Analyst: Nintendo May Soon 'Refresh' DS Hardware

Following Nintendo's latest fiscal results, Lazard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian noted that Nintendo may consider a "refresh" to its DS handheld if sales continue to slow down.

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Cadence3857d ago

is hard to say but portable console have less life circle compare to a normal home console that would mean psp should get a refresh hardware as well that really s cause is like every 3 to 4 years wasting your money for a new portable console i have to say they should make better and long lasting portable console and when i say long lasting am not referring to the commercial gum stride.

dragunrising3857d ago

is anything but shorter than a console. Just look at the Game Boy for evidence. The novelty of handhelds is being portable. The PSP and DS offer different experiences but they both allow you to game anywhere; graphics are less of a focus and therefore they're life span is increased.

KeiZka3857d ago

Last I checked, GBA is still a good portable system even though there are a nigh to none releases for it...

ustayclassyn4g3857d ago

3 screens yep i called it its happening people i wonder what some of these new services the articles mentions are though

Skerj3857d ago

I don't see how they could improve upon the current design without hurting the other machines in circulation. Unless they make it razor thin, add internal storage space, and add some super dope speakers. Ok I guess I do see how they can improve it.

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