Bungie's Destiny Gets New and Fantastic PS4 Gameplay Trailer

During the PlayStation All Access Live Launch event Sony Computer Entertainment and Bungie showcased a new and impressive trailer of the upcoming shooter Destiny and announced that the beta will come first to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 thanks to a partnership between Activision and Sony.

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Enemy1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Exclusive DLC
Exclusive beta

PS4 version get.

Choppy ass vid, give us DIRECT FEED

Studio-YaMi1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

All this hype just so we get a Uncharted teaser,Destiny beta & MGS5 skin.

Yeah,that was the sh*ttiest event I have ever seen,I literally was pulling my hair till it ended.

New games .. WHAT NEW GAMES !? :|

Don't even get me started on the freaking Gametrailers ads popping out every 5 minutes ..!!!


Disagree all you want,I am a Sony fan at heart,I was so damn disappointed with this event,if you think that there was any complement that could be said about this sh*tty event then be my guest,ENLIGHTEN ME???

"Geoff said there would be a ton of new games. He was right, even if he did overhype it. At least we got Uncharted."

Uncharted = TON of NEW games !?!?!?

We all knew uncharted was happening,don't kid yourself!

And how can ONE FREAKING GAME equal a TON !?
not to mention NOTHING NEW was announced today aside from DLC for a PS3 game,a beta & a cameo for a character.

stating that the first party studios are working on 16 PS4 games is NOT announcing something new!

If you think a 1 hour event that was broadcast and looked forward to,not to mention hyped & spent money on decorating the stage,the hotel with invites to special guests and all is worth these minor announcements you're stating,then I have nothing else to say.

Convas1590d ago

Geoff "Da Hype Man' Keighley, ladies and gentlemen.

Enemy1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

This was the PS4 launch event. Not an event for new announcements. Explain to us why you expected to see a ton of new games? Sounds like you fell for Geoff Keighley's lies. A mistake that hopefully you'll never make again. He's old news.

VGAs is where we'll see the rest. Uncharted deserves its own space, so it had to happen today.

You honestly sound like you're crying about nothing. Do you even know about the VGAs? You make no sense.

garos821590d ago

Totally agree studio yami
Other than uncharted announcement I wasn't too pleased with the event.

It was nice to see more second son footage as well as Destiny but there was nothing really new.oh well enjoy the ps4 north Americans now 2 weeks to go for me

Army_of_Darkness1590d ago

Why no uncharted gameplay?! whhhhhy!!
*drops to knees while making a fist with both hands*
dammit! not even gameplay of the order...

Destiny looks promising though.

FamilyGuy1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

New Uncharted
Infamous SS release date and first glimpse of neon powers in action
Towerfall, old school looking, indie game
Playroom DLC and motion control guy talked about eye tracking. What happened to his partner btw?

Destiny beta first to PS owners
Exclusive mission in MGS GZ, retro mission remade
Shu used the word "Epic" to describe some Sony Santa Monica game which = God of War
Shu also said he played The Last Guardian which means it's coming/progressing.

It was worth watching an was only about an hour.

mikeslemonade1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

-_- yea i'm dissapointed too. It's more like it was a fail on the marketing and spike TV departments. They're trying to milk out every annoucement now which is lame.

Nonetheless the PS4 is still set for domination. An overhyped event doesn't change that.

Worth watching.. yes. And Uncharted is pretty much expected unless Naughty Dog went the new IP route.

thereapersson1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Family Guy, I think you have the most rational comment here. The internet and media are hyping up people's expectations already, and for only an hour I think they showed a decent amount. Yeah, some things were odd (like the way the Kojima announcement was hyped), but I think people were unreasonably expecting an E3-level of exposure.

Studio-YaMi1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

I'm not disappointed with Sony or the Playstation,I have my Knack,Killzone:Shadow Fall,Assassins Creed 4,Battlefield 4 & COD:Ghosts with an extra controller all in my hand right now and my console is already shipped from

It's just that this event was a total fail.

wsoutlaw871590d ago

It was a launch party not e3. The uncharted teaser was cool. The destiny beta was disappointing because who cares about getting something earlier, that just means xb gets it later. The eye tracking seemed interesting. It was way over hyped, but what in video game news isn't. I feel like a lot is being left for VGAs or what ever theyre calling it now. One announcement that was supposed to be good disappointing me; I was really hoping Infamous would come out sooner. I cant wait for that game.

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FamilyGuy1590d ago

The video literally says "HD coming" up in the top right corner.

Patience young grasshopper, it's coming.

thehitman1590d ago

It probably kills MS that Bungie is all over PlayStation stages everywhere. Not only will everyone know Bungie not making Halo anymore but their next project is being advertised as being the place you want to play it on PlayStation.

memots1590d ago

yes getting it on PS4 since there is no PC release. I usually don't buy many multiplat since i have a strong preference for my pc but this one is a must on Ps4

NateCole1590d ago

What??.I thought there is a PC release?

Sitdown1590d ago

Why would it kill them when they allowed the studio to leave? In addition there is no guarantee that Destiny will be successful.....and if it does, its still on their console.

SITH1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Exactly, he makes it sound like it is exclusive to playstation. I am just waiting on the halo haters to suddenly flip flop for destiny. This game looks very much like halo. The avatars even run, and jump like halo characters.

HarvesterOSarow1590d ago

They didn't allow Bungie to leave, they bought their own freedom.

hulk_bash19871590d ago

Destiny looks like it's gonna be a must have title. Can't wait to get a group going with my friends and quest to our hearts content.

lordstark1590d ago

I have to agree a bit as well the event was kind of underwelming I mean Sony has 14 first party studios under there belt we should of seen at the very least 2 new exclusives developed in house. Here is hoping that at the VGX awards they gives us something more. Waiting till the next E3 is going to suck ass :(

ltachiUchiha1590d ago

I dont see why ppl are disappointed? This was better then what they showed at e3. Plus this is just a few titles they showed off. U really think they would show everything all at this 1 hour event. U guys forgot that their is VGA's & other events they have to attend aswell. U guys act like sony aint going to have any other exclusives to show. This IMO was an awesome Launch party.

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