French Magazine: "Half of Chapters in Ryse Completed in 90 Min", Gameplay Length Pretty Small?

Ryse: Son of Rome is one of the most awaited and highly anticipated game for Xbox One, it looks amazing but graphics/visuals are definitely not the only criteria to make judgement on how good or bad a game is.

With respect to gameplay length of Ryse: Son of Rome some interesting details has arrived via French website JeuxVideo preview. The website in their preview for Ryse: Son of Rome stated, it took them just 90 minutes to complete half of the chapters of the game

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Abash1493d ago

Wow thats abysmal if true

JokesOnYou1493d ago

Well I read elsewhere there were 6 chapters which take 45-1hr each I believe, so at best its only 6hrs long accordimg to that but these type of games generslly come down to play style, maybe its short I dont know so we'll see.

VENOMACR12271493d ago

I'll be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this game. All the people blasting the PS4 reviews of Knack and whatever else, just wait till Ryse. I have a feeling it's going to be great graphics, crappy game play and will get a score around a 5. Forza will be the highest rated game for the X1.

BallsEye1493d ago

TES: Skyrim story can be completed in 2 hours. I spen over 500 in the game. Ofcourse Ryse can not compete with skyrim when it comes to variety and size but I wouldn't judge games lenght by someone saying 90 mins to finish half of it. Most of games I own I can finish in few hours in speed run on normal difficulty not caring about extra stuff.

DevilishSix1493d ago

LOL, Ryse is no Skyrim and to compare the two is embarassing and an insult.

BallsEye1493d ago


LOL did you even read the post? I've noticed plenty of people around here can't read with understanding...a toddlers skill.

Neonridr1493d ago

Will wait to hear more on this one before I comment. But yeah, if it's true then that's even worse than the campaigns on Ghosts and BF4.

Xsilver1493d ago

That would be really Bad for a game like Ryse which is a game you buy for the SP.

majiebeast1493d ago

Should have crunched harder.

iamnsuperman1493d ago

I hope not as the campaign is going to be the most important part of this game (if past games in this genre are anything to go by)

majiebeast1493d ago

Did you see the multiplayer? Yeah SP is gonna be the meat and bones of this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.