Assassin’s Creed: Where Can The Series Go From Here?

"The end of every Assassin’s Creed game has always left [Idris Aylwin] on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen in the next instalment of the series as Ubisoft have a tendency to use cliff-hangers in a way that EA uses money to buy out competition rather than produce better games. Altair’s story introduced us to the world of Templars and Assassins through the means of lengthy un-skippable cut-scenes that involved a man talking for hours on end in a way that kept us entertained."

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ZBlacktt1653d ago

Well, for starters AC4 is mind blowing good! The visuals, environment, story, game play, new main lead. Even as much as I looked into this game over the last 9 months. Playing it now it's completely topped all my expectations.

I'd like to see it go to China or Egypt.