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Submitted by eezo 817d ago | rumor

French Magazine: "Half of Chapters in Ryse Completed in 90 Min", Gameplay Length Pretty Small?

Ryse: Son of Rome is one of the most awaited and highly anticipated game for Xbox One, it looks amazing but graphics/visuals are definitely not the only criteria to make judgement on how good or bad a game is.

With respect to gameplay length of Ryse: Son of Rome some interesting details has arrived via French website JeuxVideo preview. The website in their preview for Ryse: Son of Rome stated, it took them just 90 minutes to complete half of the chapters of the game (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

Hard to tell
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Abash  +   817d ago
Wow thats abysmal if true
JokesOnYou  +   817d ago
Well I read elsewhere there were 6 chapters which take 45-1hr each I believe, so at best its only 6hrs long accordimg to that but these type of games generslly come down to play style, maybe its short I dont know so we'll see.
VENOMACR1227  +   817d ago
I'll be honest, I didn't have high hopes for this game. All the people blasting the PS4 reviews of Knack and whatever else, just wait till Ryse. I have a feeling it's going to be great graphics, crappy game play and will get a score around a 5. Forza will be the highest rated game for the X1.
BallsEye  +   817d ago
TES: Skyrim story can be completed in 2 hours. I spen over 500 in the game. Ofcourse Ryse can not compete with skyrim when it comes to variety and size but I wouldn't judge games lenght by someone saying 90 mins to finish half of it. Most of games I own I can finish in few hours in speed run on normal difficulty not caring about extra stuff.
DevilishSix  +   817d ago
LOL, Ryse is no Skyrim and to compare the two is embarassing and an insult.
BallsEye  +   817d ago

LOL did you even read the post? I've noticed plenty of people around here can't read with understanding...a toddlers skill.
Neonridr  +   817d ago
Will wait to hear more on this one before I comment. But yeah, if it's true then that's even worse than the campaigns on Ghosts and BF4.
Xsilver  +   817d ago
That would be really Bad for a game like Ryse which is a game you buy for the SP.
majiebeast  +   817d ago
Should have crunched harder.
iamnsuperman  +   817d ago
I hope not as the campaign is going to be the most important part of this game (if past games in this genre are anything to go by)
majiebeast  +   817d ago
Did you see the multiplayer? Yeah SP is gonna be the meat and bones of this game.
R0n0rve  +   817d ago
I'm really hoping this isn't true. 3 hour campaign for a game like Ryse is disgraceful. Oh well, I'll see next week.
Hercules189  +   817d ago
One thing they forgot to mention is what difficulty they were playing on. If they played it on easiest settings than that makes sense that its a 3hr campaign.
Allsystemgamer  +   817d ago
It took me 5 hours to beat cod ghosts on normal. Even if this is easy it's bad. Especially for a game like this. Almost every game in this genre is atleast 6-8 in easy
Hercules189  +   817d ago
The one thing that also gives me hope is even if it took them 90 min for half of the chapters, maybe the other half is twice as long and maybe also having a single player expansion shortly after launch.
Allsystemgamer  +   817d ago
True. Some chapters are extremely short. As an example in HALO CE the first level can be beat in about 15-20 on a speed run but later levels can take at least an hour
IHassounah  +   815d ago
or maybe they skip cut scenes ?
Niv  +   817d ago
And milk us for dlc $60 turns into $120
GarrusVakarian  +   817d ago
Please don't be true. Im not paying £40 for that.
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Ko_Uraki  +   817d ago
Nothing more than a report from the preview event of San Francisco.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   817d ago
And that's why I play my games on the hardest setting. I cheat myself if I play any game on regular. Hard is the new normal.
GarrusVakarian  +   817d ago
Couldn't agree more. Its amazing how much more value and how better of an experience you get if you play games on Hard.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   817d ago
LoL!! I had this one board on CoD World at War Veteran I was stuck on for 3 days. It seemed like every grenade that was thrown to me stuck automatically! Hours of getting my azzed kicked! That was the first time I threw my controller on the floor. Ever!! And I completed the game.

That's why I like Achievements. And if all else fails....?! There is YouTube, LOL!!
Mexxan  +   817d ago
Crap. I hope not. I was hoping more for a 12-15 hour - wishful thinking I know.
ma1asiah  +   817d ago
Firstly I'm calling straight up BS to this,

Secondly how did these french indivduals get their hands on a game that doesn't release until next week OR is this the same as the peeps who got their X1 early from Target??

Now I don't know, if you skip all cinematics play the game on the easiest mode possible then hmmmmmm nah even then I would say 90 minutes to complete half the chapters is pushing it.

I'm going to have a guess and say that the games length if there is no side quests and if it is just a straight up linear story hmmm maybe somewhere in the 6 - 8 hour ball park figure. BUT definitely not 3 hours as this site is implying.

In fact how long are most Crytek game campaigns

If memory serves me right I am sure Crysis 3 was somewhere around 5 hours on average and Crysis 2 was on average about 8 hours played on normal.
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iamnsuperman  +   817d ago
"I'm going to have a guess and say that the games length if there is no side quests and if it is just a straight up linear story"

What type of game do you think Ryse is? It isn't going to have side quest since it is apparently very story driven (like most games in the genre which is why the campaign is so important)

"Secondly how did these french indivduals get their hands on a game that doesn't release until next week OR is this the same as the peeps who got their X1 early from Target?? "

It is a French magazine doing a preview of the game (after reading the source material it is very in depth about all the launch titles). The French magazine (being in the media) probably get a preview invite to a Microsoft office in France (similarly to how some UK reviewers reviewed the PS4's games even though the PS4 isn't coming out till the end of the month. This could even been based off a review as the One is coming out next week and it's embargo lifts soon)
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ma1asiah  +   817d ago
There is one level that they (MS and the development team at Crytek during a Q & A session with the public) streamed live over Twitch in its entirety, it ran between 40 - 50 minutes in total,(I think they had the difficulty setting set to normal/default). So how do you explain that if half the game is 90 minutes long how one level alone is half of that time.

Hence why I call BS on this one.
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ma1asiah  +   817d ago
Another point is if you look at the translation

"It took us an hour and a half to beat nearly half the chapters of the game, so let's say it now, we have little hope to see our final review sing another song (unless some kind of end game miracle or on coop mode "

If they haven't played the game in its entirety then how did they know they were at the half way point?

Or does it have acheivements based on chapters completed that would offer up this type of info.

The campaign is single player only as far as I'm aware, the multiplayer arena mode is the only co op mode that has been mentioned so this brings up the question are they specifically talking about the campaign mode or are they talking about the arena mode with which you possibly could tell by how many map variations etc there are as to if you are at the half way point. Plus that might make a little more sense if that took them 90 minutes to complete half of them.
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christocolus  +   817d ago
Hope it isnt true but lol it didnt take long for some well known sony fanboys(maji..., xsil etc) to come out with pitchforks and you guys not take a break? Or you just keep waiting for something negative about the xbx one to show up so you attack in packs?..there is a ps4 event in just a few hours atleast i thought that would keep you guys busy for a
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Belking  +   817d ago
lol..thats bogus. I can't believe people actually believe this stuff.
dansdooz  +   817d ago
Hope this isnt true, one journalist said he played for 3hrs, about 5 chapters i thought.
Convas  +   817d ago
The Livestream of the 3rd level took 40+ plus on normal with Marius have some upper level buffs.

So ... yeah. I'm not sold on this.
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SuicideKing  +   817d ago
I don't buy it, no way crytek would make it that short.
asyouburn  +   817d ago
3-4 hrs of laser focused awesomeness is better than a bunch of filler. If ryse can keep up the awesomeness for that long, it'd be doing better than some games in the genre
WeAreLegion  +   817d ago
Crytek has never really done short campaigns, so I doubt this.
n4gamingm  +   817d ago
3 hour i'm pretty sure its longer than that at least 6 hours
osprey19  +   817d ago
I dnt think this is true at all. We all saw the showing at e3 and that small mission alone had to be cut shorter during the presentation due to it being too long, so i dunno how they came up with this.
giggsy13  +   813d ago
I've just finished it on PS4. Wow, let me tell you guys it's awesome. It took me 52 hours and that was skipping a lot of the cut scenes.

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