The Last Of Us New Story DLC “Left Behind” Gets a Teaser

During the PlayStation All Access Live Launch event Sony Computer Entertainment Sony Computer Entertainment showcased a teaser trailer for the upcoming New Story DLC of The Last of US titled “Left Behind”.”

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FriedGoat985d ago

Kinda disappointed it's not Ish, But Ellie is good too ;)

xHeavYx985d ago

I was hoping for some Tess, Damn, that was a teaser, TLOU is the reason why I didn't sell my PS3

Nitrowolf2985d ago

this is mainly disappointign because this was explored in the comic series. Though I don;t have a huge issue with this

Skip_Bayless985d ago

-_- how can this be the annoucement it's not even next gen. They were teasing about "greatness awaits" which is the PS4 slogan.

Christopher985d ago

@Skip_Bayless: Next Uncharted game is on PS4....

hellzsupernova985d ago

I'm stoaked get to know Elle before the infection

-Foxtrot985d ago (Edited 985d ago )


I'm really disappointed in this, of all the characters they could of done they do someone who's story has been done in the comics

I've read the comics, I know her and Ellie's backstory

Marlene, Bill, Henry/Sam, Tess, Tommy, Joel in his younger days etc

AceBlazer13985d ago

Ish would've been amazing. maybe a spin off game or another dlc

Xer0_SiN985d ago

aw yeah! i sold off all my ps3 goodness except for this game, demons and darks soul and gtav. it was a good choice. cant wait to fire up tlou again for this.

Jaqen_Hghar985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

Or Bill after you leave him :(

Or Marlene's journey to get to Colorado :(

SnotyTheRocket984d ago

My PS3's Blu Ray Drive crapped out.... SHIT.

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younglj01985d ago

I loved the trailer,I can see an even darker story with 2 kids being the lead role this time around..

showtimefolks985d ago

No doubt can't wait. I hope it's at least 5 plus hours long. Not trying to be greedy but I just want more single payer story content lol

Can't wait. Here is also hoping TLOU comes to ps4

bjmartynhak985d ago (Edited 985d ago )

You bet that at least the end will be.
Well, we all know how it ends. Pretty dark imo

Can't wait to play it!

kratoz1209985d ago

The last of us was amazing

Benjammin25985d ago

Yep. Yep it was. :) it's odd. A few weeks ago, I had a dream about this exact same game. Where you play as a younger Ellie. The only difference was, in my dream it was a PS Vita game.

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The story is too old to be commented.