Sony Announcing Return of Classic Franchise for PS4 Tonight

The game is said to be one of Sony's biggest exclusives and is set in space.

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Nyxus1045d ago

Might be Zone of the Enders. Or not.

abzdine1045d ago

for me classic = Legend of Dragoon..
i want a remake or a sequel so bad!
some Syphon Filter would be great as well

Eonjay1045d ago

Pa Rapa the Rappa was confirmed a few minutes ago by their own video, so I'm thinking its probably something else like Syphon Filter.

Rockefellow1045d ago

Eonjay, where is this video that confirmed a Parappa game? I can't find it anywhere.

shivvy241045d ago

A mission in jak 3 was in space, anyone remember the ending too?

scott1821045d ago

Syphon Filter would be coo

Eonjay1045d ago


@0:22 in behind the car being lifted.

Om3ga3701045d ago

If it was a Legend of Dragoon sequel or even a remake, I would squeal unspeakable things. That is my all-time favorite game. :D

Oner1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

List of Space Games I could think of ~

Zone of Enders
Omega Boost
Raiden Project
Nova Storm
Jumping Flash
Space Hulk
Wing Commander
Colony Wars
Rogue Galaxy
Phantasy Star
Space Station Silicon Valley (oddly enough made by Rockstar North)
Legend of Dragoon
Something Star Wars/Trek?

Long Shot (not PS1 based) ~ Gears of War being the "epic" announcement

NikonSteve1045d ago

What wrong with ZOE? I thought it was great for its day.

CRMzova1045d ago

I wanna see

Omega boost
Bloody Roar
Onimusha remake

Nick_5151045d ago

Maybe that's what those Naughty Dog tweets and things are about. Maybe it's Jak in space. I know it's highly unlikely because of Activision, but if Sony could get Crash back... Wow.

mabreu1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

If the setting is in space, it could be either one of these:

TimeSplitters (already in development)

Zone of the Enders (Kojimas tweet that something will 'blow our minds')

Jak & Daxter (Naughty Dog visiting SpaceX)

boing11045d ago


Oh, I concur. Would love to see Syphon Filter in next gen glory.

Yi-Long1045d ago

Could be Shenmue.

Would also love a return of Turrican.

JoySticksFTW1045d ago

Blasto is a good guess.

I'd want ZoE.

My longshot is Jumping Flash for Sony's VR headset complete with motion sickness.

AgitatedOcelot1045d ago

Oh man, if it was proper Phantasy Star jrpgs I would be so excited.

Damn I would be excited if they did a mondern reboot of Phantasy Star 4.

solidjun51045d ago

Final Fantasy 7?

Okay...i'm being too optimistic. Sorry.

Since Kojima will be there, i'm thinking a new ZOE or the proper remake of Metal Gear Solid.

HammadTheBeast1045d ago

How is Legend of Dragoon space-like? Other than some of the moon stuff...

One_Eyed_Wizard1045d ago

About the Kojima announcement, he said it was MGSV-related so unless you pilot Jehuty in MGSV I don't think it has anything to do with Zone of the Enders.

Plus, Kojima is producer, not director of ZoE so it's not really his baby either.

GuruStarr781045d ago

I doubt it will be a platformer like Crash or Jak, since they're still trying to sell us on Knack... But I could see Syphon Filter.

vigilante_man1045d ago

We will all find out soon enough.

Good luck to those getting their hands on next gen greatness in a few hours.

I guess living in the USA does have some advantages....

mikeslemonade1045d ago

I would think it's something 1st party. My best guess would be a Jak game in space.

Dasteru1045d ago


A prequel during the dragon campaign with Rose, Zieg, Belzac, Shirley, Kanzas, Syuveil & Damia.

Consoldtobots1045d ago

hey now, I played and enjoyed Colony Wars on PS1. Those were the days before MS and their $$$ where you could just enjoy the games.

Anarki1045d ago

I just watched a video posted by Playstation on youtube, where jack talks about the PS4 and it had Nariko in the Montage for PS4 games. Thus means a Heavenly Sword game is on its way

bigboirock1045d ago

Please be suikoden or legend of the dragoon or a new Final Fantasy tactics sequel to the ps1 game

Freak of Nature1045d ago

Crash,Jak or legend of dragoon please....

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pyramidshead1045d ago

I'm hoping the Kojima announcement is ZoE3.

abzdine1045d ago

Kojima has no announcement. he say there will be a PS4 big announcement tonight he didnt say it was coming from him.

pyramidshead1045d ago

@above, ah, bummer :(

Will still #believe

warczar1045d ago


Kojima is no longer synonymous with Sony, what would he know about games that aren't coming from Konomi? BTW I'm not trying to attack you or anything I just don't understand how Kojima would know anything about another studio's game.

abzdine1045d ago

fair enough but Kojima has never been snonymous with Sony. He released his games on Sony consoles first but all his games can be found on other platforms today, even 3DS!!!

He is still very respected personality and has lots of friends at Sony (he visited Naughty Dog many times, no doubt someone shared things with him.
even the Spike TV guy knows about the secrets that will be revealed.

Cuzzo631045d ago

I thought Metal Gear first appeared on the NES

Omegabalmung1045d ago


Actually it was the MSX that Metal Gear first appeared on.

One_Eyed_Wizard1045d ago

Yep. Metal Gear was on MSX first and the many sequels, remakes or ports were on Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft consoles.

It was strongly associated with Sony for good reasons though. MGS1, 2 and 3 came out on PS consoles first. MGS4 is still PS3-exclusive (though I'm sure that'll change soon.) Peace Walker was also a PS exclusive until the HD collection came out.

But then, the MGS4 sales were unimpressive considering development costs so I believe that's when he decided to go multiplatform.

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Unreal011045d ago

Crash Bandicoot. You heard it here first.

CocoWolfie1045d ago


HammerKong1045d ago

yeah it is having most probablity,may be we can get story mode in it.

CandyFace1045d ago

Announcing a new Crash bandicoot game would be the reason why i would buy a ps4.

I_am_Batman1045d ago

Isn't Crash Bandicoot owned by Activision?

Aggesan1045d ago

@I_am_Batman Yupp, they could've bought the IP though.

astralproxy1045d ago

This was my first idea. I would LOVE it.

KwietStorm1045d ago

If that's the announcement, then I really hope they have more.

Freak of Nature1045d ago

I am your 48th agree with 0 disagrees, hope you are right....... Sure hope this or jak or Legend of dragoon is the game...

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Inception1045d ago

The rumour so far are:

- Parappa
- Legend of Dragoon
- Shenmue
- ZoE

Let's see what Sony have up on their sleeve

Mystogan1045d ago

Shenmue and Parappa are not set in space. And why would Sony be interested in shenmue? It was only on Xbox and Dreamcast.

it's either Zone of the Enders which is most likely because Kojima reacted to this rumor. Or if not its Legend of Dragoon.

Kujii1045d ago

They are bringing back Demo Discs!

Exciting times people!

GraveLord1045d ago

That wouldn't be a "big" game....its not a classic franchise either.

So I'm guessing Crash Bandicoot in space?

mafiahajeri1045d ago

Cortex likes space and time travel doesn't he? Could be crash!

I_am_Batman1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

System Shock 3. mind = blown

One_Eyed_Wizard1045d ago

Would be awesome but no. It never came out in the US so they're assuming no one here knows about it and so is not a classic in that sense.

I love that game, don't take me wrong.

boneso821045d ago

Resistance 4?

I'd buy that

cpayne931045d ago

When they say classic franchise I would imagine something older than last gen.

slimeybrainboy1045d ago

It's definitely ZOE I'm calling it now. Also VR headset, NG DLC, and R* announcement, & Ubisoft

Bet this will be 5/5

Skizelli1045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

I know it was supposed to be a PS3 game, but could it be The Last Guardian? Space is a vague term and is synonymous with time, and it's technically a classic franchise (Ico, Shadow of the Colossus).

hazeblaze1045d ago

Zone of the Enders would be great but that is not a Sony licensed game is it?

Sony Santa Monica hired the lead writer for Battlestar Galactica last year... But I have no idea what classic franchise they would take to space!

Cuzzo631045d ago (Edited 1045d ago )

Zone of Enders. Colony Wars. Star Ocean... Could be anything.
If its coming from Kojima. Then ZoE. I want a Colony Wars tho. I dnt think Star Ocean was exclusive and I think Square has right to that game, or was it

skwidd1045d ago

Come on people! It says in space!



jmac531045d ago

It's about time a console got a great space sim. I really am hoping it's colony wars. They could do some amazing things with the PS4. It would be awesome if it was something along the lines of battlestar galactica where you had a base ship.

Angeljuice1045d ago

Everyone seems to have forgotten Darklight Conflict, am I the only one who remembers the game?

Dude Dutch1045d ago


Still have a copy somewhere, hardly can remember the gameplay though. Good ol' days

thisismyaccount1045d ago

Too many great IP Sony has... not easy to pick one. If i had to :

The Mark of Kri! Two

v6volume1045d ago

Long shot might be Metal Gear Solid. Kojima talked about doing a game based on The Boss. She was the first person in space. Like I said, it's a real long shot

One_Eyed_Wizard1045d ago

I don't think it's another Metal Gear game. Kojima will want to build more MGSV hype before announcing another one.

Tsar4ever011045d ago