PC Gamer: Europa Universalis: Rome Review

Of course, the patch that will really transform this game won't be made by Paradox. The experts behind RTW mod Europa Barbarorum have already announced they will be working their magic on this too. If Europa Universalis: Rome isn't already the most convincing strategic-level recreation of Roman empire building around, there's a very good chance it will be six months from now.

You'll love:
- Believable wars
- Smart AI
- Immersive events

You'll hate:
- Cursory battles
- No feedback on actions
- Uninformative interface

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bovi3884d ago

Europa Barbarorum is focusing on EB2 currently, which is for Medieval 2 Total War. A release of EB for EUR within six months is... highly unlikely. We thank you for your vote of confidence however.

-bovi, EB bug hunter