Watch Dogs Fan Film

With live-action films based on video games taking their place around the net, it was time for someone to bring Aiden Pierce to life, something that InfectiousDesigner did on a really good way.

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ZBlacktt1678d ago

Dang, that was really good. Makes you miss this game seeing that it would have been played tonight. :/

JohnHeatz1678d ago

Indeed, this game is one of the two games that I've been waiting for ever since they were least now that it is delayed I have some time to save money for it!

4Sh0w1676d ago

It's nice but I don't really understand how the hacking blows a random electric panel using his cell phone. Aaah but whatever its a game.

Huwmor1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

This is seriously well done, thought it was official promotional stuff. Then I learned to read story titles :(
Also they show him against other hackers in this clip I hope they do that in the game, could make for a nice end-game switch up having the enemy use some of your hacking skills against you.

N4GDgAPc1676d ago

Very well done but why did they decide to take the camera after they already been caught on camera? Especially with out there masks. Clearly saw all there faces.

HarryKirby1673d ago

Have you guys seen this other high quality Watch dogs fan film released around the same time? It went a bit unnoticed because it got lost in Machinimas many many uploads.

It's very nicely done. Especially the action!