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Wal-Mart May Be Vacating Wii U Stock For PS4 And Xbox One

A tipster has provided photographic proof that Wal-Mart is vacating it's Wii U Stock (Wii U)

Hard to tell
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Neonridr  +   743d ago
I am sure they are shifting the sections to make room for the new arrivals. Not too hard to see. When I go to my local Walmart all the video game sections are built, it's not like they can magically make another wall unit appear where there is no space. So it only makes sense that they have to shift all the sections to make room. I am sure the Wii U will get the short end of the stick because it isn't selling, but I highly doubt that the store won't have a new area for the Wii U stock.
secretcode  +   743d ago
Yeah, it's a reset if anything.
Army_of_Darkness  +   743d ago
Trouble in little wii town.
UltimateMaster  +   742d ago
They are getting rid of PC games are Wii U is taking the back as the PS4 is taking the front.
mikeslemonade  +   743d ago
Well it is in greater demand and it's coming out tomorrow. Why even stock the hardware when you know it's gonna sell out? Just keep the boxes by the POS machine.
Visiblemarc  +   743d ago
Not sure...space is very limited even in these huge stores. Sometimes the sections they remove are shocking, particularly during console generation shifts. Normally older gen stuff would move out, but with massive install bases, they have an edge
Wii U doesn't.

If this system goes Dreamcast I'm going to stock up and good...but profiteering aside, I feel bad seeing this happen.
Shnazzyone  +   742d ago
Yeah, an empty section before 2 new consoles release doesn't really prove much. Just says that at one store they've taken these down to start shifting the room around. No american retailer would risk not having one of the potential gaming options before black friday.

Besides, with those console releases only having 2-4 games to put up apiece, they wont need so much space that there's no room for wii U. Maybe wii will be what's put aside for room. They do share the same section.
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LordMe  +   743d ago
I work at Wal Mart overnight, and I can say this much, our Wii U games don't sell and we don't really order anymore games or systems ever. So I can see this happening.
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Anon1974  +   743d ago
Same thing happened with the Xbox 360 in Japan. Retailers just stopped stocking them eventually. If they aren't moving a product, what's the point in selling it? Shelf space is a limited resource.
Sarcasm  +   743d ago
It makes logistical sense. Why stock a product that isn't moving.

With that said, I feel so bad for Nintendo. I hope they are humbled and come out with something else that people actually want, not what they think we want.
Cacolaco  +   742d ago
Our Walmart is stocking Wii U. They just got a bunch more in with Zelda or Mario bundled. They'd be stupid not to. I think parents aren't as informed as we gamers think they are. Many of them are going to look at systems this Christmas and say, hmm, I can buy a PS4 for $399 with no games, an Xbox One for $499 (again, with no games), or a Wii U for $299 with Mario or Zelda (games that even the most uninformed parents have heard of) bundled. I'd love to own all 3 (I haven't decided between PS4 and Xbox One), but I predict that Wii U is going to sell this Christmas.
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dboyc310   743d ago | Immature | show | Replies(1)
secretcode  +   743d ago
Most likely part of a reset in order to make space for the XONE and PS4 games. Mine did that last week by getting rid of the Nintendo DS games that were left.
2pacalypsenow  +   743d ago
Summons75  +   743d ago
Or they are reorganizing the game section? Walmart is terrible with their electronic section anyway...no matter what walmart I have the misfortune of going into, the entire section is a mess. The game section looks like this or worse, movies (new and old) are dumped into a bin or messily thrown onto a shelf. TV's are broken, accessories are always open because they have been stole. Camera demos are also broken or don't have power to them, and in the center of it all is the most braindead person they could have possibly found who has no idea of ANYTHING within the section or how to use the computer to look up inventory.

Walmart is a poor excuse for a store that only the filth of the world shop at...
Go to Best Buy where they have a game section, they have an entire row filled to the brim with every nintendo product with Wiiu and 3DS taking the majority.
Persistantthug  +   743d ago
You live in Detroit?
Klonopin  +   743d ago
They're using the Wii U's as stand holders for the PS4 consoles.
Korde11  +   743d ago
Why not? They were built on the backs of Nintendo!
Ace_Pheonix  +   743d ago
Actually they came to be because of Nintendos treachery. Like an episode of Game of Thrones.
stragomccloud  +   742d ago
firefly69  +   743d ago
Same is happening at GAME at least in Portugal,today i have enter three Game shops and neither of them had WII U sofware and hardware in stock or even on the shelf's!
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Moncole  +   743d ago
I hope Super Mario 3D World pushed sales. It got a 9.6 on IGN so its going to be great.

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JuleyJules  +   743d ago
They've already put out Black Friday flyers for the USA advertising Wii U consoles and games. I'm sure they're just reorganizing the department with PS4 and Xbone launches. Big games are coming for Wii U now and into 2014 whether people want to accept that or not.
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Korde11  +   743d ago
I really don't care who wins the imaginary console race. I'm a REAL gamer! I will enjoy every great game that I can this generation on every console that I can. Say what you want "Haters" Wii U is next-gen. It has games that I enjoy and you guys are so blind due to your brand loyalty that you are missing out.

What really bothers me about sites like this is that after reading all of the post I can see why we have wars, racialism and other hate related crimes. People get hell bent on imposing their own will and social idealism on others. When are we going to wake up as a society and learn to treat others with respect.
Sarcasm  +   743d ago
While I agree the notion of a "console race" is pretty lame, that doesn't discount the fact that the Wii U is just doing poorly. This has nothing to do with fanboys. It's just people in general don't really want one. All the mass market casuals that bought a Wii aren't getting one, and all the hardcore Nintendo fans probably already have one.

You look at the major publishers and developers, they are pulling out and aren't supporting the Wii U anymore.

And at this rate, the "hardcore" gamer who's going to buy a PS4/X1 aren't going to buy a system that doesn't have the games they want.

Before you jump on me, know that I love Nintendo and I am saddened to see this happen. However, the positive thing is that this will humble them to come out with the next round with something better.
Persistantthug  +   743d ago
Spot on and well said.
Chrischi1988  +   742d ago
And again somebody, who actually didnt get what he tried to say. He said a bit about Wii U, but that was not the context of his writing.

It is always the same. It doesnt matter if you love nintendo or not, you just had to say it, like nobody else already knows that.
Chrischi1988  +   742d ago

You just got a Bubble Up vote for that ;)

This is exactly it, it goes even further, that people have to justify their investment, all means necessary, doesnt matter, how ridiculous it all becomes. Why do you own a console? To brag about it on forum or to actually play games on it for fun? I believe a lot of people have forgotten, what gaming is about, gaming is no flaming.

You can have fun on every console and to act like, because you have a higher resolution = more fun, is actually stupid. If I play CoD Ghost on PS4 or Xbox1, who cares? Is it not playable? Do I get some kind of eye cancer, if I dont have it 1080p? If it is soooo important, to brag days over days just about that, why not get a PC instead? Why is it a valid point to say, PS4 has better graphics than Wii U, but not PC has better graphics than PS4? Why is it invalid to say, that the games matter and the gameplay, if there is a discussion about PS4 and Wii U, but why does it become valid, when PS4 fans say the same thing, like Wii U owners, if PC fans come by and actually say the same stuff to PS4 fans, as PS4 fans say to Wii U fans?

Really now, that is just sad, being a gamer nowadays, who considers himself the core, is just sad, has nothing to do with gaming and having fun, it is more like comparing eachs peni* length. Really immature.

Being part of the core is a shame!
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MsmackyM  +   743d ago
OMG! WTF SMH 😖the madness! Soylent Green is people!
I'm sure they are just reorganizing shelf space to make room for the new additions to game consoles being released. Knee jerk journalism is the worst.
BOWZER35  +   743d ago
Not gonna lie, i wish i could afford the PS4 right now, but glad i have a Wii u.
pinkyxyz  +   743d ago
Just a reset, i've seen it done many of times are my local stores. disclaimer I use to work at walmart and kmart
JuleyJules  +   743d ago
Retail reorganize things all the time especially coming up to Christmas as well as new launches.
TwilightBites  +   743d ago
Whoever beleives this is really happening this way is totally naive. Even with sucky sales, i dout Wally World would pass up the money they'd make selling a nintendo console along side the new mario game. Thats like if they had unstocked the 3ds for the Vita back in 2011 It may be true...but i cant see the sense in it from a business standpoint.
wonderfulmonkeyman  +   743d ago
HAHA! I haven't heard the term Wally World in freaking AGES!XD
Having said that, though, I agree with you; This is likely just a shuffling of stock placement. Not a flat-out removal.
TwilightBites  +   742d ago
Yeah i mean this is obviously troll bait...
Magnus  +   743d ago
Going to Wal-Mart before they had the same amount of space as Sony and Microsoft but after they retweaked the wall Nintendo's realistate actually shrunk I would say now. I almost never see a new Wii-U sitting in the cabinet.
Korde11  +   743d ago
that's because they are starting to sell.
Realplaya  +   742d ago
I work at walmart PT and all i is is a reset nothing more nothing less.
GordonKnight  +   742d ago
If I didn't read about this I would have never known, because I don't shop there. Wal-mart is for brainless sheep. Anyone that uses their head known that can get better deals in other stores.
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HardcoreDaBoss  +   742d ago
when the wii u sells great this yr what will the haters say then?? I know 100% sure the mario 3d world will sell more then any xbox one or ps4 game.. and then what??? people will say ohhh its just cuz kids and parents buy it... bs Im 26 and 3d world looks amazing and i will buy 3 for family who own a wii u

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