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IGN- The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Review

IGN:Simultaneously nostalgic and novel, A Link Between Worlds is up there with the very best Zelda games (3DS, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds) 9.4/10

Neonridr  +   621d ago
Awesome to hear it is going to live up to the hype.
user7402931  +   621d ago
makes me want a 3ds
jcnba28  +   621d ago
Zelda never disappoints!
SonyNGP  +   621d ago
Unless it was Skyward Sword. That was pretty...average...
Neonridr  +   621d ago
Metacritic and Journalists alike are all disagreeing with you right now..
Venox2008  +   621d ago
sorry, but i loved SS a lot, one of best zeldas for me, plus i loved controls
SonyNGP  +   621d ago

Let them. That won't change the fact that I thought the game was average compared to the rest in the series. The motion controls was such a turn-off.


No need to apologize dude. Nothing wrong with liking a game that someone else doesn't :P
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OMNlPOTENT  +   621d ago
i loved the motion controls :D It isn't my favorite in the series but it's certainly one of the better ones to me.
Samus HD  +   621d ago
what are u talking about?? O_o
Skyward sword is my favourite of all time
TheEvilWithin  +   621d ago
This what I'm talking about! I might grab a 3DS this Christmas or just wait to pick it up during tax time when I get my PS4.

Waiting for the Super Mario 3D World Reviews. Going to buy it Day 1 but I just want to know what other people were thinking about the game.
Neonridr  +   621d ago
Famitsu gave Mario 3D World a near perfect score.

I have a feeling it will average out to a 9. Here's hoping I'm wrong and it's 10's across the board.
TheEvilWithin  +   621d ago
Yea saw the Famitsu scores for Japan. Other sites have been hinting at there reviews by saying how special the game is and giving nothing but praise. Can't wait to see what the final thoughts are on it.
schlanz  +   620d ago
I have a feeling it will be closer to SMG 1&2 scores.. 9.7 territory.
YoungPlex  +   621d ago
I loved a Link to the Past so I'm sure that I'll love this despite that Destructoid review. I've been seeing a lot of great scores, but at the end of the day It's a Zelda game that's a sequel to the first Zelda game I ever beat so no review needed but always nice to see either way...
Loadedklip  +   621d ago
Game looks incredible ... both refreshing and classic at the same time ... can't wait. Zelda is one of the greatest franchises in the history of gaming for good reason.
McScroggz  +   621d ago
This game looks really great. It's just sad that the Zelda has never been able to elevate its storytelling. I can only imagine a Zelda game that has a story on par with its music/gameplay. I can only hope it happens one day.
Loadedklip  +   621d ago
Skyward Sword has a great story, fantastic characters, very interesting new main villain and great cinematics ... it just needed voice acting.
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The_Villager  +   621d ago
Another stellar title from Nintendo EAD!
johny5  +   621d ago
A Link to the Past, My favorite Zelda game.....
is now my favorite sequel!
silkrevolver  +   621d ago
I honestly wasn't as excited for this as I usually am for even a handheld Zelda game.

Now... oh my god. You have no idea.

Forget Xbox One, come Nov. 22nd - IT'S ZELDA TIME.

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