Bungie Adds “Epic Last Minute Footage” to Tonight’s PS4 All Access Trailer

PS4 All Access host Geoff Keighley just dropped on twitter another of his proverbial teases, mentioning that the folks at Bungie just added some “Epic Last Minute Footage” to the trailer of the upcoming shooter Destiny, that is going to be showcased tonight during the live broadcast at 11 PM EST on Spike TV.

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sinncross1653d ago

wow, so nice Bungie. Cant wait to see this trailer!

TomShoe1653d ago

Both the reports of duplicate stories link to eachother...


thereapersson1653d ago

N4GCeption! Hahaha...

Seriously though, I imagine that this is because Bungie has exclusive content for the PS4 version.

Foxgod1653d ago

exclusive, so sony got the $$$ talking again by buying exclusivity...

Bathyj1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Maybe Bungie are just rebelling from their parents by sleeping with that guy with the nose ring they dont like.

It may suprize you but more devs want to show Playstation the love over Xbox. Virtually no one would choose to be Xbox exclusive except for the dollars. Many devs choose to work on Playstation.

Not saying Sony never sweetens the deal at all, but its widely known they are easier to work with, have better hardware and will have a larger install base from the start. Whats not to like?

rayzorn1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

im glad bungie is going multi console. I always thought gears looked good.

cant wait for destiny it kinda looks like a borderlands type game. prob without the humor though.

thanks najabes idk what I was thinking. haven't even started drinking tonight wtf.

Nujabes_1652d ago

You're thinking of Epic Games. Bungies makes Halo.

thereapersson1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

A welcome change, as I was probably the only in my group of friends who thought some of the humor in Borderlands felt forced or uninspired.

Agent_00_Revan1652d ago

It seems there's going to be all kinds of awesome announcements tonight!! 90 MINS!!

Goku7811652d ago

Kool man. This and SS are the two most wanted by me at this time.

pinkyxyz1652d ago

YES YES F***ING YES!!!!!!!!! I love you sony

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