PlayStation 4: Greatness Delayed?

Has the PS4 fallen from grace? Gameondaily discusses.

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-Foxtrot1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Lackluster Line Up

Thats highly debatable to be honest and as I've said on multiple articles the sites giving Killzone SF low scores are the ones who gave COD Ghosts higher. Logic fails right there...

Hardware Problems

It's the internet...totally exaggerated

I think with all the good press Sony and the PS4 has gotten sites now want to watch them burn so they can report on it. I mean what can they say if it does well like they've been talking about for months.

The_Ozymandias1531d ago

Here's a question, why does a %0.2 failure get blown up to be the next RROD?

Agent_00_Revan1531d ago

Because Xbox fans need something to grasp on to. Because theres NNOOOO way the Xbox One won't have Any failures.

The_Ozymandias1531d ago

Yet a lot of these same fans are embarrassed to recall the fact that the Xbox 360 failure rate peaked at 56% last generation....thats literally 560 failures for ever 1000 consoles vs. 2 out of every 1000 on PS4.

PurpHerbison1531d ago

The lineup honestly is lackluster. But that is usually how launches go. Better games will come for sure.

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Captain Qwark 91531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

@puppy farts

I actually think ms has a better launch line up for sure but i just recently decided to go ps4 for that exact reason....

"Do people really think Sony won't come through down the line"

started slow for ps3 but a couple years in, they just kept on delivering. the amount of quality exclusives just became badly lopsided toward the end and even now, sony is still delivering where MS mostly dropped 360 software support aside from a handful of downloadable games. to top it all off, jrpgs and rpgs in general are my fav and sony will get most of those as well this gen im sure

eventually ill get both systems as each def have franchises i enjoy but this gen, ps4 is my main console with x1 being my side/multimedia console. 360 was my main this time with ps3 playing the supporting role.

Sideras1531d ago

Too be fair the lineup is much better than before. The Xbox One might have more exclusive retail games but many seem to forget about Planetside 2 for instance.

I'll be enjoying AC4 and pick up Watch Dogs next year, grab some indie games and wait for their heavy hitters.

The PS3 was collecting dust for years and they had no momentum back then now they are going stronger, I doubt they'll dissapoint now when they managed to save the PS3 that was looking like a complete disaster.

DEAD-DEVIL-DISCO1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

lackluster to some. but for others there are a few popular franchises at launch. i like nba and battlefield myself. others and i mean a shitload of others love fifa cod battlefield madden nba ac need for speed killzone. its not as bad as people make it out to be. people that dont want atleast want one of those games are the minority.

what game or franchises would make you accept the launch line up? just curious

worldwidegaming1531d ago

Nintendo had Mario ready for launch.
We should stop giving them excuses for not having a quality title ready alongside their product.

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Mystogan1531d ago

Just because you don't like COD doesn't mean that its not a good game. And it has arguably better game play than killzone. Killzone just looks good and that's about it.

MysticStrummer1531d ago

I see, so it's arguable that CoD has better gameplay but a fact that KZ just looks good and that's it.


ravinash1531d ago

Thing is I enjoyed KZ2, so I'm hoping for something more like that than just another COD copy.
Want to play COD.
Want to play KZ.
Don't know why people have such an issue with that.

Orbilator1531d ago

Not one agree that cod is better than kz. Who sounds deluded now. Kz has always been an awesome launch franchise just wish insomniac done something to as resistance was a great game.

ravinash1531d ago

It will be funny to see what happens when all the pre-orders have been picked up.... and only the standard expected number of consoles fail.

Like any electronic equipment, there will always be a few that fail. But I wonder how much that will be blown up out here on ta-int-ta-web.

devilwillcry1531d ago

Keep dreamin kid.....fact is a fact..........keep believing the lies......whatever helps you sleeo st night

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AutoCad1531d ago

not buying this till next year,no games that grab my attention.i can wait for h-hour.

Lovable1531d ago

Sane here. Come Feb 2014, I'll get my PS4 for FF 14 ARR. Oh can't fricking wait

PurpHerbison1531d ago

I love the crossplay in FFXIV:ARR! Will be welcoming all the people joining up with the PS4.

solar1531d ago

same here, i had one pre ordered the day after the announcement, but there really isn't anything i want to play yet. i always thought KZ was overrated, Infamous isnt my style, and Knack is blah.

the moment The Last Guardian hits, ill be buying one.

SoapShoes1531d ago

HA! You never planned to get one.... Unless you are completely stupid! Why preorder a day after an announcement showing games you don't like?

solar1531d ago

because i like the playstation brand? and i like shiny new tech?

HappyWithOneBubble1531d ago

I feel you. By that time you could get one for less too.

worldwidegaming1531d ago

Smart move! The games I wanted were delayed after I paid in full. No point in taking the money back now.
I will just sit back and prey i am not the 1% that are part of that "Buy a Brick" program.

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pheature1531d ago

seriously who writes these articals.

crazysammy1531d ago

I would take him on a date and not call him the next day.

PurpHerbison1531d ago

I'd like to think us reading these articles is a lot worse than the person writing them.

etownone1531d ago


Greatness..... Delayed.

etownone1531d ago



It's all good.

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