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IGN breaks embargo, gives Super Mario 3D World 9.6/10 and then removes their review

IGN accidentally released their video review of Super Mario 3D World briefly today and gave the game a 9.6/10. Shortly after they removed the video and it is no longer available on the web until the November 19th embargo expires. (Super Mario 3D World, Wii U)

Moonman  +   501d ago
*faints* ;p
Chupa-Chupa  +   501d ago
The game is a must either way. If Famitsu gave it a 38, it's a must have game. http://gematsu.com/2013/11/...
Concertoine  +   501d ago
famitsu gave resident evil 6 a 39/40.
i wanted to trust them on their sonic lost world review (36/40) and that game was terrible.
i dont think famitsu's been anywhere near trustworthy for a long time.
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ritsuka666  +   501d ago
Capcom have payed for this score RE6,that's for sure.
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BosSSyndrome  +   501d ago
Sonic Lost World f*****g rocks.
Concertoine  +   501d ago
hey that's your opinion.
in my opinion its horribly mishandled with the wisp powers completely unaccounted for, filled with terrible villains and a bad story. the controls are loose and the game slows to a crawl way too much. it feels like a mario galaxy wanna-be if i'm honest. even the soundtrack, the one thing in every sonic game i can always assume to be great, was forgettable. i got my money back after i spent a week trying to like it. got deus ex instead, much better game.
ChickeyCantor  +   500d ago
" filled with terrible villains and a bad story."

Whatever crack you're smoking it must be good.
Since when did Sonic have " good " villains and "good" stories?
Concertoine  +   500d ago
Ummm shadow, eggman, metal sonic, every sonic villain ever are better than the deadly 6. They literally consist of stereotypes.
The stories for the past few games were at least cohesive and clear, lost world introduces a freaking new planet and then says nothing about it.
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TRGMatt  +   497d ago
And then there are those of us who loved RE6 and can't understand why other outlets shortchanged it so much. Very unheralded game. It was a blast to play solo.
_QQ_  +   501d ago
ZeekQuattro  +   501d ago
Nice find.
_QQ_  +   501d ago | Well said
3D world is more than likely going to be the highest Rated game of the new Generation for a while.
Neonridr  +   501d ago
from their scores, sounds like this could still be a GOTY contender..
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deafdani  +   501d ago
Hell yeah. I'm seriously considering taking a day off work so I can have a long weekend to myself to play this. XD
MNGamer-N  +   501d ago
*cough* I'm feeling *cough* sick >;D
Thepcz  +   501d ago
we must have a different standard on what is beautiful. NSMB just isnt even a good looking game. its merely functional.

nintendo havent gone out of the way to make it stylish, or attractive... like the recent rayman games... or any modern 'cartoon' game for that matter.

this mario 3d world has that same by-the-numbers look to its graphics.

i just dont find it appealing.
deafdani  +   501d ago
I have a feeling you'll be swimming against the current here. I'm pretty sure once the reviews are up, the majority, of them will consider the game beautiful-looking, if not ALL of them.

New Super Mario Bros U doesn't have spectacular graphics by any means, but it's still a good looking game. Although, yeah, it's basically the same graphics as the Wii version, but in HD. That doesn't stop it from being a damn blast to play, though.

Coming back to 3D World... yeah, we must have seen different trailers, then. It looks pretty damn good graphically, to me, and pretty much everyone else.

But whatever, you seem to be so set in hating EVERYTHING Nintendo does, so I don't even know why I'm arguing with you here.
Thepcz  +   500d ago
''New Super Mario Bros U doesn't have spectacular graphics by any means, but it's still a good looking game. ''

its not a good looking game, thats the point. its just functional. all function with no consideration for the form, which results in a game which seems soulless.

''That doesn't stop it from being a damn blast to play, though.''

you cant pull the wool over my eyes, i have NSMB on the wii and it is very dull. and i am a big mario fan. but i will not stick up for a game that is just dull through and through.

''yeah, we must have seen different trailers, then. It looks pretty damn good graphically, to me, and pretty much everyone else.

i think people arent being honest. as i said, people dont seem to care that NSMB graphic style is terrible. people dont seem to care that wii sports and the like feature merely functional graphics. thats what fanboyism does- makes you blind, deaf and dumb to what are clearly short comings.

it isnt me being a hater or a troll, just honest. in fact, im just stating the obvious. the game doesnt look that good.
deafdani  +   500d ago
"You cant pull the wool over my eyes, i have NSMB on the wii and it is very dull."

And I was talking about Mario Bros U, which isn't the same game you have for Wii. Because, you know... it's a Wii U game, and yes, it's a blast to play for the majority of players.

Want to say it just didn't appeal to YOU? Fair enough. But your sentiment, again, goes against the majority.

But yeah, EVERYONE must be lying. You, and only you, speak the truth.

Whatever you say, man.
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for we are many  +   500d ago
Then go play your "exceptionally beautiful and extremely fun to play" knack, or sony's flagship 1st party exclusive and genre defining shooter, kz: the definition of boredom, or the indie arthouse gem, contrast, and leave Mario 3D World, WW HD, DK, Pikmin 3 and Wonderful 101 to the Nintendo nerds, we want that kind of crap.
SpiralTear  +   501d ago
I really didn't expect IGN to give this game such a high score, though.

Oh well. Still excited to play it.
deafdani  +   501d ago
Why not? So far, they've rated all of the 3D Mario Games above 90, with the majority scoring 95 or higher. IGN (and everyone in general) love 3D Mario platformers.
Misaka_x_Touma  +   501d ago
Are you doubting the team that did all 3D Mario.
LAWSON72  +   501d ago
I need both a Wii u and 3ds but I have no money to spend :(
jcnba28  +   501d ago
If anyone wants to watch the video review:

animegamingnerd  +   501d ago
this and a link between worlds will be probably be the highest rated games of the month
HardcoreDaBoss  +   501d ago
this is awesome news. If they bundle this game then wii u would possibly outsell xbox and ps4.
bullymangLer  +   501d ago
imagine an ultra special limited edition Bayonetta 2 wiiU bundLe .. . .
HardcoreDaBoss  +   501d ago
yeah that would be something worth grabbing for new owners. Have you seen The videos yet? Its running in 1080p at 60 fps. I think its the best looking game ive seen from any next gen console so far...
AJBACK2FRAG  +   501d ago
Mmmmmm delicious!!!!!
RAFFwaff  +   501d ago
Quote just in from Reggie: "My gibblets are Ready!!"
MNGamer-N  +   501d ago
I can't believe I give Nintendo this much money. I just keep thinking about all the awesomeness about to be unleashed on my poor wallet. My wife is already pissed.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   501d ago
It's going to be that way... Forever!!!!!
-Foxtrot  +   501d ago
Going to get a lot of hate for this and disagreed to death but it has to be pointed out...and deep down you know it to

Anyway no offence but if a game these days had co-op but didn't feature online co-op it would be called for it in the reviews and would end up loosing points but here it's a pro "Great co-op multiplayer" - come on. It's happened before...why is it Nintendo always end up getting a free pass with these things. No wonder they don't strive to push the company forward and get with the times...we don't give them a reason to. Doesn't anyone want them to get the company on the right track, if they fall too far behind with this ever changing industry and technology is always been pushed forward these days, then they are going to fall too far behind to catch up and I don't want to see that happen to them....we need them in this industry.

Anyway I hope when we get the spiritual successor to 64, Sunshine and Galaxy this gen in the future we get online co-op, it's one of the few franchises where they can add it and it wouldn't be a bad thing.
weekev15  +   501d ago
Because if it had online coop there would be complaints about lag ruining the multiplayer experience.

Im a Nintendo fanboy but an objective 1. They cant seem to get online right. Take Wii Sports Club. Great game, really good online...unless your opponent has bad speeds, then it becomes impossible.

It also gets a free pass because it doesnt need online for the multiplayer to be fun as hell.
bobacdigital  +   500d ago
The lag that I get in Wii Sports club in some matches is insane ... This is most likely the key reason Nintendo does not include online in most its games... Lag kills the experience...
ChickeyCantor  +   500d ago

Either Nintendo creates specific spaghetti code for each game and makes it harder to implement net code or they are highly incompetent at implementing net code.
BosSSyndrome  +   501d ago
I do agree with you. Fans do need to be more aggressive in getting Nintendo to embrace online. But, many games have multiplayer as a main focus, with their 4 hour campaign taking a back seat. Whereas in mario, that isn't the case.
for we are many  +   501d ago
The disagrees you might get is not only because your opinion might be wrong, but also because that you popup on every Mario 3D World article promoting negativity, it is like you have a personal grudge with this game. And the whole "online" thing is an issue raised to downplay the quality, fun and excellence of execution that is apparent in all gameplay previews and trailers, so "reviewers" can knock some points for that while ignoring for example the utterly bad online in certain games (like GTAV) to give those games as much perfect scores as possible. The nature of Mario's gameplay doesn't go well with online play unlike maybe MK and SSB, I am even skeptical about local multiplayer in that game, but it's better that the person who might ruin your experience(i.e trolling by sending u to ur death jumping on your head) is beside you in the same room so you can at least unleash your vendetta on them! and not only "Rage Quit", something u can only do in local multiplayer.
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Fanboyssuck27  +   501d ago
Well said.
Thepcz  +   500d ago
''Then go play your "exceptionally beautiful and extremely fun to play" knack''

dont know what you mean, i havent even seen the game beyond the little clip that was shown at e3. i dont care about knack.

i dont care about killzone either. well, i do acknowledge its good at what it does, but i dont get where you are going with your comparisons and insinuations that i am a sony fan.

perhaps i have an opinion. just saying what i think, just as you are.
for we are many  +   500d ago
Then go comment and give "your opinion" on ps4's launch and failure rate or the quality of its UI and highly hyped launch 1st party titles and delays of major 3rd party games. A large cross section of sony fans hate Nintendo and M$ more than they love Sony, they especially target Nintendo's franchises with as much negativity and hate as possible instead of focusing on the games they love; alas, by employing this apparent double standard approach, they adhere ever so intimately to the definition of hypocrisy.
Thepcz  +   501d ago
even with no online im not feeling the look of this game.

nothing can gloss over the fact its not a next mario 64, sunshine or galaxy. its some bastard in between.

it just seems like mario on a budget.

i dont care what the reviews say, the same way the reviews said NSMB is cool, when it is just an empty soulless game.
deafdani  +   501d ago
Yet if Nintendo went third party and this game came for the PS3 /PS4, you would wet your pants. :)
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_QQ_  +   501d ago
thats the .4 it loses, games don't get marked down in reviews for what they aren't, the score is based of the experience playing what is there. If the game is still amazing without online multiplayer so be it, although it would be nice to have.

the thing is you must be thinking of games that don't have much going for them that NEED online to boost play time ect.

@thepcz how can you say a game with a soundtrack comprised of mostly Jazz is soulless?!?
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Fanboyssuck27  +   501d ago
He says it because he is nothin more than a sad troll. Thepcz, foxtrot and LOLwut need to be ignored, they are all delusional with some kind of hate vendetta against Nintendo.

They should change their names to insecurity.
crazy_man  +   501d ago
Actually the only con that they stated in the video (also listed with the score in the last few seconds) was that in the multiplayer the camera likes to annoyingly stretch too often.
Thepcz  +   501d ago
'' how can you say a game with a soundtrack comprised of mostly Jazz is soulless?!?''

the game has none of the charm of the other mario games. it seems workman-like. its not a beautiful game, in fact, its ugly.

''He says it because he is nothin more than a sad troll. Thepcz, foxtrot and LOLwut need to be ignored, they are all delusional with some kind of hate vendetta against Nintendo.''

troll, no. disappointed with recent nintendo games, yes.

vendetta? no. saying it how it is, yes.
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Neonridr  +   501d ago
@Thepcz - the game is in no way ugly. The art style and graphics perfectly suit the style of gameplay and go hand-in-hand with the upbeat and energetic soundtrack. Like any great Mario game before it, it's all about the experience. No previous 3D Mario game required online co-op and they were stellar single player experiences. Now we have a game that embraces local co-op to go along with a great single player experience and you are complaining because it's lacking a feature it has never had in the past..
truechainz  +   501d ago
I gave them a reason to. Even though I don't think online co-op would work well on mario (or at least I wouldn't care for it), I think Bingo Battle for Pikmin 3, and the Starfox battle mode on 3ds absolutely should have been online. There was a survey about online importance which I became a club nintendo member specifically for the purpose of filling out that survey to let them know I wanted online. I'm giving them plenty reason to in areas where I know my voice will be heard. What are you doing?
tweet75  +   501d ago
the only game that may be better is a link between worlds
Dunban67  +   500d ago
Is there any chance this "accidental" release of the video and score by IGN not an accident but a smart marketing ploy that both IGN and Nintendo were part of?

What a great way to give a little taste of what is to come and get people excited and wanting more- weather or not it was intentional or not it sure seemed to work well for Nintenod, IGN and Mario 3D
Hifist1  +   500d ago
Pretty awesome score, too bad i don't own the console itself.
FlyingFoxy  +   500d ago
The game looks great, though i have to admit i am a bit disappointed by the "Bite size levels" remark by IGN. I'm guessing the levels are roughly the same length as 3D Land, which is ok. But i would have expected them to be extended a bit longer seeings its titled "3D World"

In that case, i would hope it has more levels than 3D Land then.
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Misaka_x_Touma  +   500d ago
there 90 levels and more than 8 worlds
plus tons of other features
Dubaman  +   500d ago
Link still up: http://v.youku.com/v_show/i...

From the 'meh'-ish moment of its reveal to review, this game has completely changed my opinion of it. It looks like absolutely amazing fun and its released just after my payday.....

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KINGJAYDUCK  +   497d ago
I always see people bash Nintendo about their graphics or lack of... Listen, Nintendo doesn't care about how games look. They care about how it plays and the experience. I have been playing Nintendo games since the 80's (yes, I'm probably a lot older than most of you) and have always enjoyed them. I remember getting my first NES that included the light gun and power pad, for Christmas. It was my most favorite Christmas memory. Since then I have bought every single major Nintendo console. The Wii U will NEVER be "more powerful" than the PS4 or ONE, but what they lack in power, they will certainly make up in game playability and making those "must have" titles. I'm no "fan boy" of any company. They are multi-billion dollar corporations. They don't need people yelling who's the "best" and who "sucks". As you all can see from my profile pic, I bought a PS4 at launch, but there is no game I want to play more right now than Super Mario 3D World.

Enjoy the games... Stop with all the BS talk.

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