at once so if you wait till a time where 1mil people aren't trying in tandem you get on fine.

Digital-Devil1650d ago

Weren't there a few articles floating aroung n4g about this very same issue? If I recall, it was suggested to download the patch before the ps4 release to avoid this very problem.

yellowgerbil1650d ago

this wasn't about the update. It was about signing into your account (ps3 or from online) onto the ps4.
I am pretty sure it isn't an issue anymore as it was just too many at once trying to log on (I got in fine around 4.30am)

avengers19781650d ago

Mine has been working great. Played KZSF last night till about 3 am.
Got up downloaded Blacklight and resogun. Hope everyone else is having as much fun as I am. PS4 is pretty great IMO

GraveLord1650d ago

PSN is experiencing high traffic right now.

Pogmathoin1650d ago

I keep timing out.... Feels like GTA5 today....

WhiteDynamite1650d ago

Apparently, during the Sim City debacle, the good folks at Sony were too busy still high-fiving one another from the reveal instead of paying attention.

Some "launch".

Oh well, at the least the news about Uncharted was cool.

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animegamingnerd1651d ago

Am i the only one who isn't shocked by this?

GarrusVakarian1651d ago

Neither am i......millions of gamers trying to connect at the exact same trying to direct the river Nile to flow through a garden hose.

andibandit1650d ago

I think millions is perhaps exaggerating a bit

Langkasuka1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Sony was expecting it too, so they've released some web sites to download the patch via USB.
I hope our EU friends is taking notes on this for their PS4 launch... :)

MRMagoo1231651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

no us folk getting the console at a later date we are smart enough to know this already lol.

animegamingnerd1651d ago

That is pretty smart they probably saw what happened with the Wii U day 1 update a year ago and decided to come up with an alternative

0ut1awed1651d ago

They've done the same with the PS3 all these years with every update. You even had to put it in a small folder called "PS3" and all that jazz.

Still it's defiantly a nice option to have.

beebap1651d ago

Had already thought of this so yea we downloading it before launch.

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violents1650d ago

to be sony did announce before the launch that they were going to spend the first two to three months getting all the and a online services running. so everyone was warned that certain features may not be available at launch.

everyone just needs to calm down and be patient.

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ElementX1651d ago

I downloaded the patch onto a USB so I'd avoid this problem

brbobcat1651d ago

Patch only took me like 5 min. to download. It's the connection to PSN that's not working

ElementX1651d ago

It doesn't matter how long it takes to DL if you can't even connect to the network

moparful991650d ago

@element I couldnt log into PSN for 2 hours but still was able to download the patch.. Download and install took 3 1/2 minutes.. I could definitely get used to these new download speeds on PSN.

Fiestabrian1650d ago

Patch took me a minutes a 1 am pacific time

tethered1651d ago

I downloaded it to my computer and saved it to a USB but decided to download it on the PS4 when I got it. It took less time for the download to the PS4 than it did the computer.

STEWIE_PLAY_PS41650d ago

Remember GTAV online same problem!.

jairusmonillas1651d ago

Network overload.

Happens everytime.

They should really put some log in queue.

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