Insomniac Seeks Support for Intern Injured Badly in Accident

Insomniac Games is asking for support for 20 year old intern Ana Kessel, who was badly injured in a car accident on Monday and needed her leg amputated. The company sent out a tweet on the matter, which links to a GoFundMe page. As of writing, they have raised $23,750 towards a goal of $150,000 to get her the best prosthetic leg possible.

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WeAreLegion1804d ago

and his boots and his motorcycle.

Eonjay1804d ago

Okay that took more than 20 seconds for me to get - I must admit.

Neonridr1804d ago

okay, I almost die of laughing when I saw that comment Legion. Bad place for it I guess, but hilarious nonetheless..

jackanderson19851804d ago

i laughed, agreed and bubbled u that was fantastically timed and executed

isa_scout1804d ago

Wouldn't she only need one boot though???jk
I'm going to go donate $25.00 for my tasteless joke now.
In all seriousness though Ana you have my prayers also, and I'm hoping you have a speedy recovery.

slimeybrainboy1804d ago

I don't get it. Could some explain it to me?

Azfargh1804d ago

For you and all those users making such comments on someone else big loss:

Don´t be the funny guy in such occasions.

The girl has only one leg now! Would you like jokes if were your mother/sister/girlfriend/wife/ daughter? Please, avoid that, mate!

People are suffering like that exactly by the same thing that is lacking here: respect.

Douchebags are usually disrespectful. Don´t look like one.

irepbtown1804d ago

It's great to see Insomniac supporting her, however how much have they donated?

By the way, that joke took me a while to understand. I laughed, I feel guilty, I will too now have to donate.

Thisisjuju1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Good to see insomniac supporting her in this way.

WeAreLegion1804d ago

My brother lost a leg in Afghanistan a few years back. He couldn't stop joking about it. :) I think it's healthy to have a sense of humor about these things. Obviously, it's a sad event.

@slimeybrainboy - His picture was originally The Terminator, so I made a Terminator reference.

Neonridr1804d ago

@slimebrainboy - from Terminator 2

"I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle.."

I laughed at it..

badz1491804d ago

does buying their games help? I bought Into the Nexus already. will be playing it tonight while looking sad as PS4 is still not launched here!

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Neonridr1804d ago

Very tragic, here's hoping they succeed.

thisismyaccount1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Indeed. Don´t get me wrong, i like to donate as well as long im in the position to do that. Thing is, the company could easily come up with 150k and that makes me angry... for some reason they don´t want to help her or because of her internship they are legally not allowed to?

so.. the normal citizen has to step in. I wonder what the reason are, for Insomniac not to contribute at all.

Remember the earthquake that killed 300000 in Haiti? The money donated from around the world did not get there at all... most of the cash was "misused".

Be careful what you do with your money. And to insomniac games, open your wallets! Come on!

Thehyph1804d ago

I had better go donate.
I'm a gamer, and she appears to have been trying to get into the industry.
Gotta take care of our own.

madjedi1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

Donated $25, hell if most gamers on n4g, neogaf ect donated $5 that $150, 000 goal would be reached in no time. Hopefully she can adjust to the change in her life.

WeAreLegion1804d ago

I hope everything goes well! PLEASE give to this, guys!

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