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GR: Tomorrow, the PlayStation 4 launches in North America, and with it begins the next generation (or is that now "the current generation") of the console wars. We’ve had our PS4 for a few days now and have vigorously tested Sony’s latest and maybe greatest hardware effort yet. Sony has certainly had the momentum in their corner since E3 and as early as the PlayStation Meeting back in February, but everyone’s wondering if Sony will deliver on the promise of a gaming-centric next-gen console.

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dbjj120881586d ago

I can't wait for Amazon to deliver tomorrow.

pheature1586d ago

i enjoyed reading that artical had good information with good detail

acharlez1586d ago

Agreed. Can't wait for PS4!

jgrigs091586d ago

Glad the PS4 is receiving good reviews :). I want to see both consoles do well

objectivePSfan1586d ago

I think console reviews are important but I don't get the numerical score, what point of reference do they have? What is a 10/10 for a console at launch? The ps3 when it first launched is radically different then it is today, the same will be for the ps4.

1586d ago