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Naughty Dog teasing their game on PlayStation 4 with "Greatness Awaits"?

Both of Naughty Dog’s co-presidents, Evan Wells and Christophe Balestra seems to have gotten their retail PlayStation 4 ahead of its official launch. They both tweet out the pictures of the retail box along with the “Greatness Awaits” slogan. Are they hinting at potential reveal of their brand new game for PlayStation 4 at Sony’s pre-launch event or at VGAs? (Naughty Dog, PS4)

Update Naughty Dog's recruiting manager Candace Walker also tweets a picture of the Naughty Dog team looking at something on a monitor along with hashtag #PS4 and #Greatnessawaits

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stonecold3  +   596d ago
hope it s uncharted 4 .
mafiahajeri  +   596d ago
Me too.
mikeslemonade  +   596d ago
It's obviously a Jak game in space.
abzdine  +   596d ago
I think they're happy Crash is back to PlayStation
mikeslemonade  +   596d ago
Crash is published by Activision. It wouldn't even be an exclusive if it came out.
mattdillahunty  +   596d ago
i really, really, really hope it's not Uncharted 4. and this is coming from somebody who loved Uncharted 1 and 2 (haven't played the third yet).

gaming is so saturated with sequels nowadays, on ALL platforms, that we need to start holding developers' and publishers' feet to the fire and demanding they give us some new and quality IPs. and i'm talking all devs and publishers, not just Naughty Dog (they actually did a good thing by showing that a new IP can be released, sell well and be amazing with TLoU).
mikeslemonade  +   596d ago
Me too, exact same reason. Uncharted 2 is my 2nd favorite game of last generation. A true next-gen platformer is gonna be mind-boggling if its Jak. It will show Nintendo how platforming is really done.
warczar  +   596d ago

I completely agree with you when it comes to games that are on a yearly cycle i.e. COD but you can't say that about Uncharted 3. There was a two year gap between 2 & 3 and I'm telling you that you are missing out on a great game if your not gonna play 3.
webeblazing  +   595d ago
I love uncharted and still haven't played last of us yet everyone bday this month partying too much, but I like how every gen the started with a new franchise. I want a new game I think its the reason why ND are so talented.
Rainstorm81  +   596d ago
As much as i love Uncharted....i hope its a new ND franchise
Blackdeath_663  +   596d ago
same. why limit a developer, that is clearly creative enough to create new ideas and make them an instant hit like they did with TLoU, to one franchise only. they should attempt UC4 when they are more familiar with the hardware to make something truly mind blowing like UC2 was
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blackbeld  +   596d ago
Yep, a new franchise would be better. Uncharted 4 also welcoming.

Whatever they bring it will be great.
Enemy  +   596d ago
If it is Uncharted, it'll probably be their last entry before they pass down the IP to another Sony 1st party worthy enough to carry the franchise. Sony Bend probably (if they aren't already busy with the Syphon Filter reboot).

Naughty Dog focuses on a new IP every new generation. This gen, (or next, starting tomorrow), they'll be more focused on The Last of Us and new projects.

Seeing what they were able to pull off with the PS3 hardware is insane. Uncharted 3 is still the best looking console game of this generation, so everyone should be excited for a new Uncharted.
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GenericNameHere  +   596d ago
A new Naughty Dog game did come out exactly 5 months ago. It's called The Last of Us, and gained highly favorable reviews and sold really well.

People say they want a new IP from them, but forget that TLOU is a new IP, and it's not even half a year old yet. I want a new IP as their first PS4 game, but if it's an old one, I wouldn't mind.
QuickdrawMcgraw  +   596d ago
I could be wrong but did ND not just give us a new franchise?
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HighResHero  +   596d ago
I would love a new IP. After Golden Abyss I could use a break from "finding another way around" for a few months.

I like uncharted and I love the characters, but wouldn't mind seeing some other variety first.
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Indo  +   596d ago

Uncharted 4 will be a bomb announcement and will blow minds because their track record for great games. But I actually hope, probaly won't happen anytime soon, that a Jak & Dexter game be released. Love the Jak & Dexter series, and played all including the psp Dexter with utter joy.
linkenski  +   596d ago
That was the first thing I thought of. It sounds like something a wise old man would say to drake on an epic journey of his.
SmokingMonkey  +   596d ago
1st Uncharted 4
2nd Last of Us 2/Too
3rd New IP (well researched and thought out)

Naughty Dog's Super Racer Mash Up for the Vita.

race as a clicker? I'm in.
frostypants  +   596d ago
Agree. The first Uncharted was when the PS3 first really came into its own. If they did an Uncharted game for the PS4, I can't even imagine how awesome it would look...
hellzsupernova  +   596d ago
I htink it will be Uncharted 4, just because its such a big name for Sony and they need to push consoles! and people love uncharted
TBONEJF  +   596d ago
Themba76  +   596d ago
it is
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   596d ago
You got your wish my friend..im glad it's uncharted..I can't freaking wait!!!!!!!!
windblowsagain  +   596d ago
Of course it is.
come_bom  +   595d ago
To bad it's Uncharted. I would prefer a new IP. The Space game seemed like a good idea.
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AllyBhoy82  +   596d ago
Hope its something new
Livecustoms  +   596d ago
OttoniBastos  +   596d ago
Naughty GOD*
DestinyHeroDoomlord  +   596d ago
"Kill your parents..." "I will god" haha
OrangePowerz  +   596d ago
That's reading a bit too much into it. I would post the same if I would have one :)
Blackdeath_663  +   596d ago
they are working on something that's for sure probably to be revealed next year's E3
OrangePowerz  +   596d ago
They do work on probably 2 PS4 games. But anyone would post that especially a Sony employee :)
ginsunuva  +   596d ago
Not reading too much into it at all.

Greatness from Small Beginnings.

Spot on.
chrissx  +   596d ago
ND announce a brand new IP!
AceBlazer13  +   596d ago
new ip pls
MoB21  +   596d ago
Worst article ever. Greatness Awaits is the PS4 slogan why are they reading so much into it. On the other hand, please announce Jak 4 :)
WeAreLegion  +   596d ago
Dark_matter  +   596d ago
''Fasten your seat belts, for another Naughty Dog creation''
Mikelarry  +   596d ago
crash team racing reference. you know what im going to go play that now
Sizzon  +   596d ago
Ah, Crash Team Racing

great times ;)
brew  +   596d ago
They probably just want to reveal TLoU DLC tonight , and play Killzone Shadow Fall and Resogun like the rest of us. Greatness arrives soon.
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Nocando  +   596d ago
Crash Bandicoot!!
Philoctetes  +   596d ago
Maybe its TLOU in space. Joel and Ellie travel to Cape Canaveral and board an abandoned space shuttle to escape the infected. When they arrive at the International Space Station, they find that the crew was infected too, and they have to fight for survival using the laser weapons that the crew left behind. The game ends with Ellie asking Joel if she's the first woman who's ever been in space, and Joel looks her in the eye and says "Yes." Credits roll.
SmokingMonkey  +   596d ago
I...like it.
Bathyj  +   596d ago
Now that was funny
Unreal01  +   596d ago
It's beautiful.
e-p-ayeaH  +   596d ago
HighResHero  +   596d ago
Great ideas there and they could probably actually do something along those lines. Maybe you could find a way to convey some of your ideas to ND.
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tracy18  +   596d ago
It's Uncharted. "Greatness from small beginnings."
Francis Drake.
ltachiUchiha  +   596d ago
Anything Naughty Dog creates will be pure badassery. I cannot fu**ing wait to see what Naughty Dog is going to show.
Voozi  +   596d ago
"There must be a beginning of any great matter, but the continuing unto the end until it be thoroughly finished yields the true glory" - Sir Francis Drake, 1587
azshorty2003  +   596d ago
As much as I love Uncharted, I'd rather wait like 2 years and get something new Now.
mshh4  +   596d ago
It's confirmed naughty dog new game will announced today Check out @Candace_Walker's Tweet: https://twitter.com/Candace...
LoveSpuds  +   596d ago
I will honestly lap up another Uncharted or Last of Us. I would also adore another Crash Bandicoot.

But I would love to think they are working on a new project, they have such an amazing track record when it comes to new IP that my mind boggles at just what they could come up with next.
KimikoGaming  +   596d ago
Hmm... Naughty Dog... A returning series... In space...

A Crash Bandicoot game in space?
Or Nathan Drake going to space?

Either way, sounds interesting.
thebudgetgamer  +   596d ago
Interestin, In space!
ar00043  +   596d ago
In NG we trust.
tigertron  +   596d ago
I'll be so mad and upset if this isn't Crash Bandicoot.
thornh  +   596d ago
Uncharted in space works also because Drake and company may have to leave the planet to escape the Last of Us infestation. I'm reaching. Just hope the reveals are awesome. I still think we'll be seeing Demon's Souls 2 also.
mshh4  +   596d ago
It's comingCheck out @dezcalouette's Tweet: https://twitter.com/dezcalo... evan well's and christophe balestra in nyc trust me guys there are somthing bigger than the last of us dlc most of naughty dog employees in twitter said greatness await's there are somthing crazy happening right now in twitter
thebudgetgamer  +   596d ago
If it has Naughty Dog on the label I will buy it.
bigboss1990  +   596d ago
This as got to be uncharted 4 I can't wait :-)
geeniusgee602  +   596d ago
Why wouldn't it be Uncharted 4? It's a no brainer. How many copies would it sell? Sony knows how much the title is anticipated. Would be great news considering all the delay announcements lately.
NikonSteve  +   596d ago
Its Uncharted Kart Racing in Space
shadowsatey  +   596d ago
It's Uncharted. With no 4.
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