Amazon offers PlayStation 4 and Kindle Fire HDX 7" Bundle at midnight

Looking to get your hands on a new PS4 this evening? Well if you didn’t pre-order and want one then you will want to checkout the new Kindle and PS4 bundle happening at Amazon at midnight. The new PlayStation 4 and Kindle Fire HDX 7″ Bundle is Starting at 12:01am EST, for a limited time, and Amazon is offering an exclusive Amazon bundle of the PlayStation 4 and Kindle Fire HDX 7″ for $599.99.

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Eonjay1678d ago

Well, how do you move a product no one wants? Bundle it with a PS4 and watch it fly out of the door. LOL Amazon! No shame baby!

UltimateMaster1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

How about making the PlayStation App and PS Mobile games available on the Kindles as well. Black Berries Too as they are still outselling the Windows phone, likewise, you can convert pretty much all Android apps into BB ones.

Rockefellow1678d ago

Well, at least there's some use from the tablet as a second-screen device. Sony probably encourages retailers to make these bundles, and Amazon saw a way to shoehorn their tablets in.

Eonjay1678d ago

I was think the same thing.

LackTrue4K1678d ago

will a kindle fire HDX support the PlayStation app???

wsoutlaw871678d ago

wow amazon, really trying to sell kindles I see.

kazuma9991678d ago

White Line of Death Has begun. If you preordered you should wait because I was 6th in line and my ps4 bricked without me even do anything. Plugged it in it restarted then white lined. The sony tech support couldnt do sheet but replaced. Now waiting 14 days for it so bullshit.

Cupid_Viper_31678d ago

I call pure BS Buddy. My PS4 is sitting right here with with a WHITE Line on it, and it's working perfectly fine.

kazuma9991678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

BS my ass I already called support and they couldnt do sheet. If you are so blind as to think that ps4 is perfect then thats up to you. I have waited 7 fucking hours for my ps4 and it doesnt even work. Im super pissed that this happened. PS. the support line is about 1 hour on the sony end so yeah a lot of ppl is having these issues with first day ps4 so suck it.

saber000051678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

*Edit* Nvm... I'm not going to be mean.. :/

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thehitman1678d ago

Hey baby sooo this thing I want is a little expensive but comes with a Kindle that you wanted can we get it? Sure honey. Guy jumps inside w/ excitement lol.


You may want to reconsider that jumping with excitement part...

Lonnie181678d ago

That's actually pretty cool

-EvoAnubis-1678d ago

That's actually hilarious. No one's buying that POS tablet of theirs (the Nexus 7 is superior to it in every way AND it's cheaper), so they bundle it with something that they KNOW people want just to get the damn thing in people's hands.

I guess they gotta do what they gotta do.

barb_wire1678d ago

Should've bundled it with the Vita.

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The story is too old to be commented.