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USGamer- Assassin's Creed 4 Deserves Another Look on PS4: Review

USG:It's still not perfect because it carries the same gameplay and story missteps as its predecessor, but the graphics are much better and Vita Remote Play is a great feature for certain people. If you have to stream one excellent pirate game on your PlayStation Vita while in bed, make it Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. (Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, PS4) 4.5/5

Prime157  +   153d ago
"If you have to stream one excellent pirate game on your PlayStation Vita while in bed, make it Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag."

Not just for ac4, but that's the main reason I want a ps4, so I can play the games I want while my gf does what she wants next to me. We're both appeased.
Toon_Link  +   153d ago
100% with you here. I'm married with 2 small kids so I'm going to put remote play to good use while kids are watching Yo Gaba Gaba.
Brutallyhonest  +   153d ago
Solution - 2 displays, 1 room, pair of headphones.

I have 2 displays in my media room, 2 in my family room and 4 in my gaming room.

Yeah I know. I have issues.
That and I have a wife that is an enabler.
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Prime157  +   149d ago
My roommates as a couple have that. My gf... I just doubt lol
Brutallyhonest  +   153d ago
I already got it. Just waiting on midnight tonight to go pick up the hardware to run it on!

10 hours 3 minutes 22 seconds to go!
Toon_Link  +   153d ago
I wish I preordered from brick and mortar. I preordered during E3 on amazon and my ordered hasn't even shipped but still says will arrive Friday, but I don't know how late in the day that will be. Enjoy that new console red eyed gamer!
Brutallyhonest  +   153d ago
When ever I order from Amazon, which is too often, if it says it will be there Friday I give it a 99% chance it will arrive on time.

The only time a package didn't get to me when Amazon said it would was because of a serious storm in between me and the warehouse.

LOL @ red eyed gamer!
I will get all the sleep I need when I'm dead. -Wade Garret
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Toon_Link  +   153d ago
Right on thx for the info about amazon and enjoy that new playstation for all us gamers waiting for it to show up tomorrow.

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