IGN:GTA IV Review Podcast

GTA IV will be heading to store shelves next week and fans of the franchise have already begun frothing at the mouth in anticipation. In light of these horrifying but completely understandable symptoms, Jeremy, Hilary, Chris and David sit down and share their thoughts about this remarkable title. The crew lays everything out on the table: the game's strengths, weaknesses, story and even multiplayer modes. If you want to listen to an in-depth breakdown of the next GTA, make sure to download this podcast.

Of course, if you haven't already, check out our review of the game before you get your hands on a copy. Now, go rejoice. This is the majesty that is Grand Theft Auto IV.

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nutjuice3883d ago

I plan on picking the pocket of the guy in front of me in line while I'm waiting to pick the game up. Then I'll switch lines and patiently wait for my turn in the second line.

xhi43883d ago

listen to this podcast, its gold!

Cheboury3883d ago

It is funny that nobody bothered to pick up on the line: "Xbox 360 runs in higher resolution. The guys on the panel where very quick to move away from this topic that was adventitiously mentioned by one of the other panel members.

This reeks to Sony sending in a check for favoritism! Remember IGN's view on DARK SECTOR? They concluded that the PS3 had the visual edge but Eurogamer had a completely different view on the game. It ran at lower resolutiuon.

I am curious to see what the view of other websites such as gamespot, Eurogamer and Gamespy will be!

I will give the edge to the PS3 no matter what.... better framerate, lesser pop-up and fade-ins are always a plus VS better and sharper visuals.

There's also no mention of the framerate and pop-ups improving after the optional HDD install on the Xbox 360.


kevin11223883d ago

multiple places have said the ps3 version is better so i dont doubt that. But i dont think the 360 has the optional install, i think that was just a rumor.

mesh13882d ago


assjacket3882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

I did hear the one guy on the podcast say he thought it looked sharper on the 360, but maybe that's cause the colours are in higher contrast, being brighter. I don't know just a guess.
On the boxart story a guy has a link of the back of the PS3 box and it says it does 1080p so I don't know how the 360 could be higher res.
It's too bad there isn't an optional install for the 360 owners that have a harddrive cause that would take care of load times and such.