Top 10 PlayStation IPs

With the PlayStation 4 set to be released tomorrow in North America, VGU has decided to list the top 10 PlayStation IPs.

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Becuzisaid1528d ago

Well it's clear that the author has never played a videogame before 2007

SonyStyled1528d ago

jak and daxter was a PS2 launch title if im not mistaken, 2001. and GoW1 came out in 2005 i believe. but i understand your comment with the lack of GT and MGS.

Becuzisaid1528d ago

Yes I was exaggerating lightly. I figured it's the internet, why not?

guitarded771528d ago

Yeah, they are all great IP's, but the list is kinda lame. Sony has the most (number) epic IP's though. Nintendo has huge properties like Mario and Zelda, but Sony far outnumbers everyone. (Please note: I'm not saying anyone is better or worse, just stating an observation. Each of the bug three has properties that I like, Sony just has more).

Brazz1528d ago

No Gran Turismo and Metal Gear Solid in the list.... this list is so wrong...

shivvy241528d ago

That picture of jak made me shed a manly tear !

SonyStyled1528d ago

jak and daxter will always be near and dear to my heart

shivvy241528d ago

most of my childhood gaming was spent on these

_QQ_1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Some of these like Kingdom hearts arent comepletely playstation exclusive franchises so it makes you wonder why Final fantasies pre 13 isn't on the list along with xengogames pre Monolith?

Brazz1528d ago

"...These are games that are either exclusive to Sony’s consoles or got their start on the PlayStation." still... this list sucks...

PickAShoe1528d ago

I vote for Tidus and Solid Snake.

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