The first 10 minutes of Valkyria Chronicles just for you!

As the title implies, this is a long video. It's the first ten six minutes and forty-five seconds of Sega's new game, Valkyria Chronicles. We're not going to say much about what you see in the video because a lot of people may want to keep the intro and whatnot a relative surprise for when they import or buy it domestically. The visuals are, as expected, lovely and the voices are pretty nice. It would be swell if Sega utilized the Blu-ray's abilities and kept the Japanese language track for other territories. Enjoy

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Qbanboi3883d ago

Wait i don't get it. Your shoot, and then wait to get shot, to shoot again? I mean, i not use to it. I expected more of a COD4 with anime graphics. ^^

BilI Gates3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

It's a Strategy RPG. Not a shooter (thank God).

Rock Bottom3882d ago

I love the fighting system, the best in a console Strategy RPG since Final fantasy tactics IMHO.