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Good News About Kotaku's Once-Broken PS4...

Kotaku's malfunctioning PS4, the one we mentioned in our review of Sony's new console, has been fixed. It turns out that the fix was an easy one. We can now give you a clear run-through of what went wrong and what to look out for in what, at this point, seems like a fluke. (PS4, Stephen Totilo, Tech)

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Neonridr  +   626d ago
Glad to see it got fixed.
black0o  +   626d ago
so far every problem that was reported a fix was found easily .. some were just simple software bugs
HelpfulGamer  +   626d ago
Buy extra HDMI cable!
UltimateMaster  +   626d ago
For sure we knew it could not be because of any overheating issues.
the console only generates 5 degree Celsius up to 20.
B-radical  +   626d ago
Hahah im wondering if the kid that streamed his problem has fixed his
Army_of_Darkness  +   626d ago
Here that people. You just have to poke it in correctly once and never pull out afterwards ;-)
if you want to play it safe that is.
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gatormatt80  +   626d ago
I can't believe he didn't look into that HDMI cable. Call me crazy but doesn't that defy common sense...
CramShaft  +   626d ago
@army I think you have that backwards. After you poke it in right you are supposed to pull out just to play it safe.
ErcsYou  +   626d ago
I noticed when I let others try out the my DS4 they wanted to plug in the usb at the wrong angle. The back of the DS4 is slanted just like the PS4 and some people naturally want to insert there plugs at a 90° angle. Simple mistake, just dont force it and you will be ok. 4hours and 50min left..
Army_of_Darkness  +   626d ago

Play it safe as in getting her(ps4) knocked up so she will never leave me!!!
wsoutlaw87  +   626d ago
@ErcsYou Ya that sounds like it was the reason. They try to act like it came that way but that seems unlikely. I find it kind of funny that they didn't notice that there was a problem with the cable out that far and didnt take a look in there to see what it was. Hdmi ports always seemed fragile. You would think the guys at kotaku would know how to use an hdmi port and when its not going in all the way.
gaffyh  +   625d ago
First thing I would have done is check the HDMI port and the cable end to see why it wasn't going in all the way.
NFGC  +   626d ago
finally a news worthy update
GribbleGrunger  +   626d ago
Simple fix, it's just a pity it happened.
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black0o  +   626d ago
ppl are over reacting ... due the small size of the ps4
Riderz1337  +   626d ago
The only ones overreacting are the people who don't even want to get a PS4. They just hope this news catches fire and scares people from purchasing a PS4. Not sure what they are getting out of doing something like this. I guess it just makes them happy to see the console they don't like fail.
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static5245  +   626d ago


lol look at Avatar and u understand
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n4rc  +   626d ago

Pot calling the kettle black from you huh? Take a look in the mirror Lol

As for the topic.. I'm glad it was nothing too serious.. Sh!t like that isn't good for anybody... Any real gamer wants all 3 to succeed even if some fans annoy you
Lykon   625d ago | Offensive
NegativeCreep427  +   626d ago
For some reason I don't think the Xbox fanboys are as relieved as everyone else about this news and this video.
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n4gamingm  +   626d ago
dude this happened to me lol
crazyclown  +   625d ago
pic with ur n4g username or it didn't happen
n4gamingm  +   625d ago
woooh i guess i said that wrong i meant my hdmi cable which i use for two console got bent on the inside jeez lol
Langkasuka  +   626d ago
Kotaku's reviewers were with very excited hands. They got pins and needles handling their PS4 baby :3
AceBlazer13  +   626d ago
wow it was all for nothing. ended up being nothing more than an accident.glad i didn't cancel. fate playing it's hand once again. let the greatest gen begin .
Akuma2K  +   626d ago
Good job by sony to get the problem reolved quickly as possible.
Orbilator  +   626d ago
What I would prefer to know is, Did he use his old hdmi cable first ?
I think they got to excited plugging the cable in and maybe jus pushed it up a little, and the rather than not stopping and having a look
just tried to force it and make it worse. I did this exact same thing to my samsung tv with both the hdmi port and USB, was just a little to excited myself wiring it up.
iiwii  +   626d ago
That was exactly what I thought. I bet they put a bad cable in or were hooking it up hastily and pushed in at an odd angle and bent the pins. They shouldn't be that sensitive, but I know USB pins can bend easily like that too by plugging things in awkwardly.

They would never admit to Sony that's what happened if that were the case. But if I tried to put a cable in and it didn't feel like it was going in right, I would never keep pushing until it went in like he did. That's just asking for problems. I would have also pulled the cable back out and inspected the port just to be sure there was nothing blocking it.
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wsoutlaw87  +   626d ago
Ya I think most people should have been able to diagnose this problem
GrandpaSnake  +   626d ago
Im glad they came clean.
Sarobi  +   626d ago
The guy who reported he had a broken PS4 on Twitch got his fixed using this method. I guess this is the main problem.
vickers500  +   626d ago
Link please. I'd like to put my mind at ease even further.
PirateKing  +   626d ago
This is the fix for the problem and watch how little people comment on it.
Eonjay  +   626d ago
Excellent. Spreed the word. This has to be the easiest fix ever.
wsoutlaw87  +   626d ago
the fix is mostly just dont mess up your hdmi port
Eonjay  +   626d ago
@wsoutlaw87 Truth
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alb1899  +   626d ago
I don't want nothing to fix in my new product, but hope the best for the launch owners!
chaosdemon09  +   626d ago
Ummm am I wrong here or did this guy say there hdmi cable broke the plug inside ..when they where trying to force it in. Wtf lol I knew it was something silly like this. Like one poster said seems they where a little hyper about the ps4 and there hands where shaking lol.. Just plug them darn thing in. But honestly this is my one pine about hdmi. While its simple..if you take them in and out they do get loose after time. There loose on my led tv to the point I stopped bringing it in the living room for football lol

But ya good they reported it was fixed so fast. They knew Sony has alot riding on this and don't need some bad press at launch.

Also guys don't use the cable they used.. I've had those cables..there cheap Chinese ones that have bad pins in them sometimes. Just use the hdmi cable that comes with it and you'll be fine or buy a 5 dollar one on amazon. The one dollar ones on ebay are pretty bad lol.
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christrules0041  +   626d ago
Well there is a fix for the needles coming loose. Remote play. If you don't mind a small screen that is.
KwietStorm  +   626d ago
No, that is not a fix. That's a workaround.
TKCMuzzer  +   626d ago
Right, so the message is simple, relax and ease the cable in no matter how excited your are. Less haste as they say....
thereapersson  +   626d ago
You don't want to go in too quickly and damage a port or miss altogether... ;)
cyclindk  +   626d ago
Or accidnetally go in the wrong port... Unless everybody's cool with it and all before you do.
iiwii  +   626d ago
Yeah, and if you do it too quick, it will be over before the fun even begins. PS4 needs a slow hand.
HappyWithOneBubble  +   626d ago
All 4 of ya'll comments made me laugh.
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Holeran  +   626d ago
Proof that you need to make sure it's all the way in.
NegativeCreep427  +   626d ago
That's what yo-SHE-da said...(Yoshida).
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cyclindk  +   626d ago
You silly
iiwii  +   626d ago
No portus interuptus!
ELCUCO  +   626d ago
I don't know about those Kotaku guys sometimes. Dont seem like the sharpest knives in the kitchen. I bet they got excited and rammed in the hdmi like an animal in the presence of all that greatness.
Persistantthug  +   626d ago
I think everybody was like that with their first girlfriend :P
chaosdemon09  +   626d ago
Bingo ^^ lol the Internet is so funny now.. The reviewing place freak out made like EVERYONE freak out for a few hours. Kinda crappy of them to do that. Where all hyper about our ps4s coming and there trying to throw salt in oatmeal cause they have shaky and pounding hands.. Lol
Angerfist  +   626d ago
leemo19  +   626d ago
People overreacted for nothing.
Viking_Socrates  +   626d ago
Glad everything got fixed.
Pintheshadows  +   626d ago
Apparently if you are too aggressive with something it might break. Who knew.
XxGOWxX  +   626d ago
Yehh the pins in the unit still shouldnt be bending. No matter how you jam the plug in the unit the connection shouldnt be breaking.

Fact of the matter is, this still shouldnt be an issue no matter how small the fix is. it could happen every time you plug the cable in. Why should you need to worry about that. Its a dodgy hdmi port guys stop accepting sub par parts because youre a fan of ps4.

Make sure you are careful when you get yours!
KingTrash  +   626d ago
I hate to have to point this out but if this was the HDMI port on the X1, everyone would be saying exactly what you're saying which is legiy. If this is happening on lots of consoles then it's a definite build quality issue. That being said, what I was focused on more was that the light looks way better when it's blue and I would like it to stay that way when it's on! It would be cool if you could change the color of the light in the system options.
XxGOWxX  +   626d ago
That would be cool. lots of very basic devices can actually do this. hell my pc keyboard can and its not even an expensive one.

A few people disagreeing with me which is weird. To me no matter what device it is it shouldnt have this pin bending issue.

I work for an electronics company and plug cables int players and tvs all the time and in many years ive only seen this happen to one customer. But apparently we have seen it on a few ps4s, granted a few out of thousands isnt much so hopefully these are isolated like they say.

Im not really liking how the ports kind of just poke out of the back either. they would be more stable if it was mounted on a flat surface. hopefully they dont wobble or become loose.
jkuli6  +   626d ago
So, the "fix" is to just be careful? or to use a new HDMI cable if you screw it up?

Sorry if this is obvious and I didn't catch it, but it seems that they just used the new unit, not fix the original one.
kcuthbertson  +   626d ago
The part that followed his explanation was footage from monday from before they actually found a fix. This video doesn't show the fix.

In order to fix it, just bend the pin that bent up with a pen or something.
pacostacos  +   626d ago
crappy build quality!?
this, wobblegate and

Related image(s)
#23 (Edited 626d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
Bathyj  +   626d ago
Try harder.

Wobblewgate? Thats not even a thing.
Kurogane  +   626d ago
PS4...A strong system cheap material It wobbles and comes with broken HDMI jacks but ayy its sony they cant do no wrong right? smh you know as well as I do if this was the X1 with these same issues yall would bash the heck out of it
Bathyj  +   626d ago
There you go. Turned out to be of no importance.

Just like Kotaku.
OsirisBlack  +   626d ago
All of that fuss for ... much of nothing really. So the problem is user error?
Shellcase  +   626d ago
I dont even want me ps4 no more wished I would have cancelled it before amazon shipped it...
Hazmat13  +   626d ago
eh just the launch problems every console had some problems. sooner or later X1 will have some then both PS4 and X1 will shake off, then back playing games and having fun.
XxGOWxX  +   626d ago
Not sure why people are saying its their fault for how they put the cable in. it can only go in one way. it just slides in. the pin has to be in the wrong position in the first place for the plug to bend it back
KontryBoy706  +   626d ago
I just bet they forced the cable in. Even though out this video he was handling the cable quick barbaric
hooba93  +   625d ago
just came on here to say that I got my ps4 and the HDMI cable fit like a glove.

Now back to greatness!!
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