T3- Killzone Shadow Fall Review

T3:As a graphical showcase for the PS4, Killzone Shadow Fall fulfils its aim admirably; as a hardcore multiplayer monster to get the next-gen servers buzzing, it could well service those with FPS in the blood and maps on the mind; as a big blockbuster launch title, this is as big and blockbusting as the PS4 gets right now.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1588d ago

I don't base my decision off reviewers as the best judgment is that of ur own

infectedaztec1588d ago

When you can only afford one game but want to buy 3, then reviews matter....or if you don't like wasting money on bad games

mdluffy1588d ago

This game is getting very mixed reviews, some love it and give it a 9+... and others hate it and give it a 4-5.
But almost none of the reviews includes the main part of the game... MULTIPLAYER!

ipach1588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

great point. but I will say that I am disappointed to hear so far that, though guerilla had set out to create a serious singleplayer story, it doesn't quite reach COD4 or Halo levels of dramatics. i'm still super excited to play the game and see its visuals with my own eyes nonetheless.

But it's a creatively interesting world games live in now where writing and level design are so important. and in this case, it seems the art and engineering were top notch, but the other elements of creative execution were not quite up to snuff... there was a lot of hype given its the leading title for next gen, so it was not going to be easy to blow people away. looks like we will need to come back to earth and enjoy this console launch step by step, year by year, as we always have had to...

mp12891588d ago (Edited 1588d ago )

The Killzone story was never the reason to play the game. The Theme is alway great, but kz2 and kz3 didnt execute the rest of the story well. Both of their single players were very fun though and better than any cod game imo where they added so much drama that you couldn't take them seriously (WW3 because Russia felt like invading the US was the best response for a terrorist attack?).
The only surprise im getting for the shadowfall single-player reviews is that,apparently, there aren't a lot of enemies to fight. Thats not what im used to from past killzone games.
But like everyone says, the multiplayer is what matters and I have a feeling ill enjoy shadowfall, ghosts and battefield 4 in that regard.

FANTA11801588d ago

im not surprised at the reviews , watching a guy playing the whole game last night on twitch, it just seemed boring most the time the graphics were gorgeous , but wow boring , but i heard the mp was really good ,...i would grab it if i was getting the ps4

ocnkng1588d ago

Again another website that gives an 8 to COD Ghosts but a 6 to KZ. Even though COD Ghosts has worse single player.
And I just don't get it why its being put down for its singpleplayer when it never was a single player game.
KZ has always been and will always be primarily Multiplayer.
The stupidity of it all just blows my mind.

LOGICWINS1588d ago

"Even though COD Ghosts has worse single player."

You've played through both KZ: Shadowfall and Ghosts to make that comparison?

I'll I need is a yes or no.

ocnkng1588d ago

Obviously I haven't and I get your point, maybe it is not correct for me to make that statement about COD campaign worse then KZ one. However most of the reviews are critical of the Ghosts campaign, yet give it a higher score while looking at its multiplayer aspects but they don't do the same for KZ, is all I am saying.

GodGinrai1588d ago

Lets just be honest and admit that KZ has always been about the graphics? The gameplay has always been a bit...middle lane jane.

Its a great showcase of the tech though. If I was buying a PS4 tomorrow, It would still be the game I would choose.Even over BF4 which I would prefer as a game.But hhen your getting a new console you want something that dazzles you, so for that reason I would buy KZ then trade it in for BF4 after beating story mode.