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The Last Of Us New Story DLC “Left Behind” Gets a Teaser

During the PlayStation All Access Live Launch event Sony Computer Entertainment Sony Computer Entertainment showcased a teaser trailer for the upcoming New Story DLC of The Last of US titled “Left Behind”.” (PS3, The Last Of Us)

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FriedGoat  +   340d ago
Kinda disappointed it's not Ish, But Ellie is good too ;)
xHeavYx  +   340d ago
I was hoping for some Tess, Damn, that was a teaser, TLOU is the reason why I didn't sell my PS3
Nitrowolf2  +   340d ago
this is mainly disappointign because this was explored in the comic series. Though I don;t have a huge issue with this
Skip_Bayless  +   340d ago
-_- how can this be the annoucement it's not even next gen. They were teasing about "greatness awaits" which is the PS4 slogan.
cgoodno  +   340d ago
@Skip_Bayless: Next Uncharted game is on PS4....
hellzsupernova  +   340d ago
I'm stoaked get to know Elle before the infection
-Foxtrot  +   340d ago

I'm really disappointed in this, of all the characters they could of done they do someone who's story has been done in the comics

I've read the comics, I know her and Ellie's backstory

Marlene, Bill, Henry/Sam, Tess, Tommy, Joel in his younger days etc
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AceBlazer13  +   340d ago
Ish would've been amazing. maybe a spin off game or another dlc
Xer0_SiN  +   340d ago
aw yeah! i sold off all my ps3 goodness except for this game, demons and darks soul and gtav. it was a good choice. cant wait to fire up tlou again for this.
Jaqen_Hghar  +   340d ago
Or Bill after you leave him :(

Or Marlene's journey to get to Colorado :(
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SnotyTheRocket  +   339d ago
My PS3's Blu Ray Drive crapped out.... SHIT.
younglj01  +   340d ago
I loved the trailer,I can see an even darker story with 2 kids being the lead role this time around..
showtimefolks  +   340d ago
No doubt can't wait. I hope it's at least 5 plus hours long. Not trying to be greedy but I just want more single payer story content lol

Can't wait. Here is also hoping TLOU comes to ps4
bjmartynhak  +   340d ago
You bet that at least the end will be.
Well, we all know how it ends. Pretty dark imo

Can't wait to play it!
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Lovable  +   340d ago
Can't wait for this!
kratoz1209  +   340d ago
The last of us was amazing
Benjammin25  +   340d ago
Yep. Yep it was. :) it's odd. A few weeks ago, I had a dream about this exact same game. Where you play as a younger Ellie. The only difference was, in my dream it was a PS Vita game.
panbit86  +   340d ago
feraldrgn  +   340d ago
Great choice for the DLC!
GirlOnFire  +   340d ago
So this is based off the comic thats pretty good.
Lionalliance  +   340d ago
Ohhh! so they adapted the comic!
Rodent85  +   340d ago
ltachiUchiha  +   340d ago
I cant wait. Day 1.
Redlogic  +   340d ago
I'm psyched for this...more Elie. She was a bad a$$ in tLoU so I'm ready to do it all again in the DLC!!
r21  +   340d ago
Oh shit....this is gonna be good.
VsAssassin  +   340d ago
I only read the 1st issue of the TLoU comic series so I don't know if this comment applies:

Maybe the DLC will showcase their journey together that's not touched on by the comic series. If this is the case, then probably it's all good to have Riley and Ellie have their own piece of the story with gameplay.

I was also rooting for Ish, but knowing ND, I'm thinking Ish will be the focus of the sequel. Here's hoping!

I'm so happy today. Tons of "Greatness" announced!
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first1NFANTRY  +   340d ago
nice looking forward to it
Hazmat13  +   340d ago
get ready for a sea of Feels.
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DeletedAcc  +   340d ago
slapsta72  +   340d ago
worried about the gameplay if you just play as an inexperienced ellie and her friend. means no shooting / brutal melee which was so well done in TLOU.

hoping you get to play as an adult
Eldyraen  +   340d ago
I'm expecting it to play differently because of this.

Ellie pre-infection more than likely was just as daring and rebellious in a sense but probably no where near as lethal as she turns out to be later on in TLOU's main campaign. Plus during the DLC time period she would also be even more cautious as the infection was an actual thing to be feared still.

However even early on Ellie had some familiarity with weapons and constantly asked Joel for one. Pistols should technically be what she relies on most though as believe she referenced a bb gun when they were talking about the rifle for the first time. She'll likely still have her shiv though and could always fall back to attacking with bricks and bottles--I used them on several occasions to bash infected brains in.

Granted its DLC and could simply choose to make it however they want but I would rather they stick to what is more or less realistic to her backstory and character than make her into something she wasn't.
slapsta72  +   340d ago
yeah. TLOU establishes that she hasn't seen the outside world though, right? she reacts strongly to joel killing other humans / the infected. in fact, doesn't she ask all about the infected in the first mission with her, joel and tess?

i haven't read the comic about her and riley but i'm already worried about plot holes re. her character arc in TLOU.

regardless of all this, i still would like to play a character who handles like joel.
Eldyraen  +   340d ago
I think that's technically one of the plotholes to begin with. Ellie was used in such a fashion to introduce the gamer to the world in a largely innocent and naive to the world sort of way.

However if she never saw an infected (or heard one rather--although could had been speaking of Clickers and not more common runners) then how was she infected? Her infection on the arm appeared to be a bite and not sporal (which likely would had been either purely internal or visible on the face).

Plus she actually attacked the military patrol first when they were caught so she didn't exactly have a big issue with violence even against other humans. More importantly she was running/raised by Fireflies actually whom had zero issues with attacking a human settlement even at the beginning of the game. She couldn't had been as naive as she appeared to be but instead more in a state of shock from being left with strangers. Joel however likely was more gruff, violent, etc than even the Fireflies she were used to which was why she confronted him more than Tess all along (plus Tess actually had existing Firefly connections--Joel was sort of just along for the ride for a while).

Its sort of why I like the whole game's story though. What could appear to be plotholes could just as well be her reacting to both the new environment as well as non 'regular' infected. Its an extremely layered game but still approachable without going into too many details.

I too though will miss Joel :(

I'm expecting we'll play as Ellie and her friend will sort of take her role from the campaign although could just be idle speculation. I also expect it to rely more on stealth than action which could still be great if they focus on infected over humans (I think she had a rather sheltered existence up to her and her friend wandering off and getting attacking). TLOU started not too long after it actually (3 weeks or so from her bite? It was revealed anyways when we learned of her infection.) and she could had still been coming to terms with the reality of it all.

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