The New Xbox One Could Actually Cost You £775 or $1200

Friday the 22nd November at 00:00 will see the launch of the Xbox One the all in One entertainment system from Microsoft.
But how much will your total outlay be?

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TomShoe1655d ago

My parents hate it when I spend my hard-earned money on myself, yet they hate buying things for me too.

Are you kidding?

rela82me1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Hey some idiot learned to add and decided to make an article! Thanks for re displaying public information! They are accessories most of which no one will end up buying! I hate these articles.

s45gr321655d ago

Like the steering wheel which only the most hardcore racing fans will buy.

UltimateMaster1654d ago

2 essential things you must buy extra are the Play and Charge kit (since the 500$ console does not come with one) and an adapter for your Headset (Or a new Headset)

That alone makes it above 550$.

malokevi1654d ago


Funny, I have no plans to buy either one of those things. Neither of them are necessary.

Console, extra controller, games. Who buy's a brand new console and doesn't get games?

coopman3001654d ago

Play and charge kit is not "necessary". And the one comes with a headset so why is it necessary to buy one.

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Mikelarry1655d ago

775, yeah I don't see that happening anytime soon for me

abc12331655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Not everyone is going to get the steering wheel and headset, they're things you can easily do without and many people will just use AA batteries anyway so no need for the play and charge kit. Overall, an exaggerated figure.

s45gr321655d ago

Altough the play and charge kit will be more beneficial than buying and re-buying batteries. I am surprised that Microsoft did not choose the usb wireless controller. I agree with the steering wheel and also the headset. Those accessories are not really necessary.

nasnas761655d ago

It's a microUSB cable. Go to the dollar store and buy one if you don't already have 6 spare ones currently in your drawer

abc12331654d ago

Sure, but many people have rechargeable batteries lying around the house anyway

kingpedrok691654d ago (Edited 1654d ago )

you are right in saying that not everyone will be buying all that is in the article also i point out that a steering wheel will be Forza 5 fans first choice, whereas they probably not bother with a headset so they wont be actually buying everything did you read the article headline?

COULD COST? this is a hypothetical purchase as anyone can see.

abc12331654d ago

It's a useless headline. A Wii "could cost" you thousands, it doesnt mean a pointless article should be written on it.

iamnsuperman1655d ago

If we are going to be like that you might as well throw in a new TV, why not a new broadband package, a house......

rainslacker1655d ago

Don't forget the 7.1 surround system, a car to drive the system home in, and the prostitute to keep you warm while waiting outside during the midnight launch.

kennyg37391655d ago

that's why called accessory

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The story is too old to be commented.