inFAMOUS Second Son - Official Neon Reveal Trailer

Coming March 21st, 2014, watch the global reveal of Delsin's latest power, Neon. Now part of his ever expanding set of powers, see how it changes the way he is able to travel through Seattle and take on the Department of Unified Protection!

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Grave1256d ago

It made me cry from awesome.

blitz06231256d ago

Dat graphics tho.

Mind blown

GiggMan1256d ago

This event is better than Sony's E3 conference so far lol.

I can't wait till March.

Langkasuka1256d ago

I'm trying to imagine playing this in the dark, in a bright room, on my Vita, checking if my light bar would flash the colours...
Yeah, I'm just gonna lock myself in the house by then, better stock for rations now... :D

FamilyGuy1256d ago (Edited 1256d ago )

His, flash step, neon dash running reminds me of this scene on Americas Got Talent with Team iLuminate

About 1:32

Love it, can't wait to get this game.

Computersaysno1255d ago (Edited 1255d ago )

Looks gorgeous. The only game I seen better looking so far for next gen is The division.

Loads of fancy particle effects and really sharp image quality.

I been dying for PC style 1080p smooth sharp nice AA image quality in console games for 10 years and this is delivering.

I'm not buying a next gen console til I really want to play a game on them and this could be the game in March

Ezz20131255d ago

it look soooooo good *droooooool*
and the gameplay is awesome

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ABeastNamedTariq1256d ago

When he started to run I was like :0

showtimefolks1256d ago

Damn looks so stunning and as always looks like a lo of fun to play

Can't wait

Chris5581256d ago

damn this nirvana song is epic

grailly1256d ago

okay, yesterday I complained that infamous:SS didn't feel new enough, when in fact I just needed to see this. This turns around the whole traversal system, really cool.

lastdual1255d ago

Am I the only one who actually found the voice acting to be the most impressive thing about the trailer?

I've never been crazy about the main character's design, but if he's well written and voice acted, he could turn out to be a memorable protagonist all the same.

starchild1255d ago

Very cool. I can't wait for Second Son.

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Godmars2901256d ago

Yeah. Sound about right to be picking up a PS4.

monkeyDzoro1256d ago

Thought Ryse facial animations were good... damn. This is inSANE !!!

lifeisgamesok1256d ago

It looks good but let's not get ahead of ourselves here

Hanso1256d ago

and its combat gameplay is hilariously bad.

Bathyj1256d ago

How come Everytime shows off Ryse, it's a cinematic.

Godmars2901256d ago

And nothing that has to do with the game. Its a cutscene. Same as Second Son.

Lunarassassin1256d ago

How are Second Sons released trailers in anyway cinematic?
You should know that the majority of this apart from the part where Delsin and his brother are talking and the beggining it is all in engine.

CDzNutts1255d ago

If only it still looked like that.

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mkis0071256d ago

Little later than I thought, but I want this to be perfect! CANT WAIT

jdktech20101256d ago

Sexy all around...this is the title I'm looking forward to the most. The fact I get to play Killzone Shadow Fall and 64 player Battlefield matches tomorrow (servers pending) is just icing on the cake.

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