State Of Sound: How To Use A Gaming Headset With PlayStation 4

GI - "We’ve been following the story of how existing gaming headsets operate on the new-generation consoles. Today, we’re telling you about some of the options you have to get chat and game audio out of the PlayStation 4 at launch."

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NegativeCreepWA952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

The earbud is horrible, I can't understand anything people are saying.

AgitatedOcelot952d ago

I can't even get it to stay in my ear. I wish my wireless ps3 headset would work with the ps4.

irokster952d ago

If you cant get that earbud to stay in your ear, your earholes must be massive or tiny.

neocores952d ago

Lol really if u cant you must be deaf the headset is pertty good.

Axecution952d ago

yeah i've had like 4 dollar earbuds on the same level as these things

GuyThatPlaysGames952d ago

I just use my earbuds from my iphone with the mic built in. Works great with awesome quality

Boody-Bandit952d ago

I'm using my Astros. They plug right into the controller and work great.

Cirehpsa952d ago

That's a shame, since I really want one, I'm a single earphone kind of person, and thought this'd be perfect for me.

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El_Colombiano952d ago

The headset is quite good guys come on

PSnation4952d ago

every1 has a headset.. every single lobby theres only like 1 other person with a mic -_-

JMaine518952d ago (Edited 952d ago )

Ever think people could be in a party chat

azshorty2003952d ago

Im starting to think mine is broken. I haven't heard a single person.

Come on people! I was looking forward to the fact that Everyone would have one an eliminate that excuse.

AgitatedOcelot952d ago

I think for the most part the problem is people just want to avoid talking to other people. It's an entire text generation. I'm the same way, I avoid phone calls and prefer text messages.

Hazmat13952d ago

eh i have no need for one. got the 360 with crappy headset. and well im not a fan of buds so yeah. as for team communication like in battlefield just give me an objective and ill do it.

Supermax952d ago

Your cell phone buds work as well.

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