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Microsoft Calls For Patience Over Xbox One Shortages

Various indie stores have contacted MCV over a lack of Xbox One stock for launch. Microsoft acknowledges there are shortages, but says it hopes to get to a free supply situation at some point in the future.

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shadowT1495d ago

Sounds UK specific. In Germany you can still pre-order the Day One Edition. Today it was even possible at Amazon again.

MRMagoo1231495d ago

you can get day one xbones all over Australia at the mo as well, i dont think they have sold out in any EB or jb hifi in the whole country.

charted1494d ago

@ MRMagoo123

Really? Because in Sydney, all the major stores (EB JB Hi Fi) dont have any Day One Xbox Ones, and most retail such as Big W and Target, you can't even order a X1, so i guess when you said 'all over Australia' you did not include Sydney.

Unless they ran out of the console within the last 1 hour.

JohnnyBadfinger1494d ago

Me magoon is full of shit jb has ran out twice and reopened preorders. And I think be just reopened preorders the other week. Ps4 has sold out everywhere though. They can't guarantee anything until after January for new preorders

polow got sol1495d ago

effin hotcakes man im tellin you

ricochetmg1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Bruh, you stupid. We all know that will be the excuse why the ps4 is outselling it 9 to 1.

christocolus1494d ago

He is stupid for saying the xbx one is selling well in an xbx article? Are you so insecure..9 to 1 really?why dont you go brag about that elsewhere fanboys are so up your cant see through your bias..

GiggMan1495d ago

Hotcakes must be easy to find :-)

thereapersson1495d ago

ESRAM production delays rear their ugly head.

jc485731495d ago

While Sony is short on games (at the moment, but more on the way), MS is short on consoles -__-. MS spent millions on keeping titles exclusive to their console, but they can't even manufacture more systems.

nasnas761494d ago

It's not as easy as you say to manufacture anything, let alone tech products, in such a large scale. You'll have something to complain about either way: MS has consoles available = not too popular enough. MS has a shortage = MS has no clue hot to manufacture anything. MS = complain complain complain, getting to be really predictable lately around here

Hicken1494d ago

Thing is: we KNOW they're shipping less consoles. We KNOW they've downscaled their launch. So it's not a terrible stretch to say they're having some sort of production issue. This could, if demand is higher than supply, lead to a shortage(though the incident in question seems to be rather localized).

On the other hand, it's also possible that demand isn't high enough to run through supply, meaning the console isn't popular enough, even if there are shortages in some areas. That some people note that first-day units are still available in many places indicates that the shortage isn't universal, just as the lack of demand isn't.

So, in the end, both of your equations could well be true, depending on region. The third is just hyperbole.

nasnas761494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I work for a company that mass manufactures products, it's not as black and white as people believe they think they know. I'm not in the operations side of the business so don't know everything. How may consoles are ordered, how many clients ordered, in what region, what is the capacity of their factories, what are the capacity of their warehouse, what is their capacity of their logistics, what percentage do the sell to what regions, how fast can they ship to their drop locations for distributions, etc etc. Shipping mass units are pretty much always shipped by boat, which takes 4 weeks from Asia to US. How many units are in transit? I really doubt you or anybody here knows these.

US typically has the most sales (at least in my company's business) by far, pretty much double that of all of Europe combined. So they definitely won't give equal percentage for the countries. I can look at sales for Australia and see some unsold units, but that alone is by no means show how the entire world will look at.

Once again, it's not as easy to mass manufacture anything especially with quick deadlines. People should stop pretending they know how everything works, I sure don't and I work in the business.

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The story is too old to be commented.