PS4 All Access Launch Event

This Thursday, November 14th PlayStation and Spike TV bring the PS4 All Access Live: Greatness Awaits launch event to life, celebrating the epic release of the PlayStation 4. Airing live from New York at 11pm ET/8pm PT


Admin note: As I may not be around and this is a timed event, I've bumped this story up in heat early to ensure it's top page when it goes live. Please be respectful and enjoy!

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blackbeld1585d ago

Lets celebrate! The birth of Playstation 4 and world domination finally begins!

Shadonic1585d ago

Assuming Direct Control

abzdine1585d ago

i am loving the fact they're gonna focus on games during this event!!!
games games and games is all what it's about

Thehyph1585d ago Show
XB1_PS41585d ago

OMG, I really can't wait. I'm gonna pick mine up tomorrow afternoon, because I have work in the morning. So, I'm gonna be watching the whole thing.

OT: I posted this (Almost the exact same) article yesterday, and it got taken down. Now it's back.


Army_of_Darkness1585d ago

I better hit the gym before 10pm then... Gotta prepare before Sony unleashes the Kracken!!

HammadTheBeast1585d ago


-lol sorry, I couldn't resist.

GT671585d ago

FEEL for you guys in UK here in the state the show starts at 8pm tonite.

Septic1585d ago

So lame! It'll be like 5am here and we'll be fast asleep as you Americans rejoice in one of the biggest anouncements to be made.

Well, I say it'll be Shenmue. If I'm right, you have to caress my avatar with your index finger 12 times.

Eonjay1585d ago

Its the superbowl of video games!

Consoldtobots1585d ago

uhm actually it's 11pm in the states.

minimur121585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I've got my lucozade, WKD and Doritos on standby :D

I bought a mountain dew but I'm drinking that now because I felt it wasnt like a playstation drink xD lol

Oh damn, doritos is just as bad. lol

Oh well, too late now

mikeslemonade1585d ago

Dammit I missed most of this show. What did I miss so far!? I didn't know it was gonna be this news breaking!

DOMination-1585d ago

Sooo.. I didn't watch as I'm in the UK.. looks like the only things announced was an uncharted teaser and an exclusive mission for MGSV. Is that it??

strifeblade1584d ago

That event was horrible. all this crap about msoft blowing their load early i keep reading and now i see this? where are da games sony- atleast msoft had a load of games to blow.

Greatnesss awaits...

im still waiting

P0werVR1584d ago

Greatness will await. Enjoy the walk down starting next week.

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ZodTheRipper1585d ago

After watching the new InFamous video my body is so ready for this.

Thehyph1585d ago

I bet in six hours you will be trembling and sore, and you will have full realization that your body was not ready.
Not even close.


irepbtown1584d ago

While I sit and watch the time go by... only being satisfied by youtube videos and live streams as this poor soul has to wait 14 days.

AngelicIceDiamond1585d ago

So I heard Sony's having another baby in 7 hours...

This baby shower I will attend!

DeadMansHand1585d ago

Standing in line at GameStop for my ticket. Then home for a man nap and back here in 6 hours for my ps4! Its really happening!

TBONEJF1585d ago

wish i have mine reserved earlier in the year BUT THIS IS THE YEAR OF PLAY STATION!

FamilyGuy1585d ago

Wow, nice idea forcing this to the top of the page. Very helpful.
Glad I'm on the Pacific, I get to watch this Live and still have time to pick my console up at midnight rather than trying to do it all at once.

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Kayant1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

Can't wait for announcements & hopefully neon gameplay from I:SS. Staying up for this(4am UK) xD and am not even getting anytime PS4 soon :p.

Livecustoms1585d ago

Dont know to stay up till 4am or to put an alarm clock on for 4am ? lol

minimur121585d ago

I finish work at 11, so I guess I'll be staying up lol

Kayant1585d ago

Yh I was deciding that as well but luckily I fell asleep early on so am go to go :) Just have to find something to do until then.

Unreal011585d ago

I think I'll be setting an alarm for it, I have work first thing in the morning though :(

GarrusVakarian1585d ago

Ill be attempting to stay up until 4am too.

I have the coffee at the ready.

Fluke_Skywalker1585d ago

Better to go to bed early and set an alarm. I stayed up for E3 and it nearly killed me!

fattyuk1585d ago

Start work at 7.30 am uk time!

But gotta wake up early for this... shame I can't have a few beers whilst watching :0(

Blackdeath_6631585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

when does stream start uk time?

edit: damn 4am. to sleep or not to sleep that is the question.

Guelly02091585d ago

Geoff better not be messing around and deliver life changing announcement .... For real!!!!