Trine 2: Complete Story for PS4 – new screens

Frozenbyte Studios has released some new gameplay screens taken from PS4 version of Trine 2: Complete Story.

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Neonridr1654d ago

Love this game on my Wii U. If anyone is on the fence about this game, I highly recommend it. When I get my PS4 in the next little while I may have to re-buy this game again if there is new content and added features..

ShinnokDrako1653d ago

Finished on PS3, this game is wonderful. But i have to repay to get it on the PS4 or they make the offer "if you bought it, you download for free/for less"?


I can't wait for Trine 2: Complete story: Directors Cut 2

Rhezin1653d ago

yeah I bought trine 2 on ps3 as well. COMPLETE STORY adds the goblin menace DLC and the dwarven caverns. Basically like two games in one.