IGN: Madden NFL 09 Preview

Every single year Madden Football is one of the most celebrated and scrutinized releases on the calendar. It's beloved and hated for the same reason: it's the only professional football title available on today's market. There are those that say that it's simply a roster update from year to year, and then there are those that say, "It's a football game, what more do you want?"

Regardless, with the announcement of the "retired" Brett Favre as the cover athlete for this year's (the 20th anniversary for the series) game, the hype train for Madden NFL 09 began to chug this weekend in New York City with a slew of pre-draft festivities, interviews, and celebrity sightings. IGN were on-hand to soak it all in and pry as many details out of liquored up EA developers as they possibly could.

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