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Submitted by Jshuen 822d ago | opinion piece

Report Card: Grading the Wii U’s first 12 months

Nintendo’s Wii U turns one year old this month; a happy coincidence considering Microsoft and Sony are both launching their respective next-gen consoles this November.

With these two consoles looming over its head all year long, how has the Wii U fared during its first 12 months? Did Nintendo use their head-start to its full advantage, or was it all just wasted potential? (Nintendo, Wii U)

wonderfulmonkeyman  +   822d ago
They didn't do very well.
Their advertisement sucked, they didn't have enough big-hitting first party titles, and they allowed AAA third parties to embarrass them by bringing sub-standard ports of old games to the console when what it needed from AAA third parties were new games for core gamers.

2014 is going to be key to Nintendo making the Wii U a success rather than a failure, sales wise.
It's got a 5 year cycle, but it's usually the first two or three that forecast its continuing success or failure, like any other console.
Korde11  +   822d ago
I agree with the bad start for Nintendo. It did suck but, the one thing I do know is that it's not about how you start it's how you finish that counts. Nintendo will come through despite poor forcast.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   822d ago
Probably, yeah.
At the very least, we know for sure that the Wii U won't be what kills Nintendo. They've got too much money and too many ideas for this to be their last console.XD
yellowgerbil  +   822d ago
They will PULL through, they will not COME through.
Expect 30mil consoles sold lifetime. It will be like Gamecube, a failure by all accounts but with a few pretty good games (metroid MGS-twinsnakes tales of symphonia etc)
Skip_Bayless  +   822d ago
They get a F+ in my gradebook.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   822d ago
Considering the relative quality of Pikmin 3 and The Wonderful 101, as well as a few others like Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Lego City, I'd say an F+ is a bit harsh.
More like a D. An F+ would be if they left out all of their first-party games until next year and filled the first year with nothing but shovelware from third parties.
N4g_null  +   821d ago
The truth is this was only a headstart. If nintendo waited we would be looking at pikman, monster hunter, w101, nsmbu, zombi u, ray man, nintendo land, all the dlc and the exclusive indie.

Now if sony and ms can catch up quickly before smash, mk8, m3dworld, x, bayo 2, dkctf, sport club, wii fit u all try to push at least 5 million console each given that the casual and hardcore that like nintendo have not bought their consoles yet.

So basicly with out making any thing that would kill new console hype they hover around 4 million sold. While the pipelines are fully loaded to keep 2014 fairly hot.. Nintendo said that this launch was for the hardcore... the pikmin players, the god hand players the celda players, 2014 is the franchises players time with more niche players.

all in all we get more games that hype and promises now while sony and ms figure out how to get a 360 or ps3 gamer to pay for internet as steam os approaches. So far we got pretty pictures but no real games with next gen features that people want so far.

im sure once nintendo pulls ahead from the on sluaght of sweet games the year head start will be used on them, yet the truth is it wont matter this time... this console is hd and the next console gen will be firmly in the 2 tflop range and affordable.

I think ms has 4 years to find its next halo, sony has 4 more years to figure out how to make real games and still support their movie games. If nintendo does merge the 3dsxl with the wiiu then nintendo insures a win at the end of this gen and the gen after wards unless the vita can be redesigned to compete with such an ides... With games and not just specs.
Scatpants  +   822d ago
RPG_Lover  +   822d ago

amazing system
Concertoine  +   822d ago
not an analysis of the system, but the way nintendo handled it
imXify  +   822d ago
So for me
A - Excellent
B - Good
C - Pass
D - Below average
F - The f*ck is that ?

I give it a D. I even wonder if I should wait for Super Smash or trade it in for a PS4 starting tomorrow.
MNGamer-N  +   822d ago
Nintendo is known for slow starts. Way it is. PS4 lineup lacking as well. Who cares... Next gen transitions... not buttah smooth. Games will come, and Nintendo has many heavy hitters waiting to to attack. And Nintendo will get 5% of my total yearly income.
LOL_WUT  +   821d ago
D+ for the effort ;)
Concertoine  +   821d ago
more like lack of
Mexxan  +   821d ago
They get an E- from me. Over the year I've bought 3 and sold them. That's how much I tried to like it. As much as they bow with apologies and acknowledge the lack of games I view them as arrogant and smug.
The last time I remember buying a lemon was when I bought a Jaguar. That's really what I thought of it upto Pikmin release, zombiU was decent prior to this - and that was it.

Classic ip's are out for another whoring out - because that's all Nintendo has. Such a piss poor effort in hardware it deserves to die. Not a Nintendo hater - I bought a Virtual Boy FFS! A WiiU hater - yeah...... Sure!

If it wasn't for nostalgia and tugging on subliminal heart strings of middle aged gamers or infants the WiiU would have gone the way of the Virtual Boy. There's still time yet.
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Dunban67  +   821d ago
Grade D

very poor effort by Nintenod so far

trying to salvage quarterly earnings (short term thinking) by sacrificing the investment needed for the Wii U- also sacrificing the patience of so e of its most loyal fas who purchased it at launch- (causing long term problems)

More and more people see thru the less than sincere veneer of Nintendo

PS the article says 4 million in sales is a victory (they don t quite have 4 million yet) but in fact the sales performance is historically bad by console standards= so even a Wii U community web site should not pretend that their sales effort to date is a victory - far from it
RPG_Lover  +   821d ago
The company gets an A. All launches are rough, but its a fun system with lots of exclusives
Thepcz  +   821d ago
nintendo blew it
they had an entire year on the 'next gen' market with no competition and made zero impact. people even questioned whether the wiiu was/is even next gen at all. thats a failure right there, for a start.

now ps4/x1 are here with what is clearly (in the eyes of the consumer) vastly more powerful/advance tech, its hard to see the wiiu stand a chance.

of course the fans will keep the wiiu afloat, but i cant see the wiiu ever competing with ps4/x1 sales wise. maybe even games wise, particularly as 3rd party support is so limited.

nintendo really need to step up their advertising, they really need to market the wiiu correctly, because right now, nobody gets it... in every sense.

they need to secure more 3rd party exclusives, they need to secure more of the big multi-platform games...

they need to start making game that we want, instead of force-feeding us party games and mini-games collections.

there are just so many things....

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