Major Nelson Congraulates Shuhei Yoshida on PS4 Launch

Larry Hyrb aka Major Nelson Has sent out a tweet giving congratulations to Shuhei Yoshida on the launch of the PS4

"Congratulations to @Playstation on their North American launch cc @yosp @amboyes"

Shu responds giving his blessings:

"@majornelson @PlayStation @amboyes Thanks Larry, your turn next week! :D"

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Eonjay1652d ago

Today there shall be peace.

AngelicIceDiamond1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Show that love. Show that love.

I would like a least a moment of peace.

badboy7761652d ago

Major Nelson Hacked PSN on PS4!!!!!

ZodTheRipper1651d ago

I still can't like him ...but he's one of the better MS execs.

YodaCracker1652d ago

Isn't this refreshing after all the bitterness and constant mudslinging from both sides? If only every interaction between Xbox and PlayStation fans could be this civil and pleasant.

UncleGermrod1652d ago

I think now that one console is out, and everyone else is almost there, everyone just wants to shut up and have fun.. the marketing war has just begun, but now that these things are here, i think people will begin to settle in and just enjoy it. Now if only we can resist the DF comparisons to come....

AD7051651d ago

Neither sony or MS hate each other the way fanboys make it out to be. In fact they don;t hate each other at all. Hell even yoshida owns and plays on his WiiU all the time.

showtimefolks1652d ago

I hope executives from Sony and ms share these kind of thoughts throughout this next gen. Fanboys need to eliminated

It's competition but why can't it be great competition. End of the day ps4 and Xbox one will both sell at least 70 plus million and be considered huge success.

It's frustrating going to different gaming sites and seeing all fanboy comments. If negative news about Sony comes out than ms fanboys have a field day and when it's negative news about ms than Sony fanboys do the same. Sad thing is fanboys represent us, publishers look at them because they make the most noise so their voice is looked at as voice of gaming community

So please stop this

I miss th old days of n4g when fanboys had their open zone and we had normal conservation on articles

Gamers unite as one. Together we can make huge difference and we can stop publishers from bullying is and selling us incomplete games

LOGICWINS1652d ago

Amen! But what do we do about these peeps who are standing in line waiting for a PS4...and saying the first game they're going to play is COD: Ghosts?

AngelicIceDiamond1652d ago

"I hope executives from Sony and ms share these kind of thoughts throughout this next gen. Fanboys need to eliminated"

Exterminate them.

With that said next gen has been historically the most socially vocal driven community ever. People just don't look at the console, they look at the people behind the console. They look at the names the creator, architect's, PR, community managers.

Gamers are taking sides based off the people as well.

"So and so is credible nice move MS or Sony for hiring him!"

"So and so is bad MS or Sony is evil for hiring him. Bad move MS."

At the end of the day yes we can analyze but at the end of the day it should just be about the games and service.

Infamous2981652d ago

@LOGICWINS Murder them silently.

PoSTedUP1652d ago

@LOGIC- first thing you would have to do is act like a "fanboy" and spread hate towards cod, like everyone else. see how it works? theres no difference in the behavior.

@showtimefolks- fanboys are natural occurrence. its no different from routing for your favorite sports team. to ask both sides to stop bashing and debating eachother is not only very unrealistic, but pretty stupid. what are you guys, mothers? "get along now, children, the mets arent as good as the yankees but you cant debate them, compare stats, or say anything bad about the other team, just shut up and watch them"... and not only are the players competing, they get into fights, as well as the fans, because they represent one side. this isnt a real war where its wrong to kill people and thus should be neutral for peace, this is a console war over the internet and it is human behavior as is with everyhing else. try jumping into anyother debate in the comments sections of lets say a boxing match, with what you just said, it would look pretty weird considering everyone is doing the same everywhere. if you are neutral and dont like to debate or take sides in anything, you are the minority, and have to deal with what goes on in the comments section by either ignoring it and sticking to people like you who share no biase and just small-talk or w/e about gaming. or there is a block button that you can use to ignore fanboys (which would take forever). i guess that it sucks for non-fanboys that the majority of the gaming community is fanboys. n4g shouldnt segregate people because in the end we are all equal, and gamers, at that.

GodGinrai1651d ago

"@LOGICWINS Murder them silently"

passes, infamous assasin a silenced PPK "ready? on the count of three..."

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DeletedAcc1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

It is not sony or microsoft who start consolewars - its the immature gamers!
Of course major nelson is happy on that day and congratulates sony

izumo_lee1652d ago

I think the gaming 'journalist' didn't really help in throwing gas on the fire as well.

showtimefolks1652d ago


That's why so many sites do articles only for hits and actually start these so called fanboy wars

But here is hoping this gen with so much social media attention actually stays peaceful and gam centric and fanboys slowly vanish

Greatness awaits
Jump in

Gamers for life

Also show love for wiiu and hoping that Nintendo gets their mess cleared and can deliver a lot of awesome games

AngelicIceDiamond1652d ago

Wow how can I forget the elephant in the room. The hit seeking articles.

fanboys are the problem but gaming journalism is what gets the fanboys going and they feed the fanboys. Meanwhile while we're here fighting fanboys, the sites gets credited and upvoted, while their ad revenue sky rockets.

And yet another article comes and the trolls and fanboys eats up the same crap over and over. Its a vicious cycle that needs to, maybe not end. But controlled.

calis1652d ago

"I think the gaming 'journalist' didn't really help in throwing gas on the fire as well."

I think you've hit the nail on the head there. They are the worst.

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KiRBY30001652d ago

let the agrees rain on everyone!

*starts clicking everything*

AngelicIceDiamond1652d ago

But wait a minute? Why can't we just show love on the regular basis instead of only showing it when these guys show it?

We don't need confirmation from these guys. No matter the console we're all gaming comrad's. We all share the same passion.

DrRobotnik1652d ago

It's like Christmas in November.

Studio-YaMi1652d ago

That was actually a very class act,wish Microsoft the best on their launch next week.

M-M1652d ago

Greatness Awaits is now greatness happening.

MadSientist891652d ago

tomorrow the war will return

Dee_911652d ago

oh snaps !

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AceBlazer131652d ago

Then the gaming lord said, "Let there be peace".

xbones turn next week, let 8th gen begin.

Riderz13371652d ago

There will be blood...

Nah just kidding =P. Hope you Xbox guys have a great launch next week!

Eldyraen1652d ago

Thanks--I'm hoping it will turn out well.

Granted I'll have a PS4 to play in the meantime which will make next week go by faster than this one did ;)

Misaka_x_Touma1652d ago

And why can't gamers here get along.