Media Molecule Takes a Hands-On Approach in the Latest Tearaway Trailer

A new trailer has dropped for PS Vita’s Tearaway, this time explaining why Tearaway is such a perfect match for the handheld and how the game utilizes the console’s many input and control functions; the demonstration shows how the player can use the PS Vita’s rear touch panel to effectively push their fingers up through the ground to interact with enemies and the environment. Who thought playing with paper could look so fun?

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GdaTyler1860d ago

Hope this game sells well. Lots of effort I can see was put into this. Looks so creative and adorable. :3

Protagonist1860d ago

Nope! we them Vita exlusives and the game could not be ported for the PS3/PS4 anyway, as it is tailor made for the PS Vita.

badz1491860d ago

pre-ordered mine already. looks good so far. Puppeteer is a great game that many overlook and I shall recommend it to any platformer fan. THIS will be great on the Vita. can't wait!