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PS4 vs Xbox One vs Xbox 360 Slim Size Comparison

Check out a size comparison between PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 Slim. (PS4, Xbox One)

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black0o  +   691d ago

and no external P/B
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Palaven  +   691d ago
With an internal power brick they are asking for the console to overheat. What is wrong with having the power brick behind a TV stand rather than overheating the console?

Don't like the taste of your own medicine?

Exactly what people have had to put up with from Sony fanboys since the console announcements?
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tigertron  +   691d ago
*Looks at PS3* Um...No.
majiebeast  +   691d ago
Just shut up will ya. Even with an external powerbrick 360 still overheated.
drpepperdude  +   691d ago
Why would a power supply overheat the console?
majiebeast  +   691d ago
Nah i dont like people that post such stupid shit that it lowers everybody's IQ when they read it.
saber00005  +   691d ago

I had an xbox 360, I find the power brick absolutely annoying if your taking it to a friend's house, It's just an extra thing that is just ridiculous. Also checking in a previous overheating rumor on the PS4, several top developers said that they have been running the PS4 34/7 for several months with no overheating issues. It all has to do with the inter cooling components. There's a video that shows the complete inside of the PS4. The fans, that are inside, are designed the same way as EVGA's Graphic card draws out heat. I doubt Sony (OR Microsoft) would release a product that overheats. They both have guys do testing.
Sarcasm  +   691d ago
Seeing as how the PS4 barely outputs at 140W and 49C at full load, there aren't going to be any issues of overheating this generation.
Zefros  +   691d ago
you know that ps3 had internal too right?
0ut1awed  +   691d ago
And yet here it is with thousands of pre-launch PS4s out in the wild and as far as heating goes the only thing we have heard is "it stays cool even after hours."

As Sarcasm said above, the max TDP of the unit is only 140W. That is pretty much nothing. I have seen 800W PC PSUs in a mini atx case which was only about twice as large as the PS4.

We are dealing with a multiple billion dollar company here. Their hardware engineers made the decision to put the PSU in the physical unit. I think that holds up much more than simple speculation from some random person on the internet that has no credentials in the feild

And yes fanboys do suck but you know what even sucks more? Statements that are made against a system with no factual evidence. Hell, that's actually pretty much the definition of a fanboy.
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Comnnsence  +   691d ago
@Palaven.......it's called **drum roll**...........Innovation.
Palaven  +   691d ago

This is just one mention of high temperatures.

"You'll hate: How dang hot the PS4 gets". http://www.gamesradar.com/p...

"Even when the PS4 is idling, without any application or game running, this system gets heated."
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0ut1awed  +   691d ago
If you read, you'll see it's not really the console getting hot. It's all the hot air exiting the back of the system via the exhaust port that they were noticing. This means it's doing EXACTLY what it was designed to do. Even if there was a power brick, it would be doing the same thing since it would be in the same area for the large majority of people.

Even so, none of that is a indication of the system failing due to heating issues.

Feeling "hot" to the touch is NOT an indication of bad cooling management. Most components are considered pretty cool around 70C and under (160F). Even then, most components have a TJ Maxx ratting around 95-100C meaning they will still function fine up to that point.

The PSU has been inside every Playstation since the first. Even the PS3 launched with an integrated PSU and it was rated at 380W. With the PS4 only pulling a max of 140W, what exactly do you think the major difference is here?
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Utalkin2me  +   691d ago

Says the guy that joined 46 days ago. Gotta to love the multiple account users.


You want it to blow out hot air, that means it is venting properly. When its not blowing hot air means it is not venting properly.
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BarneyS  +   691d ago

Dude stop the bs about PS4 overheating. Even the FCC (an agency for approving consumer products for the american market) said that the PS4 runs at a lower temperture than PS3.
svoulis  +   691d ago

Erm, never had my PS3 (launch) or Slim overheat on me...just saying

Went through 4 360's before I gave up on them.

About the powerbrick, sure you can have one sitting behind your TV for consoles, its still a technical marvel how Sony got all that into the size of the PS4.

You talk about fanboys like you aren't one.

Dem Burbbles...you have no more :( can't reply

I suppose you are just disagreeing with everyone, which is cool. but about the console pushing heat

so the way that airflow works is like this..you ready? The heat that its pushing out isn't just for the APU, its for the PSU as well, which doesnt get into contact with the APU heatsink at all :D
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malokevi  +   691d ago
"Only when you run a game and then move to the menus does the system start to kick out some serious heat. We measured 50-degrees Celsius venting from the rear (better out than in, we say) with the casing itself heating up to 45 degrees - that's approaching launch PS3 territory. "

"Certainly, the notion of a game running simultaneously with the UI causing a surge in power consumption is very strange indeed and hopefully something that can be addressed with a firmware update. "


Like it or not, this tiny thing cranks out some serious heat. And that's at room temperature... nevermind hotter climates.

What's worse, having a larger console with an external power supply, or having a PSU and power-hungry components crammed into a tiny space? Aesthetics, or functionality?

I'll take the external power supply, and a console that doesn't take risks in the functionality department!
ironmonkey  +   691d ago
So even with the powerbrick for the 360 its still overheated. You fail.
NikonSteve  +   691d ago
PS1, PS2,PS3,PS4, all internal power. Xbox: http://www.informationweek....
MrDead  +   691d ago
I can't resist...

MasterCornholio  +   691d ago
Yep that's why Microsoft created the Xbox One with an external power supply.


Nexus 7 2013
RGB  +   691d ago
It's shocking how big and ugly the Xbone is compared to PS4.

Bigger, without an internal power supply and with much worse hardware!
Nicxel  +   691d ago
if the console is just going to sit under/next to your tv, why worry about a brick you may never (or rarely) see?

I don't hear people complaining how laptops have power bricks...I know they're not the same thing, but a laptop is portable where as the xbox/ps4 are meant to stay in your living room (or wherever in the household). It's not like you're having to lug it around with you...

I mean if a power brick is such a HUGE inconvenience then laptops in general are a nightmare haha smh...

It just seems to be a pointless bragging right to have.
SilentGuard  +   690d ago
True, but all things being equal, wouldn't an internal power supply for a laptop be much more convenient than an external power brick? Same with the consoles, a power brick isn't neccesaraly a bad design but it isn't as ideal as an internal supply. Internal power creates less wires and clutter and makes moving things around and placing things easier.
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Nicxel  +   690d ago
Sure. I see what you mean. Internal would always be better than external. But at the end of the day, if the difference between the 2 doesn't handicap the performance of the system, then there is no issue. Just not worth bragging about. Unless you are placing a console so high above the ground that the brick ends up dangling in the air, then I see no issue with or without one. It's just not a selling point in my perspective.
gamer2013  +   691d ago
Remember that wisecrack when you're precious PS4 malfunctions and breaks due to overheating.
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BallsEye  +   691d ago
Well, I have a sony TV (w656) full of fake advertising (hello 200hz motionflow that is not there!) and it got a gigantic power brick...yep..first TV I ever owned that has a power brick and I couldn't care less about it. It's behind my TV table, not a problem at all.
Nicxel  +   690d ago
Hahaha that is pretty funny. Haven't heard of a TV with a brick before :P I'm just not tech savy I suppose.

But yes, totally agree. It just sits behind the TV stand for all of eternity.
Ko_Uraki  +   691d ago
I have to admit it: Horizon is now my favourite Forza franchise. FM has lost its magic touch. I expected more graphicals innovations from FM5.
Nujabes_  +   691d ago
PS4 is very small, perfect for my small bedroom. And there is no power brick (Why Microsoft, why?). Sony's really good with hardware.
L0Lcano  +   691d ago
MS must be terrible at making hardware. They have the weaker console which is twice the size of the more powerful one and even have external power brick unlike ps4s which is built in. Lol
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Gekko36  +   691d ago
You are right, Sony really ARE great with hardware.

It's only a pitty they are a bit poo with software and especially UI design. Having seen that video of both PS4's looks SO disjointed.

That sais, I'm not a child so don't have a games machine in my room. With a big livingroom and huge sofa my X1 will look great under my 60" LED

I didn't buy mine with paperround money or money my parents gave me for gatting A*'s on my report card - LMAO
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PsylentKiller  +   691d ago
I'd rather game in my bedroom, where I can get privacy to game. My nephew does his homework in the living room. His friends come over and they play in the living room. My girlfriend and I share the chores but when she's vacuuming or whatever, it detracts from the gaming experience. Also, I can't exactly be playing Ryse with my 8 year old nephew around.

And, Gekko36, you didn't buy your XB1 with money you got from working? A paper route is a job. I guess you just inherited money or you used money given to you as a gift to buy your XB1.

I find it extremely rude to make fun of people with less disposable funds than you. Maybe they have a small room because they live at home, in a studio apartment, or rent a bedroom. Maybe they live in a city where all the apartments are small.

Think before you speak. The first half of your comment I agreed with but the rest was just rude.
Gekko36  +   691d ago
Thanks for your comment, however you got the wrong end of the stick.

My point was this site is over run with children, which is true!. The comment was a swipe at over privileged children ranting. When I grew up we couldn't afford these expensive toys. If we were given presents we were greatful no matter what it was and we ALWAYS respected adults right or wrong.

Times have changed my friend, the attitudes of children and teens have changed to the critical mass we have on N4G. Using homosexual slurs as a negative is now common place on here as well as an unparralleled arrogance.

So if I DO have the occasional swipe at over privileged children / teens, at least you can understand where it comes from
PsylentKiller  +   691d ago

I guess I was a little quick to comment and didn't take the time to see where you might have been coming from.

I didn't come from a wealthy home but I did get an Atari 2600, NES, and a Commodore 64. But when I was about 8 I had saved my birthday and Christmas money as well as my allowance of $5 a week for mowing the lawn to buy myself a SNES and a few games.
You're right though. I never felt privileged nor did any of my friends. We were grateful for everything. Hell, we even played outside, climbed trees, and dug holes for fun. Many kids today are spoiled.
Gekko36  +   690d ago

It's nice to hear from someone who grew up with the same values and humility as I did.

I know PS4's out today and Next weekend we have X1.

However if you are a "genuine geek", drop everything on 23/11/13 because there is one thing that eclipses all new game toys.

Doctor Who's 50th - The Day Of The Doctor
Sarcasm  +   691d ago
I gotta say the X1 isn't as big in person as I thought it would be. But man putting the PS4 next to it makes it look mahoosive.
FANTA1180  +   691d ago
its pretty small like the ps3 slim.
3 p I c  +   691d ago
Y'all are worried about the size and power bricks while the PS4 is having technical issues left and right..
ocnkng  +   691d ago
8 reported cases out of a total of 4000 pre-launch units buddy. Try harder next time.
Prime157  +   691d ago
Yeah, the internet has a way of over inflating this. Of course there are cases of this happening. I just wish they were indicative of true hardware ratio.
KiLLUMiNATi_89  +   691d ago
Damn my Xbox 1 is a boat compare to the ps4, either way I've never cared much about consoles sizes... At the end of the day, its just gonna sit still....
Jack_Of_All_Blades  +   691d ago
Das hueg!
tigertom53  +   691d ago
Cat and the Mouse the Cat will eat the mouse... Yuuummm!!!
Manic2014  +   691d ago
Damn it's huge, hopefully the size allows more ventilation and a lower risk of the RROD Part 2......
ufo8mycat  +   691d ago
Damn the size difference is HUGE!

Just going by the pictures though, it looks like the PS4 would have a higher chance to overheat.
josephayal  +   691d ago
the Xbox One is pretty dam fat
etownone  +   691d ago
I saw it in person....
It's not that big. Looks good.

It just looks massive compared to the ps4.
Prime157  +   691d ago
And the 360 by one of the pictures.
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ZBlacktt  +   691d ago
Now you know why they say Beta VCR. That's just sad.... I mean come on.
LGM313  +   691d ago
Felonycarclub8  +   691d ago
The other day I saw the X1 at target and was thinking that the PS4 was around that size only shorter but looking at this pic it is small like a slim version
etownone  +   691d ago
Looking at the pics... I forgot the DS4 has a speaker on it.

Gotta admit.... SONY really really improved the controller this gen.

Motion, blu tooth, move light, touch pad, very comfortable, and great triggers.
n4gamingm  +   691d ago
god danm im about to have a brick for a console lol.
The thumbstick on the ps4 piss me off i hate that material they keep using it always peels off after a couple months.
LGM313  +   691d ago
I had ps1, ps2, ps3 and already have a DS4, that never happened to me.
Prime157  +   691d ago
Because you've had it for a couple of months?
n4gamingm  +   691d ago
n4gamingm  +   691d ago
mistake i thaught it had that rubber like these that peel of

Related image(s)
SynestheticRoar  +   691d ago
WOW. That X1 is bigger fatter, and blacker. Those are bullet points.
bligmerk  +   691d ago
MS doesn't even do software that well and they are terrible at hardware design. Their inability to stay up to cutting edge electronics design makes their hardware look like it came from a previous generation, in the XBone case, like it is from the last century.
etownone  +   691d ago
How is the ps4 smaller then ps3....

Impressive Sony
ironmonkey  +   691d ago
Hey look its a panasonic 3DO
d0r1en0  +   691d ago
I saw a X1 unit at my local target. I swear its larger than my verizon fios cable box. But then again, that it the direction MS is headed in. Looks like a giant VCR.
4lc4pon3  +   691d ago
I noticed that everthing about the Xbox one is giant in size from the cam, console to power brick. Imo stuff is just to big
mitford  +   691d ago
wont be the first time I've been able to say this,

my one bigger than yours
TristanPR77  +   691d ago
Wow man you got to admit that xbone design is so big and ugly as hell.
CyrusLemont  +   691d ago
Is Microsoft joking with that thing? Wtf. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's 100% intentionally made that big so that they can milk the consumer for their supposed "slimmer" version in the future.
kingPoS  +   690d ago
Quote: ...the heat exhaust from the back of the system is palpable. Thus far, the PS4's heat hasn't been an issue

With a big of mangled context, there you have have it folks; the PS4 moves hot air 'OUT' of the system.

Gateway MT6706 2008
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